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Full Moon @ 9 LEO/Aquarius 06
January 28, 2021 @ 2:17pm EST, 11:17am PST, 7:17pm GMT
January 29 @ 6:17am AEDT

Luna’s Realm, by artist Heather Charnley from her The Planets Series
Out of the atmosphere of the night, these soft reflective forces sway in gentle murmurs through your consciousness.  Silvery blue is my song, which sweeps swiftly through the earth’s oceans, rivers and streams, the realms of intuition and the female psyche.”
See more of this inspiring series on her website. 

This is a powerful and expansive Full Moon in Leo, reflecting the light of the Sun’s exact alignment with Jupiter, spreading good will and optimism.  Saturn stands in there also, with potential push back, limitation or restraint. Saturn contains what can be a kind of over-optimism, requiring some proof in terms of how things are unfolding and moving forward, likely more slowly than some of us might like. Saturn can help focus the expansive energy so that we can apply it in a timely manner. Jupiter is in Aquarius for 2021; Saturn into early 2023. 

Jupiter/ Saturn in air sign Aquarius ask us to commune, collaborate, and celebrate, to come together and find a way to live the potential of this new era that is so promising. Air sign Aquarius breathes in the higher atmospheres above the clouds and fog, suggesting that we step back and view the larger picture and offering fresh perspectives that change the way we see our world. We have lots of Aquarian energy on offer now!

Many times I have referred to the interstellar cloud that our solar system is passing through. Here is an explanation from astro-physics (sorry to say, I lost the reference):

“The Interstellar cloud we are entering (as a solar system) changes a simple model CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) discharge event into a more continuous process. The CME will act as a trigger or switch.The Interstellar (magnetic cloud) can support a continuous ion flow between “connected” bodies, this phenomena would be orders of magnitude beyond a simple CME discharge… The magnetic flow (cloud) will make the ‘ether’ much more conductive, so energy will be flowing like crazy, instead of just merely on the normal currents it flows through now. So it makes the EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) effect, not only massive, but pretty much all consuming. And, due to the solar system being submerged in this magnetic could, it will make the EMPs somewhat continuous…a dense plasma has already entered our solar system.

In other words:
Get your energy wavelength in synch with the higher octaves.

Venus/ Pluto @ 25 Capricorn
Another powerful planetary dynamic of this Full Moon on January 28 is a second exact conjunction–of Venus and Pluto. This is an evocation of the Dark Feminine and the transformational goddesses— like Kali in Hindu mythology. This dark and deep pair evoke powerful, compelling emotions— compelling me to repeat from last time a relevant phrase from that Sabian Symbol image for 7 Taurus that is so potent this whole month:

A Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from the Well.    A famous Biblical storyline, what does this image convey to you? Lynda Hill and Richard Hill write the following in their The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:
If your emotions are clogged up with old, spent feelings, then it is time to clear these by making admissions to that stranger within yourself— your shadow. Plumb your depths to find renewed self-respect…Draw on your inner resources, take time out to assist others. Dipping into family ancestry. Past lives.If negative— allowing social prejudice to rule decisions and behavior.” 

In the last Cosmic News, I suggested we take note of that last line about the negative potential of social prejudice that specifically pushes the Uranus button in its relevance during these tumultuous times. This time I want to emphasize the first lines to consider as we dig deep into the potential of Pluto/ Venus:
“If your emotions are clogged up with old, spent feelings, then it is time to clear these by making admissions to that stranger within yourself— your shadow. Plumb your depths to find renewed self-respect.”

This is part of our personal process in relation to the Dark Goddess energy of Venus/ Pluto, yet Pluto is a collective planet. We are all part of some larger evolutionary process. This conjunction of Pluto and Venus at the end of Capricorn also suggests financial implications. Venus is the ‘money planet’. You can take this theme into your personal process as well. Perhaps we will see activity in terms of transforming fiscal policies or the whole financial system itself.**[see extra notes below] 

Pluto has a long cycle of 248 years, spending more than a decade in each sign through the zodiac. It remains in Capricorn, continuing to transform the systems that we have been living with, until 2024, when it moves into Aquarius, following Jupiter and Saturn that have already entered in their glorious and highly celebratory conjunction on December 21 Solstice. 

I pulled out The Astrologer’s Handbook, a classic text from 1973, looking at what Sakoian and Acker wrote back then that can give us some prescient ideas about this shift. What do you foresee?

Pluto in Capricorn, 1762-1777 & 2008-2024
“Capricorn is a sign dealing with political and economic power structures, professions, status, ambition, and leadership… concepts of government were born. Their most notable manifestation was in the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. The birth of democratic forms of government at this time began the displacement of aristocratic power structures. When Pluto again enters Capricorn, a world government based on the best interests of all mankind will begin. This government will be founded on new social, legal, educational, and religious concepts….The generation that will be born with Pluto in Capricorn will manifest dynamic, practical will in organization, business, and government. This will be based on the concept that all human beings must be given a chance to develop their own potential according to their ability and self-discipline.”

Pluto in Aquarius, 1777-1799 & 2024-2043
“Aquarius is the sign of group activity, intuitive mental development, science, and humanitarianism. The period in which Pluto was in Aquarius witnessed the American Revolutionary War and saw the formulation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights…The United States had its real birth as a democratic nation, being the first to demonstrate that rule by the people in a well-organized democracy [republic]was possible. This period also marked the French Revolution, the major European experiment in political freedom, representing revolt of the common people—ruled by Aquarius— against outmoded dictatorial forms of government. The next transit of Pluto through Aquarius will be a time of tremendous scientific discovery and worldwide brotherhood. The Aquarian Age will come into its full flower then.”

