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“The adventures were rich. 
The surprise of beauty was astonishing, nothing less…”

Image: Eclipse Chasers, collage by author, circa 1999.
“The adventures were rich. The surprise of beauty was astonishing, nothing less…”

Imagine the arrow of Sagittarius piercing the Sun, releasing a kaleidoscope of flowers and geometric shapes, dancing orbs and angelic frequencies, along with morphing clouds and shadows, obscurations and obfuscations. This special eclipse on the ‘Super Flower Full Moon’ is blowing in the Geminian winds like a pinwheel. With incoming solar flares and coronal mass ejections, the Sun is sending extraordinary waves our way, amplifying the heightening frequencies washing through our solar system in rare galactic waves. 

Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon @ 5 GEMINI/Sagittarius 26
May 26, 2021 @ 7:14am EDT; 4:14am PDT; 1:14pm BST; 

Those in southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and across the Pacific to the western Americas will experience totality. Partial shadowing is seen westward through India/China and eastward through the Americas.

The Eclipsed Moon in Sagittariuson the South Node is our starting point, informed by what has gone before. Sagittarius can be the most positive-minded sign, fast-moving sign, targeting the stars. This Truth-seeking fire sign takes on the adventure and mythic quest of life, aiming for a high vision with as much elevated energy as it can muster. However, deeply embedded belief systems can quash such high vision and aspirations. We foreshorten our goals, accepting inhibitions, limitations and restrictions to our inspirations, aspirations and visions. We allow our native freedoms to be reined in. 

Why? How did that happen? asks Gemini in ‘naive’ curiosity, asking all kinds of questions from all kinds of angles. The North Node in Gemini is the leading edge of this eclipse and our collective consciousness, inviting us to be curious and open-minded as to what is possible, to seek beyond the depressing news of the day to entertain all sorts of wild and wonderful potentials. The Sun on the North Node can get carried away, even as we are carried through this eclipse portal. What options are willing to consider? Is there such a thing as too idealistic a vision? It is a challenge these days not to get pulled down by the chaos and negativity that is promoted. 

I confess I am an optimistic Sagittarius, positive-minded more than half the time. I contend with self-delusion, like anyone else, and process dark moments of self-doubt, disillusionment and denial. The fiery Sagittarian heart aspires to lift the spirits. Gemini, too, has a way of lifting above it all, like the dandelion fluff that is pervading the air around where I live now. The seeds eventually land, on fertile soil or barren dry ground.

A Light Touch through the Dark Eclipse Portal
Venus and Mercury join together to color this eclipse with kaleidoscopic variances, valences and vantage points. These two planets, never too far from the Sun, conjunct on the 28-29 of May. Immediately Mercury turns retrograde. It is as if Venus pushes Mercury gently backward: “Let me move into Cancer and soften the feelings in a quiet, gentle tone. You stay in Gemini to open more doorways of perception. I’ll bring those new ideas down home and personal, so people really feel the change and new dimensions that are opening up.”

Yes, Mercury is going retrograde, spending extra time in Gemini, its strong suit. Let’s welcome this time to re-think, re-wind, re-translate our recent experiences, to look back at something we read or heard and think about it a second time. Maybe it makes more sense now, with more pieces of the puzzle that have come into view. Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun, in its retrograde solar conjunction on June 10, the very day of the Ring-of-Fire Solar Eclipse. Instant recognition! Cosmic choreography at its best! 

Jupiter and Neptune in the Flow
Jupiter is the biggest planet and one of the biggest influences during this eclipse season— especially in its dynamic square with this Total Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter’s expansive energy opens even wider this eclipse portal, as the waters of Pisces overflow and, potentially overwhelm. Hold on to your spiritual anchor and listen to the gut wisdom of your body. Earth sign Virgo is a key sign during this eclipse: setting priorities, attending to your health and wellbeing, helping neighbors as you are able, appreciating the small things that make a big difference, consulting the beauty of Nature to find an easier rhythm in your day. 

From May 13—July 28, Jupiter in Pisces offers a brief heads-up as to potentials that surge more strongly next year, 2022. Just in time for this eclipse season, Jupiter amplifies Piscean sensitivity, compassion, empathy and our sense that we are one world/one people, all in ‘this’ together. Next year (April 12) we will experience a fairly rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, co-rulers of Pisces. We are getting a taste of that subtle, spicy, salty scent even now. 

Neptune, hanging at 23 Pisces, is slowly turning into its retrograde phase on June 25. It is about as focused as it can be, with a strong influence on these May-June eclipses. On this May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse, Neptune squares the lovely, companionable, fun-loving yet potent conjunction of Venus and Mercury. In relation to Venus, Neptune renders life in an Impressionist light, with soft, indefinite outlines. It can seem as if our eyesight is clouded, like glasses that need to be wiped clear. Maybe something catches the corner of our eye: is it really there? Neptune is super-natural with subliminal sensations that are hints we may ignore or disbelieve. Neptune is like morning mist that lifts as the Sun comes up or dense fog at sea on a rainy day or a road sign that has been turned around, making it more confusing to find our way. We feel the true direction with our heart intelligence, spiritual senses and mystical mind. This is a good time for the arts, for poetry and song, for theater and play.

The square with Neptune is a big part of this upcoming Mercury retrograde, to begin and end the whole cycle. Three exact squares punctuate its overall extended influence:

May 22-23—Did you feel some subtle shift this past weekend?;

June 5— Neptune will closely square the June 10 Mercurial Solar Eclipse. What is going on? We may not know or be able to believe our eyes and ears for a ripple of time/space.

July 6— Though Mercury turns direct on June 23, just after Solstice, the complete retrograde circuit is not complete until after that last Neptune square. Has the fog lifted by then? Soon thereafter, we hope so!!

The Total Lunar Eclipse is a similar phenomenon. It is as if we blink in slow motion, for the whole 14 minutes of totality, then open our eyes and see everything differently. What just happened? Where are we now?

Black Moon Lilith in her rhythmic Earthbeat,
vibrates back and forth, mean and true, between Taurus and Gemini. During this Eclipse, she evokes Earth’s heartbeat, its rhythmic undercurrent, like a tree deeply rooted in Earth, branches swaying in the breeze, leaves rustling with subtle messages and birds on the wing. She whispers on the wind in a variety of Nature’s dialects. How can we not but give a listen?

“How do you know but ev’ry Bird
that cuts the airy way
Is an immense world of delight,
Clos’d by your senses five?”
  —William Blake

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