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New Moon @4 Aries 12
March 24, 2020, 5:28am EDT, 2:28am PDT, 9:28am GMT, 
8:28pm AEDT

Dive into your increasing depth
Where life calmly gives out its own secret.—Rilke

Equinox Emergence, simple collage for this New Moon that calls forth energies from the primal matrix. Subtle like Black Moon Lilith, we see the Sri Yantra, the Divine Feminine coming forth from the universal sea. Quaoar, the Great Spirit of the Tongva people of the Los Angeles basin area, sings and dances all forms of life into being. All emerges from the center point. If there is no center, no original source, there is no natural harmony.
Manifestation is dis-ordered, dis-harmonious, dis-aster (against the stars).
Do you hear the call from your center point, connected to every other center point?

This Equinox New Moon is an obvious, and rather sharp, turning point that changes the rules of the current game, shifting into a quantum gear with all its potentials and space-time alterations. Extraordinary dynamics began on the March 19-20 Equinox, the beginning of the astrological year as the Sun enters Aries. This is one of two annual pauses, moments of equilibrium, this one tipping into a new round of the Zodiac, as fresh and clean as we can make it. Let’s take a deep breath, pause and exhale. This is the Pause.

Arising of the Divine Feminine
This New Moon brings us into a richer vein of this arising, which many of us feel. The first degree of the Zodiac with the Sabian Symbol for 1 Aries announces this clearly:
Woman Arises From the Sea, Embraced by a Seal.
Chiron conjunct Black Moon Lilith suggests immediacy of the Divine Feminine and her healing power, especially in the midst of such an unprecedented situation of a global virus spread, in part, by fear.

Aries rules the brain. This collective crisis has scrambled our brains in a way that stymies old ways of thinking—because they no longer match the emerging reality. This special opportunity can forge new neural pathways that take us beyond subconscious reactivity.

The challenge is to wake up from belief systems that undermine the initiatives presented as we step onto a new path in our lives, individual and collective. Be alert to the moment, an opening that invites us to question our basic interpretations of reality. Belief systems, largely built from our life experience and cultural milieu, are most often assumptions about reality; yet direct how we approach life. 

Essentially this Equinox New Moon is an intersection between realities. Chiron reveals what needs to be healed as we seek to align spirit/mind/body. Black Moon alerts us, by whatever means at hand, to come back to our Soul-Self. Black Moon is often experienced in a negative way, no doubt about that. Perhaps she is an ego-buster that seeks to free us from our limited being, so that we center more consciously in our true Essence, our particular Soul path that shines a light into the world. 

This New Moon is remarkable for many reasons. Here is a brief ‘Cliff’s Notes’ summary. Just skip the astrology if it is too much, and read the amplifications. So much for one newsletter!

The New Moon in Aries, 2020extends Equinox gateway, major turning point of the year, sustaining the moment of Balance and Pause.

*New Moon conjunct Chiron, Black Moon Lilith and Salacia, a critical moment of healing as we come into fresh alignment beyond judgment, allowing the vibrancy of life to radiate through us. Theongoing sweep of plasma light waves into our solar system and the unusual preponderance of planets in Earth signs indicate an alteration in our psychosomatic experience. Earth’s heartbeat and Schumann frequency have been spiking.

Visionary Patricia Cota-Robles gives an interesting perspective when she writes that we are experiencing “a very cellular based Transfiguration that is now occurring within the Core of Purity in every Electron of our Earthly Bodies.” 

How does this strike you— too ‘new age’? a little ‘out there’? highly idealistic? an intriguing way to look a life and energy? It appeals to me as a reminder of the inherent electromagnetic dimension of our experience, a growing awareness among healers as new modalities arise. 

She continues, “”The Coronavirus is being used to get Humanity’s attention, to force us to stop doing what we are doing, and to make us change the focus of our attention from the same old self-absorbed way of doing things to a new and hopefully Heart-based ways of doing things that will take everyone on Earth into consideration.” 

Black Moon conveys objective Truth, from that “Core of Purity”. Being present in the moment with Buddha spacious mind transforms judgment into sword-of-Truth discernment, as embedded belief systems may be challenged in a shocking way. Black Moon Lilith is an ego buster, with a blow-your-mind way of storming through.

Kuiper Belt planetoid Salacia, Queen of the Sea, is another face of the Divine Feminine. She sends shimmering waves to the shores of our consciousness, a path of sunlight across the seas to guide our path. You can hear her playful mermaid water song in Ravel’s piano piece, “Jeux d’eau” played by Martha Argerich. Watch the way the hands and fingers of the pianist move across the keys, to imagine how Salacia creates the shimmery sparkles on the sea with such artistry.

With this rare triple conjunction— almost anything can happen!
This New Moon in early Aries is accompanied by a rare, pure flash of light from the triple dynamic of shamanic Chiron, Black Moon Lilith and Sea Queen Salacia in fiery Aries. No fooling around here; rather a call to vigilance, a high alert to be in the moment. 

Yes, see how fresh and open you can meet each moment. Aries starts from the center point, the I AM integrity of the Self. This is a prime moment for centering, Self-experience and holding firm to our spiritual anchors, letting the light of the Great Spirit shine through. This is the soul-challenge of this New Moon. As we each center more deeply and necessarily into ourselves (for those who can stand to do so), we open to new dimensions of experience. As we stand straight and tall, in the fearless stance of the spiritual warrior, we each radiate healing vibrancy as long as we don’t fall into fear and anxiety.

