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This Full Moon reflects the light of the Sagittarius Sun aligned with Galactic Center—Our evolving Vision is informed by the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, set to unfold in waves of incoming Light. What a way to bring even more light and an extraordinary quality to this increased light that washed in through the New Moon Eclipse portal of December 4! Venus turns retrograde at 26-27 Capricorn (conjunct Pluto) as Chiron turns direct at 8 Aries 26 (square Mercury).

Full Moon @27Gemini-Sagittarius29
December 18, 2021 @11:36pm EST, 11:36pm PST
December 19 @4:36am GMT, 3:36pm AEST

Venusian Galactic Unicorn Magic, web collage by Dana Hunt. We may see some new work from her in the new year! This newsletter repeats much from last time, with added inspiration as we begin this Venus retrograde cycle in Capricorn. Step up and ReDesign your Reality!

Also on this Full Moon!
Venus turns retrograde
@ Sabian Symbol 27 Capricorn: A Mountain Pilgrimage
Retrograde through January (direct on January 29, 2022 @11+ Capricorn), this pilgrimage lasts until Venus returns to 27 Capricorn on March 3, 2022. There is a story to every Venus retrograde journey. This one clearly involves Pluto and the descent of the Goddess to the Underworld, a story we find in multiple mythologies.

ReDesigning Reality
The storyline of this particular 2021-2022 underworld descent of Venus takes us across the New Year threshold. Joining Pluto in Capricorn she invites us to re-define and re-design systems and structures that shape and condition our lives, honoring Earth wisdom and in accordance with Nature’s organic geometries and aesthetics. This journey takes us deep into the recesses of our hearts to restore a fearless foundation for living in love and joy.

Venusian Alchemy in her Secret Garden
The Goddess calls within: “Let’s talk!”
Attend to your primary relationship — with your Self,
Known only to you and your deeply spiritual Divine Feminine,
the exquisite sensitivity of your deep inner personal essence.

Chiron in Aries turns forward
Retrograde since mid-July, this phase has been one of internalizing and recalibrating spirit-mind-body in relation to the huge input of new frequencies, information and experiences since early this year. As Chiron is at this pivot point, it squares Mercury in Capricorn, altering our perception and our ‘take’ on things.
Chiron @Sabian Symbol 9 Aries:
A Seer Gazes Intently into a Crystal Ball Before Him
Centered, in-the-moment stillness brings us to the clear horizon of the unknown, synchronicities and meaningful coincidences guide the way.

Chironic Road Sign reads:
Attention! Magic at Play, Be Here Now!
Alternate routes available to those with keen perception and open mind!

Something unusual and unexpected is taking place— be it through dream downloads, heightened intuition, news sources, signals from Nature, astrological insights, or just plain synchronistic messages showing up in your field of experience. We may not understand these messages right away, but something ‘pings’ in our brain cells and rings in our hearts in a way we cannot ignore or brush away. That bell of truth sounds strongly, as a reverberating gong.

“So be aware of the vitality of your thought, and it is vital, because it is the sum total of your character. When you rise and break through the mesh of ignorance the light of understanding clears the atmosphere around you and you see the star. The air is crystal…

“In this high purity because of a new sensitiveness, you will understand that your thoughts, your ideas, your resistance, your acceptances are organic, vital, and will always obey the law of conception and birth. You will realize that when you make a stand and say, ‘This is what I will think,” you are reborn.”
Letters from the Scattered Brotherhood, edited by Mary Strong, p.37

12/21/21— December Solstice! Sun enters Capricorn at this turning point into the new year. What a chart! With Moon opposite Venus R/Pluto, in the larger square dance with Eris and Haumea that has been a hallmark of this year. The Divine Feminine is alive and in a highly transformational mode, preparing for major rebirth.

The Solstice chart is discussed full in relation to this pattern and the roster of the quantum Kuiper Belt Objects on this recent webinar: KBOS in 2022: Key Kuiper Belt Influences in the New Year  Recording available here

12/23-24— Saturn square Uranus @11Aquarius/Taurus06—final of three exact ‘square-offs’ of these two diametrically-different dynamos. The square resonates through 2022, but the peak intensity has been reached, with its obvious implications that we have passed a significant marker in our collective experience, no going back now!

12/25— Venus, retrograde, conjuncts Pluto #2
Check in time for how we are feeling and dealing in this deep process of re-evaluation, values clarification. Raise your frequency and feel deep gratitude, welcoming inevitable transformation for the better.

12/28—Jupiter enters Pisces, its own sign.
After putting a toe in Pisces from mid-May through July, Jupiter now jumps full in. We are all in the same ocean. Jupiter flows swiftly on toward an especially special conjunction with Neptune in April 2022, a highlight of the incoming year!

Our hearts and souls lead the way
to a new vision
that inspires the New Year incoming.
Fare Well until Next Year!
Blessings abound!