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May 17, 9:13pm PDT, May 18, 12:13am EDT, 5:13am GDT

Image: Medusa “Moon Jelly,” photo from NOAA.MoonJellyblue

In biology, a medusa is a form of sea creature in which the body is shaped like an umbrella. The term medusa was coined by Linnaeus in 1752, alluding to the tentacled head of Medusa in Greek mythology. This term refers exclusively to the life-stage which is typified by a large pulsating gelatinous bell with long trailing tentacles.

Do you remember that monstrous lady with snakes for hair, who turns you into stone if you look her in the eye? We are about to look into that Eye of Medusa, a process fraught with major implications. This May New Moon aligns with the star Algol (at 26+ Taurus), known as The Demon, in the constellation Perseus. You might recall him as the Greek hero who cut off the head of Medusa. In star maps, Perseus is often pictured holding the Medusa’s severed head. Algol marks her Eye. As we look into this Eye, we confront deep issues in our collective history concerning our relationship to the environment, to women and original peoples. Personally, we confront the dark recesses of our own psyches.

In modern star interpretation, Algol is said to hold female rage and grief from millennia of dishonor and oppression. This star is often associated with tragedy and destruction. The Chinese name for this star translates as “piled-up corpses.” Yet, Algol offers the potential to transform fear to empowerment. Let’s gather the courage to look in that Eye and claim our soul power and redeem ancient wrongs. I read somewhere that everyone who has ever been on Earth is here again for the rare portal of conscious awakening now open. And that complex layers of history are playing out to resolve chronic issues from our distant past. Some good stuff is also discovered, that alters our view of history/herstory. After all, who said Medusa was an evil monster? The misogynistic Greeks! Perhaps she was originally an African high priestess who wore her hair in dreadlocks. In Descent to the Goddess, Jungian analyst Sylvia Pereira describes this powerful, penetrating and paralyzing Eye of Medusa, which sees right through us and perceives “with an objectivity like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring into the soul to find the naked truth, to reality beneath all its myriad forms and the illusions and defenses it displays.” We know many women and men who give such a penetrating look. Are you one of them? Be ready to be seen through and stripped down to your soul. Let it shine!

This potent New Moon in the Eye of Medusa stops even Mercury in its tracks, ushering in a retrograde cycle of that usually quicksilver Messenger of the gods. With Mercury back-pedaling in its own sign until June 11—with interference from Neptune, planet of confusion— we are in for a doozy of a retrograde. Social media and news programs will be buzzing big time, with a surge of major stories trending in succession, likely some with WikiLeaks-level impact. Conflicting stories, opinions and media spin will need to be unpacked and figured out. “Follow the money,” to get to the bottom of the story, especially under a Taurus Moon. Emotional intensity accelerates in relation to love and finances, considered separately and together, as we consider our financial security and forge systems that support our personal and global wellbeing.



The Trickster side of Mercury is evoked during its retrograde cycles, never more so than this time. We may try to avoid looking into the mirror of Medusa’s Eye, but in every direction we turn, we will be faced with another Gemini facet of our reflection, like being in a Fun House Hall of Mirrors. Seeing distorted images of ourselves is not always so fun, unless we can see through the shadow to the truer heart of who we are. Writing this, I became curious and googled the phrase, “fun house hall of mirrors,” and discovered an interesting factoid: this idea came from the famous Hall of Mirrors at Versailles Palace, outside of Paris, with 357 floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Made when glass was the hot new thing, this was a very costly design feature at the time in the 17th century!

Remember that Perseus used his highly polished shield, when he was approaching Medusa, to see her reflection rather than look her directly in that paralyzing eye. Reflection is a good strategy when we are facing challenging issues and shadow reactions. Mercury retrograde gives us re-thinking” time, time for reflection, if take it. Just a quick “time-out” might be all we need, especially if we breathe in deeply to relax ourselves. Mercury is in the Heart of the Sun on May 31, a date to note on your calendar for the potent moment of insight and perception, a great gift from the EYE.

This star was also called Lilith by the Hebrews. As the LILITH STAR, I wrote about it in LIVING LILITH: FOUR DIMENSIONS of the COSMIC FEMININ as one of four astronomical factors with this name. Here is an excerpt from the Algol section about Perseus’ confrontation with Medusa:

“The Eye of Medusa. Is it open or closed? Is she awake or asleep? The eye is the window to the soul. The mirror is another. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It certainly isn’t Medusa.