The New Moon tightly squares the Nodes of the Moon
indicating a moment of collective destiny. We circle the wagons, come home to ourselves for self-care, as called for by the North Node in Cancer. Self-isolation is a key aspect of what we are all called into lately, an exercise that can be a coming back to ourselves and to what is most essential in our lives. This can include family, self-care, eating well, neighborly networking, inner core work and soul connection. One of my readers shared this (thank you, Halla):

“There is a sense of homecoming, and choosing.
It is a moment of choice, which path do we choose?
I feel the call to slow down is now global,
all are equal in this experience and each has to choose.”

I also want to share this piece sent to me, a poem called People Staying Home by Kathleen O’Meara, an Irish-French Catholic writer from  the late 1800s. 

The South Node in Capricorn is conjunct Quaoar [kwah wahr], another Kuiper Belt planetoid. The Kuiper Belt includes Pluto and beyond, opening another level of cosmic consciousness and transformational dynamics that we can now engage. The Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs), mostly named for indigenous creator god/dessess from around the globe, awaken (or reawaken) archetypal energies. Several of these KBO planetoids are active in the planetary patterns of this year. This is a good time to get to know a few, like Chariklo, Salacia and Quaoar. They are coming alive to support us.

From the creation story of the Tongva people of the Los Angeles area (USA), Quaoar is the original, primordial creative power that expresses itself through all life. Now in Capricorn, especially now while conjunct the South Node of our collective past, Quaoar brings forth and sings forth deep wisdom from Earth’s core, responding to the collective need of the moment. It’s worth tapping into this amazing energy that sings and dances creation into being. We are all dancing with and being danced by an awesome surge of energy that is emerging to light up our lives. Uranus in Taurus is aligning with the Nodes in a supportive geometry. Earth energy is vibrant and grounding. Appreciate the luxurious beauty of Nature wherever you are.

[Special note: Multiple quintiles (planets 72-degrees apart), known as “genius apects,” are activated between the two very rare teams of planets in Aries and Capricorn. These signs inherently challenge each other. The challenge is sparking immensely creative, highly intelligence, higher mind responses moment by moment, very Quaoar-like.]

In relation to this powerful energy coming through, a particular orchid flower essence called to me, along with several essential oils that light up cells and uplift the spirit:

Seeds from Time  
“Amongst other aspects this essence can bring flashes of intuitive knowledge. Provides an opportunity to access information and energies which have been buried for a long time, to bring it into this lifetime. The flowers look like small orange seeds and are presented on a multiplicity of floral spikes. Helps us in re-discovering the ‘seeds’ which are the origins of everything, which have been waiting to germinate further, providing us with a deeper understanding of the Universe. This essence is one of the gatekeepers of the other realms.” (see more here

Pluto is tightly sandwiched between Mars and Jupiter, activating major transformational dynamics. A most powerful time, with much going on behind the scenes and for inner processing, extends from Equinox, March 19-20 to April 10 (key dates being 3/22 and 4/4). False and limiting beliefs are on the chopping block, reforming our view of life based on what we are experiencing and the way the new reality unfolds. Remember to engage Black Moon’s spaciousness. Chiron’s helpmate, Chariklo, participates in this close dance, gently guiding the pace and offering caring ways of being, of moving and changing from the inside out. 

Looking forward to these unusual and rather inscrutable combinations, last time I wrote:
We are reminded in so many ways that each moment is brand new and unprecedented in our experience. We need to take our know-how and apply it in new, inventive and embodied ways to deepen our immediate joy of living on this extraordinary planet Earth.

Well, in the blink of an eye, our lives have been turned topsy-turvy in the danger field of a global virus. These times are mind-bending, shocking, life-changing in an immediate and drastic way. Daily routines have ground to a halt, as so many are sequestered from normal contact. When we surface, the terrain will look quite different.

Social Distancing with Saturn
Saturn just crossed from Capricorn into Aquarius! 
The new phrase, “social distancing,” epitomizes the March 21 sign change of Saturn into Aquarius. Aquarius likes being surrounded by breathing space; Saturn requires it. It also requires stepping back to see the larger picture, from a broader objective perspective. That seems to be in short supply lately. Saturn is sharing a virtual or aetheric namaste with Black Moon Lilith.

Saturn enters this social air sign for the first time since early 1994 (those born then are having their first Saturn return).We begin to see a noticeable shift, as a new agenda is suggested, not yet ready for fulfillment, but giving us a heads-up. Saturn fully enters Aquarius (with Jupiter!) as this year comes to a close, inaugurating a new— and very hopeful—20-year cycle. 

Let’s keep our eyes on that goal, with a hopeful and positive vision that opens our eyes and hearts to creative windows and emerging potentials. We are in an amazing zone of opportunity, moving into a new level of experience. We crossed the line into this zone in January. Some will take this opportunity to leave the planet; others retool and stay to usher in and embody new dimensions of being on Earth. This is Life.

[PS. For more inspiration, read this beautiful piece of writing from Aries healer/artist/mystic, Jan Sandman.

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