Depth Astrology, AstroMythology & the Cosmic Feminine

EarthMotherPOPThe central image is a Greek statue of Demeter. The Earth goddess is crowned by a supernova ring, suggesting that Earth is a glorified member of the cosmos. Blooming crocuses arch across the heavens, interwoven with the birth of stars, blossoming in the heart of distant star systems and the delicate weave of the Veil nebula. Earth, marbled with swirling cloud systems, seems to bloom from a luminous red blossom.

Demeter gazes across a golden sea near Australia, with carved rock formations that seem to walk across the water. A coined image of Liberty is alsowalking on water, a spring-like goddess, carrying harvested grains and drawing up the life-giving Sun. Celestial as she is, she is also as earthy as the timeless Mayan peasant carrying Sun-gold corn on her head. Fruits of the Earth, green leafy vegetables and nuts, frame the lower half of the collage.