“Carefully stepping backwards, feeling each footfall with jaguar stealth, Perseus kept his eye on the shield strapped to his left arm. He held it to his side angled like a rear-view mirror. As he retreated further into the Gorgon’s cave, irregular light rippled like waves across the polished surface of the shield, moving in slippery serpentine forms. Startled, he realized he was seeing Medusa. Her back was to him, filling the shield’s surface with dark slithering shadows, surrounding a faint image his own face, seen as if from a great distance, haloed in undulating clouds. He felt suddenly as if he were underwater and took in a deep breath to steady himself. In that breath he could taste her musky scent, like some ancient salty perfume, evoking strange memories. Focusing again on the mirror, he was now looking into a vast single Eye, seeing his future unwind like a long dark tunnel…”

Static from Neptune, challenging Mercury, will make signals and communications harder to tune into, skewing what it is we do hear or think we do. Subjective interpretations amplify misunderstandings. As usual with Neptune, there is also a strong spiritual infusion if we are clear and quiet enough to hear its subtle, sweet wavelength. Any one with Sun, Moon or planets in the first half of Gemini will be feeling the challenge of fine-tuning their psychic reception antennae especially strongly.

 Because subtle energies are most efficacious with Neptune’s sensitivity, vibrational healing methods are a great aid to smooth our energy fields during these next few weeks. Lately I am enjoying essential oils and flower essences, all from the exquisite intelligence of Nature. Several orchid essences are particularly relevant for this Medusa Moon cycle, helping to differentiate some of the issues we will be facing [*see below]. Just reading about these essences evokes helpful perspectives on what we are experiencing as we confront dark, hidden, even scary corners of our psyches that we prefer to avoid. Avoidance, a typical Neptune trick, is not possible these days without uncomfortable repercussions.


BEAUTY is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER

VENUS in CANCER is making lovely music with Neptune, offering loving support and the finest of arts. Enjoy the beauty and scents of the spring or fall, whichever hemisphere you are in. Taurus revels in earthy scents, of dug up dirt or falling leaves. Enjoy all the good things in life. That is the Taurus way of embracing the best this world has to give. How sweet it is! Here’s Marvin Gaye live singing this iconic Motown song:


Saturn, though currently retrograde in SAGITTARIUS, is opposite this New Moon, and backs into Scorpio in just a few weeks for some important clean-up work. Another clear indicator of shadow issues, Saturn’s agenda further empowers the theme of embracing our shadow to dig out the gold buried beneath the surface. We have all summer to work on “turning lead (shadow) into gold (light of consciousness).

I’ll check in with you on the Full Moon for June 2 and see if you have been able to ferret out the hidden name of your Rumpelstiltskin who can spin straw into gold.



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I invite other essence practitioners to suggest flowers that address shadow issues relevant to this Medusa Moon cycle. I will share them in the next Cosmic News for the Full Moon.

EYE OF THE TIGER [Scaphosepalum anchoriferum from the highlands of Costa Rica and Panama] “Strongly energizing and yang, this essence is likely to be experienced in one of two ways. It will either bring strength and almost fierce focus to the solar plexus and heart chakras, as well as the ajana centre; or will be experienced as bringing joy and optimism. In either case it brings a strength of heart and a renewal of purpose to one’s day. Eye of the Tiger motivates one to confront hidden issues of the central body chakras, as well as confronting the same challenges externally. Its action then moves into the higher chakra domain.”


Scroll down to the three “shadow” essences.

SHADOW WARRIOR [Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis from Papua New Guinea] “helps to bring the shadow aspect of the psyche back into a certain balance within the overall psychological framework.”

SHADOW DESCENT [Bulbophyllum spiesii] “then takes one on a further, and vital step: that of becoming more familiar with and even accepting of one’s shadow side. Society normally asks us to avoid the shadow, and thereby all sorts of trouble is created. Avoiding or ignoring the shadow makes it grow stronger. The wisdom of Shadow Descent is in knowing that the very process of becoming familiar and at ease with one’s shadow aspect is also to bring about re-integration of the whole of the psyche, thereby strengthening the light of the soul. The shadow elements very naturally weaken by this process, and we emerge far healthier.”

SHADOW FACING [Dracula chimaera from Columbia] “Connects one with the Hoop of Nations, the Council of All Creatures. Here the mosquito and the moose, the sparrow and the eagle all have equal voice. Shamanic mystery is encountered with this orchid, which also invites you to face your deepest fears. Not to be taken lightly or whimsically.”