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Full Moon @ 7 Scorpio/Taurus
April 26, 2021 @ 11:31pm EDT, 8:31pm PDT, 
April 27, 4:31am BST, 1:31pm AEST

‘Rose Wave,’ first application of oil paint to canvas, inspired by close up of a rose. Looks like an implosion to me! With incoming solar waves, let’s see how we can open to welcome such an implosion of light and beauty. Perhaps this image needs more depth and darkness for Scorpio Moon— or can we rise to the high heart transformational pink vibe?

This Pink Super Moon pairs with the May 26th totally eclipsed Moon as the closest Full Moons of 2021. We feel the impact deep into our bodies as the Earth reverberates with electromagnetic frequencies.

The Pink name for this April Moon refers to the early bloom of ‘moss pink’ or ‘phlox subulata’ of eastern North America. At first I thought that name was ‘sublimata’. Sounds sublime!
Uranus adds an extra large dose of electric geomagnetics and is as full of surprises as this Full Moon can handle. And a Scorpio Moon can go deep and intense. The dark goddess is present in any Scorpio Moon, this one channeling lightning charge and enlightening frequencies from both radical, earth-shaking Uranus and a tight fusion of sensual Venus, (true) Black Moon Lilith and perceptual Mercury all in Taurus.
Uranus would be enough to make this Full Moon a highly-charged lunation. With the addition of Venus in her rulership, and in a same-degree conjunction with Black Moon, we experience something even more outrageous, extra-sensory and beyond the ordinary. Feel how your body experiences the intense light of this Full Moon, and let your perception be informed thereby. Otherwise you might not believe it. The subliminal senses are awakened and tuned up to receive new frequencies/ perceptions. Trust yourself deeply and radically, no reactive judgement: “It is as it is.”
Book suggestion: Peter Redgrove’s The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real: Our Uncommon Senses and Their Common Sense, a.k.a. The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense. This book was evocative and informative during my early research into Lilith. From the book description on Amazon:

“The author shows how we are surrounded by invisibles; forces which animals know but humans have come to ignore or only participate in unconsciously. These forces include electricity, magnetism and the deeper reaches of touch, smell, taste and sound. Peter Redgrove presents evidence to suggest that not only individuals but the world as a whole stands to benefit from simple awareness. Presiding over this transition from unconscious to conscious experience is the symbolic presence of the Black Goddess, who may be traced in many guises from ancient to modern times…”
He writes,
“The erotic state – again, a mixture of concentration and spontaneity – is a hypnoidal state, probably the most powerful kind that we are capable of experiencing, and it is in this condition that unexpected regions of the self are revealed, as the majority of people know from experience.”

Such sublime, subliminal depth of awareness is so clearly indicated under this Full Moon, that it is as if this book were written for it.
In the run-up to this Full Moon highlight, we have been ‘prepped’ by Venus then Mercury conjunct Uranus on Thursday-Friday, April 22-23. We also had a strong, incoming solar flare or CME (coronal mass ejection) that rolled through on the 24-25. If you were paying attention you would have perceived a ‘heads-up’ notice, of some kind of globe-changing events on, in or under the ground. It is difficult to use words in the face of so much somatic Taurus energy and deep-feeling Scorpio Moon. Perhaps you were informed in your dream state.
This whole Full Moon dynamic can be subliminally upsetting, like earthquakes in the deep Earth beneath our feet— but literally so as well. Saturn in Aquarius squares the Full Moon and Uranus/Sun with a down to earth ‘can’t-miss-it’ reality, that social circumstances and situations demonstrate change. When Saturn is involved, we do not miss the impact; it is right in our faces and cannot be denied. How we respond is in our power, if we claim that power rather than reacting blindly in a way that might even be surprising to ourselves.
Particular internal emotional and mental shadows may be revealed.
With the Sun in Taurus, in its annual conjunction with Uranus in a few days, April 30/ May 1, this is one of the key months when the larger level of social change is indicated and we become more aware of the new 200-year era we entered on December 21 Solstice (with that remarkably close Saturn/Jupiter crossing into Aquarius together).
This Full Moon highlights the Saturn-Uranus square, the key astrological dynamic of 2021. The ‘reality-check’ Saturn manifestation brings the Uranus Full Moon fireworks to our immediate attention and we are going to have to deal with them and figure out how to even think about it in an objective Aquarian way, using the best of our higher mental capacity, informed by our hearts and our subliminal recognizance rather than reactive emotional outbursts.
Eris Pushes Back
You may remember that I wrote about the prominence of Eris on the last New Moon. With Eris kicking off this Moon cycle, it is not surprising that this Full Moon is such an intense, radical and revolutionary, shocking and surprising turning point in a variety of ways that will unfold as the Moon wanes.
I was, perhaps (and maybe on purpose), being hard on Eris. Several readers responded in her defense. Since Eris continues to square off with Pluto for a couple more years, let’s hear it for this spicy warrior’s contribution to the last phase of Pluto’s ‘clean-up act’ in Capricorn.
Many thanks to Alison, who wrote in right away with this eloquent, passionate defense, which I am compelled to share in toto. I have heard people using that word ‘compelled’ lately. How so might you feel compelled?:
“I feel compelled to speak on behalf of Eris. lol. Might I be so bold as to say I am Eris.  I totally get why she gets a bad rap but don’t be mad at her, its not her fault people can’t see themselves clearly. She’s just mirroring the truth in an expedited fashion. Saying, ‘clear your baggage so we can get on with the party’. But wait, she wasn’t invited to the party……so now the lesson is headed off with anger (which is really hurt).  She didn’t choose to be different, to feel deeply and see through the facade. She can’t pretend to be who she’s not and that causes uneasiness in people. She’s not a follower and she’s not passive. 
“In the myth she wasn’t invited to a party. In the story of Jesus they publicly murdered him, and there are countless others that have been killed or locked in straight jackets for speaking up. To the mean girls in high school, the rich snobs, or the self-righteous clueless male leaders in the world that live in their glass houses, wearing rose-colored glasses, drinking $1000 champagne and passing judgement on those who don’t fit their high-society, low consciousness standard.
“There are people all over that are hurting.  Some were born in the wrong country to the wrong parents, are hungry, live in fear, etc. There are also those that don’t want to follow the status quo and be part of the herd— but being different means disorder. Eris says, “Guess what?! you wanna play superficial? here’s a game…”

