Depth Astrology, AstroMythology & the Cosmic Feminine

May 15, 2018, 7:48am EDT, 4:48am PDT, 12:48pm BST,
9:48pm AEST

Image: Medusa, clay sculpture by author, 1998.

Uranus moves into Taurus on this May 15 New Moon—a naturally cosmic moment to begin a new phase of collective experience, one with global implications and personal impact for each of us. This whole Moon cycle is colored by this sign shift of Uranus, the Awakener.

Are you feeling the Earth quake under your feet? Taurus is about using resources to their utmost, asking, “How can you best use your time, energy and money? What will be most productive, give the most satisfying results, not only in the short term, but more importantly the long run?”

Taurus is an earth sign. This shift is very much about Earth herself. “Earth (Taurus) quake (Uranus)” is a pithy keyword description for this, with evidently increasing manifestations. Earth is going through energetic and physical changes from incoming galactic frequencies conducted by solar waves. Check out space weather sites for more on this. Our planet is like an organ in the larger body of the solar system, reflecting our biology. Earth has its function, as do all the other planets, including newly discovered planetoids in our expanding solar system. This is beyond what we call climate change.
[There is so much more to say about it, that I want to do just that say more. I will soon be inaugurating a new audio format. This will allow me to share a fuller stream of information than my fingers can type out in the same amount of time. Stay tuned.]

Why am I calling this the Medusa Moon? This New Moon aligns with the powerful star Algol, which marks the Eye of Medusa in the constellation Perseus. If you remember that story— one that takes up a wide swath of the sky involving at least 6 constellations— you will remember him as the hero who cut off the head of Medusa. She had the “evil eye,” that could turn men to stone. Whether she is truly evil is a question of mythic proportion. In any case, Medusa can look right through you and stop you in your tracks. As Sylvia Perera writes in her “DESCENT TO THE GODDESS,” she

“perceives with an objectivity like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring into the soul to find the naked truth, to see reality beneath all its myriad forms and the illusions and defenses it displays.”

You can look through that very perceptive eye (third eye?) to help answer the question Uranus poses about practical and substantive changes in your life that could be good to thoroughly consider. Taurus reveals the light in matter, like the crystal inside a rock and the geometry-in-color of the crystal itself.
Algol is said to hold the rage and grief from millennia of patriarchal domination over women, traditional people and Earth-honoring values of the cosmic feminine. This Moon may bring out strong voices, determination and will to free us from this longterm domination and subjugation of the feminine. Uranus says this may happen in unexpected ways. Keep an Eye on it!

This Moon is supported by a potent collection of factors in efficient, mountain-moving Capricorn. Especially the Pluto-Black Moon Lilith pair adds even more transformative intensity to that Eye of Medusa. We may see into things we would rather not see, in ourselves or in our world. How can we move freely beyond the shadows?
Uranus from Aries into Taurus. Mars immediately matches this zodiac change with one of its own— from Capricorn to Aquarius. Quite a new quality in the energy dynamic! Mars takes all the practical activity and experience of the last two months and applies it on a broader scale. There might be some twists and turn along the way. In another month, Mars will turn retrograde. We can use this Moon cycle to explore emerging options and the range of possibilities that seem viable. We can try some things out and get information we can rework later in the summer.

What is happening in the world today? Surprises? New deals? New dynamics? This is a flip-the-switch monumental, momentous moment. Pluto and Black Moon suggest that some implications may be behind the scenes.

The more immediate question is personal: “What are the implications in your life?” We each get time to explore and answer this question—all through the Mars retrograde cycle, through August and into the fall. Uranus and Venus turn retrograde, then Mercury. It’s quite a bit of start and stop, as we adjust to new developments. Early into 2019, Uranus returns to Taurus after stepping back into Aries. A few things get cleared up, re-freshed, re-considered, re-imagined, and we are on a new vibrant path. One way or another (maybe both!), our experience is shifting.

Standard or stuck ways of thinking about what is going on are likely to be shaken up in ways that can be thrilling and exciting for some, shocking and distressing for others. New information is coming in on those cosmic rays!

Here’s musical inspiration from The Incredible String Band that contains one of my favorite blessings (part of their larger story song, Very Cellular Song”:
“May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you,
And the pure light within you guide you all the way on.”

And here is a Kundalini Yogi version of this sunshine blessing, which some teachers use to end their classes.