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With Mars/ Mercury/ Sun in Scorpio, we are experiencing intense undercurrents that lead into this deeply shadowed, multi-nuanced Taurus Full Moon, an almost total Lunar Eclipse. Just the barest sliver of light may show on one edge of this “Blood Moon,” that lingers deep in shadow mainly across the Americas, with some partial sightings in northern latitudes from Asia to Iceland, as well as Eastern Australia and New Zealand.

Full Moon @ 27 Taurus-Scorpio 14
November 19, 2021 @ 3:57 EST, 12:57am PST, 8:57am GMT, 7:57pm AEDT

Praamzis Skulptura.  [photo by Dubysa. at the Lithuanian language Wikipedia, GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons]

Suggesting unexpected, even shocking, developments, Red Mars in deep red Scorpio opposite topsy-turvy, revolutionizing Uranus in Taurus charges up the dark-to-light revelation of this Full Moon. Recall that this the unfolding of the world-awakening New Moon on November 4. Still in 12-13 Taurus, Uranian tumult continues shaking up our experience and waking up alternate perceptions of what is going on beneath the surface of events. Remember the Sabian symbol from last time?

13 Taurus—A Porter Carrying a Mountain of Heavy Baggage
There is still some heavy lifting to do. No one can really carry our load, can they? We each have our part of the job, our responsibility to carry. No one can live our life for us. We need to maintain a positive mind and loving heart ourselves. Nor can we fully take on another person’s load; we can be helpful, supportive, show the way, but each individual has a unique path to follow, life to live. How can we free up from burdens that are not ours to carry? How much stuff are you dealing with? A higher mind level of detachment is a hallmark of Uranus.

Algol, the Eye of Medusa
Are you being rebellious, reactive, reactivated or renewed by this Full Moon? Aligned with the star Algol, Medusa’s Eye, this extended eclipse is gazes at us fixedly with relentless intensity and the power to paralyze us with fear. Are we afraid to own our power? Will you become lost in the shadows or will you stare her down and find your way through to the light? The Alchemy of Scorpio leads to steadier, stabilizing groundedness in Taurus. You’ll know by how you’re feeling….

Algol is powerful, binary, variable star. One star eclipses the other every two and a half days, so that Algol appears to dim then brighten, blinking and winking at us. An eclipsing star on our eclipsing Moon: a fascinating, double dose of shifting, inviting to see through new eyes. “For now we see through a glass, darkly” (Corinthians 13:12) and will come through the darkening of this eclipse with new, expanded perception, as suggested by Jupiter in Aquarius squaring Moon, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Then on to a Total Solar Eclipse to start the last lunation cycle of this year!

More on Algol, the Medusa star (a.k.a. the Lilith star) from my Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine:

“The eye is the window to the soul. The mirror is another….

In past cultures where the Sun was celebrated as feminine in its life-giving nature, the mirror and the eye, the well and the web, the spiral and other such symbols of wholeness were associated with the goddess. The mirror is a sacred object of Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun Goddess in Japan.  As recounted in the book, Turbulent Mirror, an ancient Chinese legend tells of the chaos that ensued as the world of humans became increasingly separated from the world of mirrors. Perhaps it refers to the mirror of Nature, perhaps the sky. The use of bronze mirrors in China dates back to the late Shang dynasty. The sophisticated astronomy and cosmology of the Chinese is chronicled on such celestial bronze mirrors.

Perseus used a mirror-like shield of brass or bronze to avoid a direct confrontation with Medusa. The mirror reflected the demon’s image. We conquer our dark passions by reflection, otherwise we can be paralyzed by them—a big hint in working with Lilith placements!  Perseus then wields the crystal sword of skillful means given by psychopomp Mercury/Hermes. His skill in using the sword depends on the clarity of the mirror image. To effectively coordinate both is tricky; the mirror image reverses, like a telescope. He sees himself in the mirror as well. Or, in another version, he positions the mirror so that Medusa looks into it and turns herself into stone.

The word mirror derives from the Latin miror, mirare, “to wonder at, to be astonished.” The Latin word for mirror is speculum, which gives us such words as speculate, (which originally meant to divinate with a crystal ball or mirror) and spectacle, as well as telescope. Edward Edinger discusses this in his book, The Eternal Drama. The mirror of the universe reflects the depths of our souls, immensely spacious like the dark energy theorized by current astrophysics. Making up over 90% of the universe, dark energy presents incalculable potential in our collective process of consciousness evolution.

… To see deeply into the dark side of life,
its wilderness and chaos can be profoundly transformational and freeing
if one can endure the intensity of this encounter that strips the ego bare, exposes the naked soul.
Algol can bring us to this edge.”

Jupiter in Aquarius squares Mercury in Scorpio
What do we think we see in the shadowing mirror of this eclipse? Mercury in Scorpio harbors internalized mental shadows and fears. This eclipse takes us through a dark tunnel, through the looking glass. Jupiter in Aquarius asks us to step back and out of the chaos, into our higher minds, to deal with the mirror of our negative thinking, to use the best of our higher mental capacity, informed by our hearts and our subliminal recognizance rather than reactive emotional outbursts. What are we focusing our attention on? Take up the eclipse challenge to confront yourself in the dark mirror, busting belief systems that keep you in the dark.

With Full Moon in Taurus, the most deeply rooted sign, we can pull out some very deeply rooted and stuck ideas. Uranus at 12 Taurus is beautifully trine Venus at 12 Capricorn, to rearrange the ground we personally stand on. What helps you feel good, capable, in charge of your life. Change what does not resonate. How many people have told me they are decluttering! I am, are you? Out with the stale, the useless, the frayed and moldy! Neptune in Pisces loves and supports this Full Moon with subtle, spiritually uplifting wavelengths that wash through with Grace, Compassion and Forgiveness.