She’s quite clever actually, she replaces their photoshopped filter with a real mirror. Yeah, it’s totally immature and underhanded, but these people don’t listen to reason or feel compassion.  In order to push people out of their ignorant boxes its necessary to create a little discord.  It’s far more dangerous to continuously abuse or bully someone who stays quiet. Eventually they snap and we have millions of deaths to prove it. It’s far better to disrupt their little party than wait till a massacre.
“She’s not always spreading discord, in fact she’s quite loving and pleasant. It’s only when people are unaware of their self-centered motives, unconscious motivations and projections that Eris stirs things up; how else will it come to the surface? If she says nothing or does nothing then people will continue living their lives unconsciously and, in doing so, hurt others and themselves. It’s quite damaging to you and those around you when you haven’t dealt with your shadows. For instance, a man that doesn’t know he has a violent streak that’s boiling just under the surface-if ignored and not dealt with someone is going to be the victim to that volcano and they may not be strong enough.
“Eris is like a therapist that was trained by the military, no sweet, passive luring it out of you. There’s no time for that!  The age of suppression and oppression is over.  It’s like if a kid says they cleaned their room but just shoved everything in the closet and then the parent opens the closet and throws everything out. Who’s to blame? Sweeping things under rugs, keeping secrets, excluding others are not tolerable on any level and if Eris and her other friends are going to disrupt the social order they have to address the individuals as well as the government. Society is dysfunctional because people are dysfunctional. As within so without.” 
From Stephanie in Switzerland:
“Eris…i always had sympathy for her— sometimes, i even feel a bit like I could be her (and i am not searching to bring dissonance).
 “Yes, she throws the golden ball ‘to the fairest’— and shows how dualities play out (it makes me smile how two goddesses jump and fall into discord, because of a golden ball and wanting to be the ‘fairest’). Eris reminds me of people/women who being outcast gave voice to what needed to be said (even if hidden disharmony could come to the surface an play out as a battle for the golden ball).
 “I wonder: what happens if the two goddesses feel so well in themselves and with each other they could laugh about a golden ball thrown in the air and say, “Oh, we are all fair! Let us reunite forces instead of fighting over an illusion.”
 I applaud that outcome! Eris is such a shrewd tease—with intent and purpose. We are finding this out as we get to know her better!  

Song suggestion to take us into the Pink Full Moon:

She Will Find Me
         —Dougie MacLean, Scottish Singer/Songwriter

Sometimes we search too deep
That’s when the darkness feeds our fear
We turn away from one another
Just in case we get too near
Me, I stand this mountain top
I shout so she can hear
And I know that she will find me
I know that she will find me
Even if I vanish without trace
And though I’m running blindly
I know that she will find me
Hiding with the shadows that I chase…