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This Full Moon in Pisces/ Sun in Virgo is full of energy and action from its square with Mars in Gemini. Venus joins in that square dance. Never a dull moment! Mercury is turning retrograde in Libra today! Keep your sense of direction clear and positive so distractions don’t get you off-track. A few hours after peak fullness, the Moon shortly meets up with Neptune, seeking a respite in heart and soul from mental stress, allowing for day and night dreams and revelations.

Weaver of Dreams, painting by Kirk Reinert.  More art works @

Full Moon @17 Pisces/Virgo 41
September 10, 2022 @5:59am EDT, 2:59am PDT, 10:59am BST, 7:59pm AEST

Earth is responding in evolutionary thrill
to the waves of shimmering light washing throughout our whole solar system. Another huge wave rolls through on this Full Moon.

Virgo is the sign of purity, a sign of health and wellness. Pisces is a sign of subtle vibrations and frequencies. Some subtle energies may be undermining our well-being on any level, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or physically. This Moon may bring these to our attention, as respond to high-frequency light incoming. Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon is prime time refine our energy and shed toxicity any level. It’s a good time for a fall or spring cleaning (depending on your hemisphere). Attention to one level can vibrate on all levels— especially with the multivalent activity of Mars in Gemini. We are experiencing ever more fully that everything is universally interwoven and intra-connected, communicating on a variety of wavelengths.

Venus-Mars Square Dance
Mars in Gemini (extending well into March 2023!) suggests plenty of distractions to tug at our sleeves. There is so much information/disinformation and changes of plan in these challenging times, with such an emphasis on mutable signs now. If you have any planets in Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius, stay alert and be ready to ‘turn on a dime.’ We do have a good stretch of time to choose the pieces we want for our life vision, as options continually pop up with Mars in Gemini. This is a key month in mutable Sun and Full Moon signs.
I wrote quite a bit about this Mars retrograde in the last newsletter, and will continue to do so.

[Note: for deep insights on this unusual Mars retrograde, I recommend Andrea Michelle’s upcoming September 15th presentation, “Piercing the Wheel of Time.” She has an original and deeply insightful mythic mind.]  Presented by the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. 

Venus, also in Virgo, joins the square dance with Mars. Invisible in the light of the Virgo Sun, Venus offers a potential strategy that can help calm likely emotional tension that arises. Venus and Mars in square tend to evoke emotionality, even if a bit subdued in Virgo. We can channel this productively in a creative way, finding ways to make our lives more beautiful and satisfying in simple Virgo ways, giving us ease.

Venus in Virgo likes to give her best attention to whatever she is doing, and may be frustrated with all the busyness of Mars. Set your priorities daily, according to heart rather than brain, using a common sense approach. What feels worth doing? What feels like a waste of time? Paying attention to the pragmatic task at hand and letting the organic wisdom of our bodies inform our daily flow, we can manage the ever-changing pace more smoothly, along with the twists and turns of…

Mercury Retrograde!
Mercury responded to this Full Moon by turning retrograde at 9 Libra. Taking into account that Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini, this mental planet has much to communicate, through Virgoan microbiome intelligence and Piscean subliminal sensitivity. Sagittarius keeps the goal in sight.

Sabian symbol for 9 Libra:“Three Old Masters Hanging in an Art Gallery.”
Venus, goddess of art, likes this image. In the history of art, there are those we consider masters. They inspire us through time, from past through the present and into the future. Artists are visionaries. Those that stand the test of time, beyond cultural fads, impact the collective consciousness. Who are your favorite artists?

Apropos to the 3 masters, we find Mercury channeling a 3-cornered T-square of KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects). Mercury is conjunct…

MakeMake, the BirdManGod of the Rapanui people (Easter Island), at 8 Libra. Justice between peoples may be one of the themes to work out with this KBO in Libra. Also, themes of decision-making and leadership are implied in some of what we hear about the Bird Man rituals. I continue to learn more about the cultures from which these creator gods arise for insights as to their meaning. MakeMake comes from a much-misunderstood culture, largely known for the huge mysterious statues that seem to guard the remote island. All the more important to take care in interpretation.
With such a strong MakeMake influence on this Mercury retrograde cycle, I’m wondering if there will be some changes in leadership. Obviously in some countries, notably the U.K. this week, leadership is already changing or on the brink of doing so.

Jupiter/Manwe in Aries
Jupiter, now retrograde, is closely opposite Mercury, amplifying the opportunity for doing things in a new way. We are in such a pivotal time of major collective change, some people call it the most pivotal point in human history. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. What new trail are you exploring in your life? New times call for new initiatives.

Manwe, Tolkien’s highest archangelic manifestor of the Great Spirit’s vision for Earth, is at 0-1 Aries, a key point for a fresh start. I sense that Manwe is bringing back the original cosmic blueprint for Earth, one that has gotten highjacked over time and time again. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion starts off with his creation story from the very beginning of Earth, before time began.

Ixion, a renegade king chained to the Wheel of Karma in the underworld, is at 0-1 Capricorn, another cardinal point of seasonal shift. His Greek myth warns of the implications of acting against universal law, creating karmic liability that can keep us repeating and repeating the same mistakes over life times. A warning indeed!—  For us to take responsibility and learn from our misdeeds.

This trio of KBOs influences the Mercury retrograde cycle, that returns to back to 24 Virgo before turning forward on October 2. It comes back to its starting point on October 17, reengaging this KBO trio.

Meanwhile the next New Moon on September 25 at 3 Libra, just after Equinox, is also plugged right in to the same trio, with Mercury in close attendance. This is a good time to become more familiar with the quantum potential on offer, that invites us to overcome collective ‘arguments’ and differing points of view, by revealing an overarching perspective from a different level of consciousness. Let’s remember that as we move forward.

Continuing Orcus Effect
In the last newsletter I wrote of Orcus, the 2004 discovery named for the Etruscan god of the underworld. At 13 Virgo 30, it was close to the New Moon and remains influential on this Full Moon as well. The waxing Moon was conjunct Orcus on September 5-6. This whole Moon cycle is asking us to review our commitments and why we feel them. Orcus is said to be the enforcer of “oaths of the soul,” which has been arising as a key theme at this turning of the Ages and entrance into a new Era. Some of these oaths and agreements may be complete and no longer appropriate or in effect; some are coming up to be resolved, reexamined and questioned.

[Melanie Reinhart has shared insights on this. Look on her website here.]

Listen to Your Body
Why have we come to Earth at this awesome time, as we enter a profound new era? What agreements, promises have we made to our Mother Earth herself, in her current state of evolutionary light infusion, evoking chaos in the midst of re-creation. To be of best service, it is essential to take care of ourselves, our precious personal piece of Earth: our bodies, our intelligent physical vehicles, filled with organic wisdom.

Detoxifying and fortifying your body with Nature’s medicines, upgrading your diet, moving your body, especially outside in Nature, simplifying your routines— these are new agreements we can make with ourselves to improve our lives on this Earth on this Full Moon.

Find your organic flow and see how
time and your experience on this Earth plane can alter.
We owe this much to our planet.

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