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Uranus in Taurus is zapping this New Moon head on, with an impact like earthquakes or lightning strikes that will stir up and shake up our world, energy fields and mental/emotional bodies. Uranus is a wake-up call. We can feel our planet quaking, and awakening with higher frequencies incoming— more than a bit shocking to our system. We are equally unsettled and feeling it deeply under this Scorpio New Moon.

New Moon @ 12 Scorpio 40
November 4, 2021, 5:14pm EDT, 2:14pm PDT, 9:14pm GMT,
November 5, 8:14am AEDT

The Fool, from Karen LaPuma’s new astrologically-infused Tarot deck, due out soon.

Radical Awakener Uranus in steady Taurus, is changing Earth and our home planet experience from Heaven to Earth and from the inside out. The rumblings are heightened during this whole Moon cycle. Expect our world—your world— to change in some way. Use your inner power to empower a positive outcome fueled with your positive, divinely inspired desire. We are more than invited, we are pushed to walk our talk into New Earth, even now evolving under our feet for those that can sense it. The Earth has her own timing, responding to cosmic necessity.

This is another powerful lunations of this extraordinary year. The ‘trend’ continues through the rest of this year, with the November 19 Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse; the December 3-4 New Moon Total Solar Eclipse; and the December 18 Full Moon (so near Solstice) aligned with the Galactic Center. Mercury and Venus are on the cusp of changing signs imminently, which we will notice immediately in our daily experience. Mercury enters Scorpio to reveal secrets that alter our thinking. Venus enters Capricorn, to where she will move and circle round all the way into March 2022, helping to redesign and improve what Pluto is taking apart and deconstructing.

During this Scorpio New Moon cycle, let go of the past and move into what calls out your highest excitement (a Uranian strategy). Maintain resilience to deny fear any hold on you. Be prepared to be shocked in some way or other—perhaps with the instant, serendipities that respond to your heart-felt gratitude.

Mars Infusion
Of all the moments this year, we have one of the most potent, with a Mars infusion so close to the New Moon with its activating dyamic most powerful in its own sign of Scorpio. Risk can bring rewards. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon suggest this, as does the presence of Mars:
13 Scorpio—An Inventor Performs a Laboratory Experiment
Apart from the technical and scientific implications of this image, there is a strong creative flair as well. One needs to have equipment prepared and procedures considered in advance. There is a plan, a theory and perhaps a desired outcome. It could be dangerous, with unexpected consequences. Things might need to be tweaked or changed along the way. Are we prepared? We enter unknown territory. We’ll never know unless we try! With Uranus opposite in Taurus, it could be a group endeavor. Let’s see what is suggested by the Uranus degree:
13 Taurus—A Porter Carrying a Mountain of Heavy Baggage
This doesn’t sound easy, like quite a burden. If we share the burden, it can become lighter. We need the right people, who can do the job and bear some weight. Who can you work with to get the job done?

The Red Planet plugs in to the major planetary interface of 2021— Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus is radically practical with suggestions that do not make rational sense, though Saturn insists on some logic to the upheaval, as well as some stepped-back objectivity. In order to let go, we need to detach. At a collective and personal levels, we may be traversing a huge underworld tunnel of fear in relation to the global situation or in our own personal experience. Like a Scorpionic serpent, we shed old patterns and past history, wriggling out of a dried and shrinking situations and limiting thought forms that do not allow us to expand into the new level of consciousness that beckons with a major paradigm shift. Who knew we would be so lucky to be born at a time like this!?

We may not all be feeling so lucky, but that’s part of the trick of it— to be grateful for such a soul-inspiring opportunity. Perhaps we have been waiting and preparing for lifetimes for such a moment!  Rise up and shine! What better season than Scorpio for such a transition. The depth of Scorpio is compelling and motiviating. What is motivating you? What do you most deeply desire? Awareness of this desire and making a conscious choice in relation to it is most important, leading to a recognition of how to manifest it. Uranus in Taurus will come through if your Higher Mind is in agreement. Saturn in Aquarius requires responsibility and a level of detachment in order to succeed.

With three of the fixed signs at play—Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius— we look to Leo, the fourth fixed sign to complete the energy needed for fulfilment. Last weekend, during the 53rd annual conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, I tuned in to this fourth corner of the Grand Square and found a cosmic factor than completes the pattern. [The conference was a good experience, by the way, a hybrid experience both in person and online. The organizers did an amazing job. In the next few weeks, the website will have all talks listed to purchase.]

Varuna, Vedic God of Cosmic Order
At 6 degrees Leo, this KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) makes it all happen. I find this newly discovered realm of our solar system to be a very exciting arena, indicating the current consciousness shift. Thus I am quite excited when any of these new bodies shows up, in a current planetary pattern or in an astrology session. Lately I have not been paying much attention to Varuna, though it was one of the first KBOs that I studied. Just as Sun and Mars moved into Scorpio, this ancient Vedic god, now in Leo, made its presence known to me as participating in the Uranus-Saturn square. With all four fixed signs occupied, we see a Grand Square, one of the most potent of astrological patterns—a dynamically interaction of oppositions and squares, digging deeper, as fixed signs do, to unfold more of what is possible. As we focus on this dynamic, we can raise it to a fuller level of consciousness awareness and experiential manifestation.

