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NEW MOON, May 28, 2014 at 8 GEMINI
11:40am PDT, 2:40pm EDT, 7:40pm GMDKesslerGiraffe reticulated2, Samburu, Kenya

Image: Reticulated giraffe 2, Samburu, Kenya, photo by Cristina Kessler (More photos and info about her award-winning children’s books at

This New Moon opens a new dimension.
We look through the Bull’s Eye, as the star Aldebaran, the Eye of Taurus, the Bull, is aligned with 9 degrees Gemini. (Remember that the Zodiac signs in our Western system no longer line up with the constellations they were named for.)

Several planetary changes coordinate to shift the energies in an obvious way. Can we be open-minded and curious about what is possible “somewhere over the rainbow”? There is a whimsical, fantasia feeling to this New Moon, with impressionistic, watercolor and musical nuances. Indeed, this New Moon is in dynamic synch with the Dreamtime planet, Neptune. This is a day to take off, as possible, unless you are an artist. Laugh and play to relieve the stress that has accumulated. It’s one of those days to imagine your ideal future. Tomorrow (or the next day, or some day over the rainbow) we can think about how to get there.

NEPTUNE in PISCES impresses us with the feeling that we are immersed in a unified field of swirling photons. These subatomic particles gather round and manifest events according to electromagnetic interactions. We are each a vortex, each experiencing heightened potentialities opened by extraordinary cosmic influx. Mythical, magical, mystical experience infuses our daily lives. Love, romance and longing are in the air, like s subtle perfume.

This past week, we were alerted to a brand-new Giraffe meteor shower, leftovers from the 2004 Comet 209PLinear radiating from the section of the sky inhabited by the constellation Camelopardalis. This name apparently references a camel, but is generally called The Giraffe. Two days in a row my email box was filled with Giraffe medicine, first by the results of a Washington Post word play contest in which new words were made by changing just one letter of a dictionary word. “Giraffiti” was one new word, defined as “Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.” Hmm. Then an astronomical announcement arrived, written by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan:

Giraffe’s medicine includes seeing far into the future, the ability to reach things that are unreachable to others.
The giraffe is the tallest of all animals, growing up to 18 feet high, with a neck as long as 7 feet. Giraffe helps us see our lives at a higher perspective. This energy is about the need ‘to stick one’s neck out,’ taking risks by going further than we ever imagined possible.

“Giraffes legs are firmly planted on the earth, but their heads are in the sky they link heaven and earth. Their flexible necks let them see what is behind, next to and in front of them. This gives them the ability to know the future and understand the past.

“Giraffe says it is time to allow your foresight to lead the way. Your gut instincts and clairvoyance are telling you something. Listen to your heart. You have the gift of higher perception and inner awareness. Make your words count and share your awareness with others.”

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Cuspy VENUS and MERCURY both change sign the day after the New Moon, contributing a new vibration. Venus is coming through the vortex doorway of the South Node of the Moon in Aries, indicating adventurous initiatives. The South Node brings something that is standing at the karmic gateway, ready to burst forth. As Venus enters its earthy home sign of Taurus, these initiatives are more firmly planted. What are you tending to, intending to, attending to? Venus revels in the good things in life. How do you define these good things? This is a values clarification exercise in such times of systemic change in the economic system. That Sting song, “Fields of Gold,” is a good one to listen to, as Nature calls us to enjoy the Earth in its glory-full manifestations of fertility and abundance. No matter what season it is in your hemisphere, put your feet on the ground and walk it.

MERCURY leaves Gemini to cross the solstice cusp into subjective Cancer. Some meaty news will be reported in the next week or so.
Meanwhile, this New Moon gives us sloppy news, full of glossed-over, candy-coated sound bites and misinformation. Don’t believe most of it. In the U.S. there is an airing of the much-anticipated interview with whistle-blower Edward Snowden, bound to be a reality check for some, an opportunity to spin a reality show for others. Many of us are just not ready to deal realistically with stark circumstances in front of us quite yet.

Retrograde starting June 7 for the rest of the month, the celestial Messenger will trace a circle back around the solstice point. This particular Mercury retrograde cycle is best used to contemplate the personal implications of what we are doing. Progress is made, but carefully. Mid-month we have yet another reality-check in regards to financial and relationship issues. More substantial news simmers behind the scenes, likely to surface in July.

This is a party Moon for many who want to drown in drug or drink or imbibe other alternatives. Don’t get too distracted, or you are going to facing a lot more trouble than you want. Things are complicated enough right now as we make our way through the labyrinthine energies.

Consult your inner guidance. Grace is coming in strong. This Moon cycle is a good time for a spiritual retreat or vision quest. Vibrational sensitivity is increasing to a surprising level. Be kind to your self. Choose your company. We tune into each other’s vibes as naturally as we breathe the same air. Clarify your energy field. We can use the tetrahedron, a universal shape, made of two pyramids connected at their bases. Master teacher Jim Self ( gives a lovely technique. Start by clearly imagining roses on each side, in front and behind you, around arm height. Mine are all different colors and fragrances. Then connect the four roses to a point above your head and below your feet. You find yourself inside a cohesive, sweet-smelling tetrahedron. Rather than a defending boundary or protecting shield, we create a transparent crystalline field using natural sacred geometrics.

Remind yourself that things can change as fast as thought. Keep your mind on your highest vision, like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You might really find something that fits that description for you if you get out there and look for at it. The Arthurian myth about the Holy Grail deserves a reread. On the quest, the key question to be asked is, “What and whom does the Grail serve?” In a time that calls for service to the Earth, to others, to our ideas and universal truths, we need to be clear about our motivations. Wake up and smell the roses. Reach as high and see as far as Giraffe.