Depth Astrology, AstroMythology & the Cosmic Feminine

with Kelley Hunter, Ph.D.
6 week, 2-hour zoom webinar & discussion format, $297

Who is Lilith? Do you feel her beckoning
An ancient goddess of ambiguous reputation, 
Lilith has become increasingly ‘popular,’ ever fascinating to artists. 
She appears in several astrological dimensions—
Black Moon, Dark Moon, Asteroid and Star. 
While looking at Lilith from astronomical, mythic, cultural & artistic perspectives, we use our birth charts to tune inwardly into
her several wavelengths. 
She leads into shadowy realms and spacious radiance in a specific, nuanced way to let you know she knows you from the inside out. 
We track her transits as we go along, to see how we & she are tuning in
to this moment of deep-earthed evocation to the Feminine Divine.

Mondays, June 21-July 26, 11amPDT/ 2pm EDT/ 7pm BST, for 7-12 persons  
The Solstice portal offers a potent gateway to cosmic adventure. Mercury stations direct exactly conjunct true Black Moon Lilith, with a subtle, instantaneous gradation of wavelengths to convey.

Week 1            Lilith Beckons: Thematic Backdrop/ Astrological overview.

Week 2            Lilith Asteroid #1181: the Hard Rock Lilith            

Week 3            Dark Moon Lilith, Shadows and Mirrors

Week 4            Black Moon Lilith, Mean and True

Week 5            Lilith Star Algol, the Eye of Medusa

Week 6            Dancing with Lilith, Her ‘Signature’ in Charts

Additional Follow Up
Personal Lilith consultation—1 hour, $108 discounted fee for program participants; 90 minutes ($225 regular fee)

Suggested reading: 
My book, Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine
                        (also available: Black Moon Lilith)
For participants, books discounted 20% ($20) & mailed (to US only),
widely available on Amazon in many countries, including kindle version.

If Lilith beckons you, please indicate your desire to participate. 
Send an email to indicating which group you want to join, along with any questions you have, etc.

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