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August 25, 10:12am EDT, 7:12am PDT, 12:12pm GMD

The Earth upon her celestial spindle winds her ecstasy-producing dance. —Kathleen Raine
Image: Cottage Yard, oil painting by author. Front yard at my new residence in Vermont. The cats and I enjoy hanging out on this rock ledge.

Thou remember’st
Since once I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a mermaid on a dolphin’s back
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath,
That the rude sea grew civil at her song,
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres
To hear the sea-maid’s music….
—Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Mermaids are the faeries of the sea. With the Sun-Moon opposite Neptune, this is truly a Faerie Moon of sea and land. Subtle energy fields become more delicately tangible, especially when we take time to commune with Nature, dance upon the trees, look for the small, intricate variety of lovely growing things we are given. Nature is a mirror for the spiritual. The Land of Faerie is a gateway. This New Moon is also infused with angelic harmonies, as indicated by its Sabian Symbol image:


Harps twinkle with invisible starlight, opening the heart, rippling through every cell of our bodies, raising vibrational frequencies. Some of us more than others will find it challenging to ground this energy. This earthy Virgo Moon brings awareness of our precious body, as does its ruler, Mercury, in this sign of Nature’s organic intelligence. In the floral kingdom, with the help of faeries and flower devas, plants imbibe sunlight and micronutrients from soil, alchemically transforming heaven and earth into beauty, form, color, perfume and life-sustaining foods. Some, like orchids, primarily breathe in air and rarified starbeams.

The strong Neptune influence can make for a spacy lack of grounding, which may be why the orchid essence above came to attention. Give yourself time enough to “space out” (otherwise called relaxing), to dream, to meditate, to imagine. Feel your feet on the ground and your vital force in the Dan Tien center, inches below your navel. There is plenty of vital energy to channel.

DYNAMIC PATTERN in Numero 16 & 17
17—This New Moon is full of such inspiration and life force, no matter what latitude and longitude you live in. With MARS-SATURN exactly conjunct at 17 degrees, we focus intense energy through the desire TO BE, Eros being the god who arises from Chaos with Earth Goddess Gaia. This potent duo can have a bad wrap, and some people will tap the destructive edge. MERCURY at 17 VIRGO gives a sense of service and the knack to find a way make it work.

16—VENUS in LEO adds heart-centered potency for creative transformation, when not ego-bound, further stimulating the desire to let go of old snaky dry skins, roles in our lives that no longer suit us, no longer express the essence of who we are. And VENUS dances with freedom-loving URANUS in ARIES, both at 16 degrees, another exact alignment, fire sign to fire sign. Initiatives, courage to GO FOR IT—whatever that IT is for you! CHIRON is at 16 PISCES, adding another octave to the mix—we feel ever so truly that we are on the brink of a BIG SHIFT. Well, we’re IN IT!

Let’s get down to mundane practicalities about this New Moon—from my Cosmic Daily Weather 2014. You can order the book and find daily interpretations for each month at
(formerly The Monthly Aspectarian):

“The Moon enters Virgo a few hours before becomes new. Immediately we want to save the world. All we really need to do is bring our best selves to whatever we are doing. Virgo knows it’s the little things that count, attention to details, the special touches. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s more about how we do it. Best results come from a tone of mind that pays special attention to the situation and uplifts every moment possible.

“The fabulous planetary pattern that accompanies this New Moon
is full of inspiration and exciting possibilities, if we can coordinate the tug of various forces. Harness the energy and use it. Begin a new project and project your vision to unfold. Whatever determination you made under the last Full Moon on August 10th is being empowered. Emotional intensity, with the potential of juicy creative drive, is off the charts. Don’t go overboard, but enjoy to the full. Focusing your energy and desire power is a requirement for results you dream about. Great art is created today and through this month. While allowing imagination to pave the way, pay attention to timing and technique for an extra-ordinary, seemingly super-natural outcome. Nature is super, as Virgo well knows.

“Rearrange your priorities to keep your best attention on the most important and compelling task at hand. Allow energies to coordinate and conspire for the best outcome. A mid-afternoon adjustment can fine-tune the situation and makes a quantitative and qualitative difference. Creative and emotional intensity continues at a high point. Don’t be bogged down by criticism, whether imposed by self or others. Trust yourself to know what is best. Pressure can bring out the best in us, or require a firm stance. Diffuse any anger or frustration that interferes with the process. Draw the line and say no when needed, but in an effective way, not one that fuels the fire. This is not an easy time for relationships, and some things are becoming irrevocably clear. A lot can be accomplished on a lot of levels, when we let another part of our minds sort through the day while we sit back and enjoy.”

The Neptunian influence of this New Moon naturally expresses itself in song and poetry. Here is a very special poem to Earth, written by a lovely elder woman I met so many years ago when I was young and impressionable. She shared this beautiful poem, that conveys the deep sensuality of Virgo. With her Venus in Virgo, she knew and lived it well. Thank you, Ciel Thalinger.
Earth, I return to you again
I have been alone in the cool silence
Above the stars, the winds, the rain
Now I have returned to you—
Now I am of you again.

Close to your fragrant warmth I lie
In sweet and reverent renaissance
My body bared beneath the sky
My hair blown free my arms stretched wide
My breast, like yours, arched high.

All the long-resting rivers break
And swelling, surging, fill and flow
My limbs stir and trembling awake
Stretch grow pliant strong and warm.
Like yours, earth, and like yours, ache.

And so, to us—lying as one
Pale white flesh—rich, brown soil
So to us our lovers shall come.
(Warm yielding flesh—deep yielding soul)
Both are immortal—Both are the Sun.

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NOTE: re PAQO ANDINO— I hope some of you got to see the live streamed version of this film about Wisdomkeepers of the high Andes, for which I sent our a special link. It was a rather late announcement on my part. A friend found another link, with free viewing on Vimeo: Thank you, Dana.
ORCHID ESSENCES— There are several orchid essence from Living Tree Orchid Essences in Scotland that are indicated as helpful for this New Moon. Particularly “Being in Time” has come forward. Orchid Man Don Dennis gives a description: “Get the body into 3-D time. Very important to enable therapists to bring the client into contact with and stay in the lower half of the body. Helps those who are reluctant to incarnate fully into “the here and now”. It does so by harmonising the body’s etheric cycles with those same cycles in Nature. This is a calibration to a flow which helps one to manage one’s time better, especially when there is the sense of having too much to do and too little time to do it in. Great for jet lag. The body can immediately harmonise and integrate with the time-zone of the local area no matter what the distance nor direction of travel.” by
See more, including a lovely time-lapse video of this orchid blooming, at:
Several other essences—”Walking to the Rhythm of the Earth,” “Andean Fire” and “Behold the Silence” —also intuitively vibrated in relation to this Moon cycle.

I’ll be at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference leading up to Monday’s New Moon, a great way to get into the Virgo vibe!