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Mid-April’s Full Moon highlights the transformational intensity of Pluto, with this deep under-the-surface influence placed as a pivot between the Sun and Full Moon. Another turning point moment unfolds as the Moon wanes. Watch the undertow of the outgoing wave, pulling sand— and sandcastles— back into the sea. At the same time, ripples of the new wave are incoming over the top of the undertow, hitting the shore with the frothy shimmering of KBO Salacia. This month’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces adds to the huge wash of waves, revealing what has been behind the veil of illusion. Mercury with Uranus surprise us with revelations, unexpected news and new perspectives on life!

Full Moon @26 Libra-Aries 46
April 16, 2022 @2:55pm EDT, 11:55am PDT,
7:55pm BST, 6:55am AEST

One of the Haumea slides used on many of my webinars on KBOs, with some basic astronomical info and suggested themes. Locate your Haumea sign using the abbreviated ephemeris box.

Full Moon conjunct Haumea
Haumea, the Hawai’ian goddess of fertility and birthing, is conjunct this Full Moon in Libra, bringing light to the potent potentials in quantum consciousness. Haumea gestates and manifests new life forms, new frequencies, new ways of living and, especially in Libra, new ways of relating and cooperating with each other. The Sun in Aries ignites pioneering ideas from feisty Eris, conjunct the Sun. “Come with me,” she dares, to blaze new trails.”

This Full Moon highlights the ongoing T-square of Haumea in Libra, Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto was the first discovered Kuiper Belt Object, though not initially recognized as such. Based on the discovery of Pluto’s moon, Charon, astronomer Alan Stern predicted the eventual discovery of a third planetary realm with more Pluto-like ice balls beyond Neptune. Clyde Tombaugh was the astronomer who located remote Pluto in 1930. In his 1980 book, Out of the Darkness: The Planet Pluto (co-authored by Patrick Moore), he wrote:

“Its nature is more strange than ever. Its status as an object is engulfed in mystery.
Everything about Pluto was unexpected. One can only speculate
on what new things will be learned about Pluto in the future.”

We are in that future is now, with many new such planetoids being discovered, including Haumea and Eris. Pluto is basically a double planet, in a dance with its large companion moon Charon. Haumea has two moons— Hi’iaka, the Hula goddess, and Namaka, a powerful mermaid who throws water at the fiery volcanic lava from their other sister Pele. The lava cools and forms new land.

We are collectively giving birth and exploring new lands, inspired by the potentials of this new realm and the intriguing archetypes being tapped by their naming. This T-square, empowered once again under this Full Moon, exposes the faulty foundation and corrupt motivations of the outgoing systems and structures inside of which we have been living for decades, centuries or even millennia. Let us not forget the major 2012 Solstice turning point, followed by many others that contribute to the new emerging paradigm.

Pluto is burrowing down into the 29th degree of Capricorn all the way into June, as it slows and turns retrograde at the end of this month.
29 Capricorn— A Woman Reading Tea Leaves
This is a major time of prophetic import. We can see the signs everywhere if we know how to read them. Tap into your intuitive knowing to guide you through the Plutonian process in the coming few months. We each have our own rare and precious experience of the world, mirroring to us what it is we need to let go of and how to step in to what empowers us to shine our light and fulfill our life purpose.  As the old paradigm crumbles, your heart knows and shows the way. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction has amplified our subtle perceptions. Note the clues that your heightened sensitivity and psychic attunement are showing you. Listen and believe!
[Just for fun, I am imagining Haumea as the Woman Reading Tea Leaves!]

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus
Unexpected, even shocking news changes the ground game, requiring more attention to the basics— food, shelter, water. This conjunction is a cosmically-charged follow up that ramps up the Mercury/ Chiron conjunction that accompanied the April 1 New Moon, “for a fresh, new paradigm that opens our minds to new ways of thinking. Perhaps solar flashes open new neural pathways, igniting new perceptions that alter our experience beyond former beliefs,” as I wrote in my last Cosmic News.

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is dissolving (Neptune) various outmoded beliefs (Jupiter)
that don’t synch with our experience.
Can you belief the testimony of your senses?
Do you believe what you see? Or see what you believe?
Time to give option #2 a try! The KBOs support this option.

High Tide with Jupiter/Neptune
The extraordinary wave of the Jupiter/Neptune alignment, exact on April 12, continues to wash through with fresh frequencies on its incoming tide. How are you experiencing this subtle yet amplified energy? Continue to allow yourself to be cleansed in the waterfall of this rare and precious wave of Grace and Goodness through the rest of this month. Jupiter moves into Aries (already!) on May 10, though will revisit Pisces, bringing in and taking out the tide yet again in late October through to December Solstice.
Heads up— This will be quite an interesting tidal shift, with Mars turning retrograde in Gemini at the same time, to square Jupiter.

A news note I heard on April 12 reported that Neptune’s atmosphere is thinning, and temperatures are dropping rapidly, except for a hot spot at its south pole. What is going on with Neptune? Is it exhibiting the impact of the plasma/ photon waves from the galactic ocean? I need to research this a bit more, but such news certainly caught my ear on the day of the conjunction!

A reminder from last Cosmic News that the conjunction @24 Pisces, evokes this Sabian Symbol image:
The Tiny Island Seems Lost in the Broad Ocean, but Its Happy Inhabitants Have Created a Great World All Their Own.
We really are discovering new lands and creating a new world together. Saturn urges us to find our people to create community with. Compatible frequencies make work into play.

This is an unprecedented time as we set sail into undiscovered cosmic seas.


We stand on a large flat rock,
Pounded concave,
An ancient stone holding our feet firm
While pools whirl around us.
Where a willow bends to the earth,
Healing us with its yielding grace,
A waterfall rushes over its edge, seeking the sea.
We are cleansed in the falling force of it.
Its electrical song sears our invisible bodies.
A sword of water knights our souls.

We are contained,
Rooted and dancing on a live molten egg,
Shell shimmering in stellar rays
That curve through space
Shower us with ash, cosmic dust,
The blessing that wounds,
A vital death that sifts the sleeping core
Of a seed suspended
At the cliff of night.

 A shaft thrusts into the ground.
A spring sprouts forth
And rounds itself in motion seaward.
The yearly circle sounds
A series of knells
As planets frequent the moon,
Mirror to Earth’s star.
These twin lights gather the sky,
Penetrating the rhythm of our breath.
Bonded they sail the tides,
Moving us to and from the shore.

* * * * * * * * *