Earth sign Taurus
digs down like the roots of a tree for deeper sustenance and stability so the tree can grow more fully above ground. Trees can live a long time when the roots have room and good ground. Our body loves the Earth.
Air sign Aquarius
taps into a higher mindfulness realm of knowledge, perception and perspective,
to align with universal mind.
Water sign Scorpio
dowses deep underground waters and subatomic realms
where rich minerals, inner resources and life’s mysteries revitalize.
Fire sign Leo
has strong creative verve inspired by the solar life force, radiant source of light.

Most of the KBOs are named for indigenous creator gods, so Varuna in naturally creative Leo evokes a heightened response of life force, with a theme of honoring the divine order and moral integrity of the universe. Varuna’s 21st ‘coming of age’ discovery anniversary (its birth in our consciousness) is coming up on November 28. Slow-moving with a 283-year orbit, Varuna entered Leo from 2016-18 and will remain in this sign until 2041-43. Do you have any planets in Leo that will be visited by Varuna during this time?

“Wind is his breath, the stars his eyes”
For a better introduction, along creative lines, I found a piece of writing I started and share here to give a better sense of this very early Vedic god. I will prepare to upload a fuller version on my website’s AstroMythology section. Varuna’s involvement with this New Moon adds a special, fulfilling element, which makes it a good time to mention it. With the extraordinary potential of these KBOs, we rising into quantum consciousness at a rapid, deep clip!

Thousands upon thousands of years ago in ancient India, so long ago we hardly can remember, VARUNA was known as the most powerful of the great, great grandfather gods. He is maker and upholder of heaven and earth, king of gods and men, Lord of the Universe. With unlimited knowledge and intuitive sight, he knows everything there was, is and will be. He rules over the rivers, lakes, oceans and the underwater worlds with sea creatures great and small, from the tiniest baby turtle to the great white whale and the giant, deep sea squid. He knows all the mermaids and mermen by name. He sends the rains that fall from the celestial arch of the heavens.

“He knows the pathways of the wind.”

So it is written in the Rig Veda, an ancient holy book of India. The wind is Varuna’s breath, called prana, the life force. He gently blows the birds in their flight along the river of stars in the sky. Varuna is the God of Cosmic Harmony. He is in charge of making sure everything—each star and planet, every animal and human being, every flower fairy and tiniest drop of the sea—is in its right place at the right time, fulfilling its true purpose.

Vedic gods ride on various animals and birds. Varuna rides on a ‘makara’, a kind of crocodile with a head that could change into an elephant or a deer when on land. Sometimes the scales on its hard tail turn into peacock feathers, fanning out with a thousand eyes. This way Varuna keeps his eye on everyone and sees that all is in order. He also looks through the stars in the sky like windows to watch the around the world as the Earth turns from day to night and circles the Sun through the seasons.

Varuna sees everything that goes on, and knows all our secret thoughts. He is in charge of making sure everyone is telling the truth, and punishes selfish people who are not honest, who lie or cheat for their own gain. When he sees someone misuse the creative power of the Universe, he tosses out his snaky lasso to rope that outlaw around the neck and make him see the righteous path. Under Varuna’s law of Celestial Harmony, power is to be used for the good of all humans and creatures, so that the Earth will prosper and be a good place to live.  Varuna can be very strict and severe, frightening and wrathful toward people who break the law. He sends his makara to scare them. However, if they recognize they have done wrong and make up for it, he will forgive them. But those persons better not do it again or else the makara will eat them for sure!

Varuna is a good ally to have at this time, if you are upright and heart-centered. He works well with Uranus, another sky god; perhaps they share certain themes and archetypal resonances…?

We see that Varuna is a sky god, but also became the god of all waters—rain, lakes, rivers, the seas—and perhaps the cosmic ‘sea’. There are many constellations associated with waters—Pisces the Fish; Delphinus, the Dolphin; the river of Eridanus; Cetus, the whale or sea monster; Water Bearing Aquarius, crossing the sky like clouds that carry water and let it pour down where it will or where it is needed. Maybe that is the connection between sky and water.

Recently I came across an interview with Hopi Elder Vernon Masayesva, who spoke of this connection and our times in a voice resonant with Varuna’s wisdom:

“Science and mythology were intertwined, then they separated. Now I think water is the bridge that will bridge us back together again and I see a lot of hope in that….
We are already going into another paradigm called quantum mechanics, quantum physics. That is what Hopi always taught. We are part of the hydraulic cycle; we are intertwined with Nature. We are not separated, we are connected to every living thing, not just here on the planet, earthly planet, but down at the bottom of the oceans, the cosmos, the universe….the upper world, the cosmos sea, the home of the cloud people.
That’s where you go when your physical body dies here on earth. Then the liquid inside your body evaporates and it joins, ascends to the cloud people. And there we rest, and we come back as rain, as snow, bringing water to nature…We replenish the lakes, the aquifers. We’re on our journey back home to the sea…

“Water is one element that’s indestructible. It cannot be destroyed.
It is a living spirit, it is our connection to the Creator, the Great Spirit…
Water reacts to our energy, our emotions, to our prayers.
That is a fundamental Hopi belief,
that water is sacred, it is spiritual, it is powerful…
I think there’s hope because we have these abilities, this power
gifted by the Creator. We need to use it, but use it in the right way—
to sustain life, to bring harmony back to Earth, to bring holiness back to Earth,
which I believe is the mission of mankind.”

On this water sign Scorpio New Moon,
this is a timely message reminding us how to use our God-given power in service of Earth.

* * * * * * * *