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Full Moon @ 8 Libra/Aries 18
March 28, 2021 @ 2:48pm EDT, 11:48am PDT, 6:48pm GMT, 
March 29 @ 5:48am AEDT

Pseudo-Bombax (Shaving Brush Tree) in blossom under February 2021 Full Moon. Photo by Mary Blazine, taken at Fiddlewood Cottage in St. John, Virgin Islands, bordering National Park, with a choice of two beaches in the neighborhood. I stayed here for 2 weeks in March. You can too! Look it up on VRBO. Email for special rates for Cosmic News readers. 

This Full Moon follows the annual turning point of the March Equinox and ramps it up another notch. Libra is ruled by Venus and this Full Moon in Libra is exactly opposite Venus-Sun-Chiron in the same degree. This is quite an extraordinary trio for the Moon to reflect. The Scales of Libra are recalibrated; decisions are called for. Where do you stand in your Aries integrity?

There are so many dimensions to this Full Moon, too much to share in full. Just returning from a much-needed visit to the Caribbean (see above photo!). I hope to give a few crisp, clear clues here for you to pick up and follow up on as you are inspired. Please be inspired! This Full Moon is a cosmic invitation to fresh trails as the heart and soul unite in a quantum clarion call in this New Era that has opened. 

Love Makes the World Go Round— and Round and Round and Round
Venus is at the far side of the Sun, her closest to the stars. 
Imagine her loving star shine radiance shining through the Sun into our hearts. New levels of relationships are explored that both heal and reveal soul dimensions. The cosmic dance is bringing new partners and partnerships into our lives, based on the level of soul-centering that we are achieving. When you are centered in your energy being, you attract others who also are centered. Magic happens. Life’s musical merry-go-round becomes a dance of renewal and re-creation that we weave together. 

Along this line, enjoy this lovely video by a Cosmic News reader: Twin Flames: A short film love story about twin souls who meet by chance.
created by Nehanda Yemaya Imana and Max Imana

While I am making timely suggestions, here is another. I was recently sent an inspiring lecture by Terrence McKenna called, “Opening the Doors of Creativity,” on the shamanic origins of art, relevant to the Chiron/Venus conjunction in Aries:

Quantum Consciousness; KBO Square Dance
‘Something’ (everything?!) is shifting in an extraordinary way. This Full Moon ramps it us to a quantum level!! Depending on how open you are, the extraordinariness will be experienced more or less, with more joy or hesitation. Quantum refers to the smallest amount of physicality that can exist independently— the smallest possible increments of electromagnetics emerging from the pre-emergent energy field—bringing us into a fresh level of ‘reality’. 

I continue to remind that we are receiving huge surges of light waves, sourced from the pure heart of the Milky Way galaxy and/or other sources, washing through the whole solar system with pristine light. These waves are activating ancient memories of divine rigins from which we, and the universe, have emerged. The discovery and naming of more and more planetoids in the Kuiper Belt, a wide ring of planetoids far solar system, reflect such emerging dimensions of quantum consciousness. 

MakeMake (Mah-kay-mah-kay) was discovered on March 31, 2005— so is having its 16th “birthday” in a couple of days. At least the anniversary of its awakening in collective consciousness. This Full Moon seems to be celebrating— Full Moon at 8Libra18 conjuncts Dwarf planet Makemake at 6Libra50. First nicknamed ‘Easter Bunny’ since it was discovered just after Easter Sunday in 2005, Makemake was officially named for the Bird-Man god of Rapa Nui, often called Easter Island. A creator god of fertility and the renewal of life, MakeMake was honored in an annual ritual to procure an egg from the nesting terns on a close-by islet. Each year clan warriors descended a steep cliff to swim across a choppy channel to bring back the first egg, symbolizing the renewal of life. The winner’s clan chief became headman for the year, Makemake’s earthly representative. This small Pacific Island is known for it huge, carved stone statues called moai, which honored their ancestors. Its history is being re-examined by archaeologists, historians and environmentalists to give us a fresh perspective that rewrites popular assumptions about Rapa Nui. The Bird-Man religion carried themes of cultural roots and the promise of rebirth, resurrection and redemption—aligning in a meaningful way in this holiday week of Passover and Palm Sunday leading to Easter. 

More KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects) are celebrating this Full Moon, Makemake’s birthday and the Holy Day week to elicit even more quantumly excitement and implications. 

6 Libra—MakeMakemakes its seasonal re-turn.

6 Aries—Salacia, She Who Makes the Sunlight to Sparkle on the Sea, is part of the Aries stellium, very close to the Sun, Chiron, Venus at 8-8-8 Aries. We expand the potency of this stellium to involve a star (Sun), Centaur Object (Chiron), planet (Venus), and KBO (Salacia). 

Oh! AND dwarf planet Ceresin the asteroid belt! Ceres is at 13 Aries on this Full Moon. She initiates a vital response from Earth herself to all the radiance, sparkle, healing and beauty of the Aries stellium reflected so lovingly by the Full Moon. 

6 Capricorn—Quaoar, of the Los Angeles area Tongva people, sings and dances Creation into Being. This dwarf planet in earth sign Capricorn establishes new parameters and shapes for re-creating how we live on our planet, while also making a dynamic T-square dance with the other KBOs. 

6 Cancer—? If you know of some asteroid or other celestial body transiting at 6 Cancer to complete the square, let us know. Are you a dancer? Do you have a birth planet in that degree? 

Full Moon Air Triangle
From square dance to triangle dance, the Full Moon at 8 Libra trines Mars at 14 Gemini and Saturn at 11 Aquarius. Air is the element of communication and objectivity of the mental realm. News is flying around on the internet and the air waves and from person to person/ place to place. We create and re-create our worldview by what we perceive and how our minds are framing life. 

With Mercury/ Neptune in Pisces squaring Mars, misinformation abounds; contrasting and contentious points of view persist in clouding the air waves. Automatic emotional reactions can interfere with clear seeing. 

This is a large theme of recent months, as Neptune has been squaring the Nodes of the Moon, the current collective Line of Destiny. This whole Moon cycle focuses on this issue of ‘clearing the air’. On the New Moon, Venus/ Neptune squared the Mars and the Nodes of the Moon; on this Full Moon Mercury steps in to the Venus position. Watch your thoughts and watch your language. There is power in words. Upgrade your vibe with positive thinking to change the outcome in your life. Edit, edit, edit; reFine, reFne, reFine; enJoy, enJoy, enJoy. 

The peak of the Neptune square with the Nodes has been waning. As this Moon cycle wanes, we will feel the intensity lessen even further. Our vision gets clearer and clearer—unless you are resistant and holding on to the old. Pluto in Capricorn continues to de-structure outmoded systems, to clean up outworn situations and circumstances, clearing the old up and out. We get back to the original foundation to rebuild for the wellbeing of all.