Yes, Jupiter in Aquarius squares this Full Moon, amplifying a broader perspective and understanding. Jupiter in this spacious air sign of Higher Mind lifts us above the deep waters of Scorpio and the grounded density of Moon in Taurus, like a whale breaching the surface of the water to take an oxygenating full breath of electrified air in the pure upper atmospheres of our perception. Fresh winds blow full the sails of our spiritual vessel, as we navigate through somewhat choppy waters. Keep your head, your mind—and your heart— above the turmoil of the times. When you get pulled into a downward spiral, let your body move that energy. Dance in the wild and free physicality of your life as if your life depended on it. Maybe it does.

Erotic Dimension of Scorpio
I looked back on the ‘reverse’ Full Moon to this one, back on April 26, with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. I quoted from Peter Redgrove’s The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real, writing about the subliminal senses that we use to interpret our experience of the world—beyond the usual five senses we talk about. With Uranus in Taurus more of these senses are being awakened, especially when we also have activated subatomic subtones of Scorpio—like now. Scorpio is the most erotic sign, the one that draws most profoundly from the juicy life force emerging in each moment, affecting our experience based on which subtones and frequencies we are tapping into. Redgrove wrote,

“The erotic state… a mixture of concentration and spontaneity –is a hypnoidal state,
probably the most powerful kind that we are capable of experiencing,
and it is in this condition that unexpected regions of the self are revealed…”

“Hypnoidal” refers to a sub-waking state, between sleeping and waking. Do you find yourself there occasionally? Isn’t it an interesting place? like lucid dreaming, some forms of meditation?  Such sublime, subliminal depth of awareness are so clearly available under this Full Moon. As this emerges in consciousness awareness, from spirit, heart and gut, we ground this fuller, richer, more resonant way of Being. Can we embody more light and life force through our aetheric field?

In addition to changing our minds, this eclipse is asking us to transform our feelings, from fear to fuller light and love. As the electromagnetic fields of Earth and “All our Relations” are impacted by galactic waves, we need to pay more attention to the magnetics, the quality of our frequency and resonance and the underlying feelings that impact our thinking. Unprocessed feelings, that have been tucked away out of awareness, contain unconscious static that can run our lives. In her newest book, Electric Body, Electric Health, biofield pioneer Eileen McKusick writes about “the secret life of buried emotions:”

“As a waveform, an emotion rises up into our awareness
so that we can recognize it, express it, acknowledge the message it carries,
and use that information to guide our decisions about how we will respond to a particular situation. Emotions naturally ebb and flow like the tide—if we allow them to.”  

So often we are driven by hidden hurts and unprocessed wounds. This is Scorpio’s arena. This Full Moon is a potent opportunity to let the feelings flow and transform them. This is no time for bandaids, avoidance or denial. With the passage of Uranus in Taurus and this particular peak point of Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, our bodies may clearly focus our attention on stuck areas and the need for movement, inwardly and outwardly to clear the field of toxins we are harboring. We have a prime opportunity, especially Chiron in Aries squares Venus, the planet of emotional intelligence. Venus at 12 Capricorn is perfectly aligned with Uranus, enhancing our natural, practical, organic, common sense emotional intelligence. We will have plenty of time to work with this pragmatic Venus during her extended stay in Capricorn, into March of 2022.

Praamzius Fulfills the Square Dance
Jupiter in Aquarius creates a T-square pattern with the Taurus Full Moon/ Scorpio Sun—in fixed signs, the ones that dig deeper. These three sides of the square need the fourth corner, the fourth fixed sign, Leo, to stabilize and fulfill the energetic potential. Fortunately, happily, and excitingly, one of the KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects) is creating a square dance.

“Praamzius is the oldest and highest Lithuanian god related to the creation of the world. He is the god of the sky, peace and friendship in Lithuanian mythology,” as we are informed by NASA’s Small-Body Data Base that contains such facts. Lithuanian astrophysicist Kasimieras Cernis, one of its discoverers, is likely responsible for this name, and must have some native cultural insight. I found nothing online to suggest the peace and friendship theme in relation to this original sky god that rules over destiny. But what a great theme to bring forward! In Leo, Praamzius suggests creating community gatherings that bring people together to have fun— to eat, dance, celebrate; in short: it’s party time!

With Praamzius as a particular ‘star’ of this Full Moon pattern, I unearthed the above photo taken in a Lithuanian forest park (perhaps the popular “Hill of Witches”) with its earthy resonance for this special Taurus Full Moon. What is he holding? A vessel of ‘chi’, life-force, of water or elixir that quenches all thirst? There is more to Praamzius than meets the Eye!

Praamzius can stand as the fulfillment of this Full Moon, spreading joy and communion through society. What do you have to celebrate? Are you thinking about the upcoming holiday season and making plans? Who do you want to celebrate with? Who is in your soul ‘community’ that you incarnated with? Our social lives have changed so much in these rugged times, as we have been learning a tough lesson of Capricorn responsibility and self-sufficiency, testing our capabilities and capacities to do what we need to do in the face of all kinds of restrictions and limitations.

As we move through the intense passage of this Eclipse,
let us come together to celebrate, honor, appreciate—and grieve when called for—
all that we have been through and are experiencing.
Let’s come together with a quality of resonance
that supersedes the contentious and ultimately distracting and ephemeral conflicts.
Let’s move forward with verve, passion, steadfastness and conviction
as we join together to create a new, more joyful and satisfying version of our world.
Let’s toast to that!

* * * * * * * * *