In the next several years, all of the outer planets change sign in swift succession:
2023-24— Pluto into Aquarius;
2024-25— Neptune into Aries;
2025-26— Uranus into Gemini; and
2026-27— Chiron into Taurus.
A very different world will emerge.

Dynamic interplay of Taurus – Aquarian planets
Mars entered Taurus on January 6, ramping up levels of revolution, disruption and unsettledness, already stirred up by Uranus.  Uranus turned forward on January 14, with Mars heading right toward its archetypally explosive conjunction with the catalytic Awakener, Uranus.

The Mars/ Uranus conjunction was exact at 6+ degrees on January 20, upping the intensity. The whole month of January is largely about this turning point of Uranus @6+ Taurus (7 degree Sabian Symbol, shared above).

A week after the peak Mars/Uranus on January 20, 
this January 28 Full Moon highlights this energy and brings our collective awareness to another level! 

Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all in Aquarius— the party has begun. Venus joins in, entering Aquarius on February 1. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, reluctant to leave the party before Venus comes. This prolonged visit of Mercury in Aquarius can give us all some breathing space. Like a dolphin, whale or sea turtle coming up for air, we be glad for fresh perspective on our lives, going back over all that has occurred even since the December Eclipse/Solstice portal— and what is happening now. The next New Moon in Aquarius clicks in with Sun, Moon and four planets in that sign. How exciting will it be!

Chariklo enters Aquarius
Adding the unique, subtle quality of her presence to the Aquarian party, we find this ‘centaur object’ moving from Capricorn into Aquarius on the eve of this Full Moon. An experienced shape shifter, now moving from one sign into another, she surely knows when to make an entrance, gracefully highlighting the moment. 

Chariklo contributes her special caring, insightful and healing quality as one of the transforming, creative goddess archetypes. She first came to my attention when astronomers announced in 2014 two slender crystalline rings (or halos) around the small celestial body of Chariklo. In her storyline she is known for spinning movements, perhaps in her toroidal plasma field, helping her take whatever form best serves love. Wife of Chiron, she changed her water nymph shape into a centaur to be with him, later helping him shift into his star body as The Centaur constellation. After participating in the powerful Capricorn council in 2020, she chooses a prime moment to join the stellium in Aquarius, her home territory, as she weaves between the two signs through 2021.

It’s almost her birthday, as Chariklo was discovered on February 15, 1997, with the Sun and a rare stellium of planets in Aquarius, and a rare 6-pointed star pattern. This is one of the most remarkable charts an astrologer ever sees. I’m so interested to find a young person who was born on this day! 

Chariklo’s own placement in her discovery chart was 6+ Leo opposite Uranus/Jupiter both at 5+ Aquarius— very in tune with this Full Moon. Chariklo knows she is needed by many in such a time to support our collective reshaping of the subtle energies between Capricorn earth structures and community unity in Aquarius. 

Her chart, story and more on Chariklo is here on my website.
Melanie Reinhart, with her clear astrological intuition, also has much to share about Chariklo on her website.

I am keen to experience this shift with Chariklo and will be sharing more insights as we go along. I appreciate hearing yours as well; I would welcome any dreams or intuitions or direct transmissions you receive from Chariklo.
What a Full Moon!!  Join the celestial celebration! ENJOY!! 

* * * * * * * * * * *

**Additional comments on this Full Moon in relation to our collective situation.
I am most interested in individual astrological experience. Because of recent activations and the extraordinary times we are in, I want to share a few observations about the strong transits going on in the U.S. chart based on the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Though not a definitive delineation, I hope these timely comments offer some perspective on what is going on.
As many astrologers have been discussing for a while, Pluto is coming into position for the first time— exact in 2022-23— with where it was at the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776.  That chart features Pluto opposite Mercury. As we enter 2021 transiting Pluto is specifically opposite the U.S. Mercury, which has to do with news, media, perception, how we think about things. The astrological suggestion for last year and this year, in particular, is that a lot of news will come out about what has been going on under the surface and behind the scenes. How will that all happen, and what are the implications?
Pluto/ Venus
With Venus joining Pluto, very involved in this potent question, she offers a further suggestion that such secrets and revelations made at this time will likely have to do with finances. That’s the nature of Pluto in relation to Venus. 
Uranus/Mars & Aquarian Planets
Adding great weight to the Pluto return in the U.S. chart, it is interesting to note that the Mars/ Uranus at 6 Taurus 44 squares the Nodes of the Moon in the U.S. chart— South Node at 6 Aquarius 36/ North Node at 6 Leo 36. We could call this a moment of Destiny, a tipping point in the collective consciousness and the awakening of a new era. The Uranus-Mars conjunction on January 20 squared the nodal destiny line, shaking things up and asking us to make a choice whether or not to move forward toward our national destiny at the Leo point. 
The Aquarian planets— Jupiter, Saturn, with Mercury and Venus upcoming—are all conjuncting the South Node of the U.S., bringing forth the collective past of the Nation and its people. This Full Moon in Leo is conjunct the U.S. North Node, the fulfillment point of its destiny, highlighting these next couple of weeks as a tipping point, indeed, one of major import as to how the United States proceeds into its future.