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March 16, 1:09pm EDT, 11:09am PDT, 5:09pm GMT

Image: Sri Yantra with night-blooming Cereus. Geometry of the Goddess at the heart of life. Photo by author.

The high light of this close-to-Equinox Full Moon invites us to appreciate the natural flow of time/space (Pisces) and the rhythms of Nature (Virgo) in the aftermath of an intense week. Rare influences are at play. The spiritual depth of this Full Moon offers us a sense of being anchored in a safe harbor. Seek your sanctuary in whatever way makes sense for you—in Nature, in your heart or a combination of the two. Can you feel a deep indwelling certainty that all is well, that you have what you need? Count the synchronicities. Let the flow guide you as you allow details to fall naturally into place. Experience how effortless it can be. Don’t let mental rationality interfere with the moment, or let anyone talk you out of what you are experiencing from inside out. It can be hard to explain the nuances of what is happening. Don’t try. Remember that Beatles’ song and LET IT BE. It’s all here and now.

The best of Pisces is a spiritual upliftment and sense of communion with the cosmos. Virgo has an exquisitely fine responsiveness to Earth energy. (I don’t know about you, but I found the earlier daylight savings shift here in the U.S. to be somewhat of a shock, so unnatural.) This Moon offers an experience of the union of spirit and matter, Mater, Mother Earth. The Unified Field is a mathematically-proven concept now, thanks to Nassim Haramein, a leading edge physicist who articulates the exciting implications of this realization both in terms of consciousness and practical applications, such as open source energy. I’ve been finding this material so fascinating, especially the beautiful geometries, the Flower of Life and the 64-point fusion of 8 star tetrahedrons, an I Ching-compatible grid that can divide or expand infinitely in fractals. It looks a lot like the Sri Yantra above. Haramein, one of the rare mystical scientists, is delightful to listen to, with a great spirit and sense of humor.
Here are two youtubes that are a good introduction to his consciousness- and ground-breaking work:
Science Behind the Unified Field and Its Applications:

Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields:
And you can also visit the website:

Along with the Sun and Moon at the far edge of Pisces and Virgo, several other cuspy planets are about to move into a new sign. Are you feeling the energy shift? MERCURY moves out of Aquarius into Pisces on the 17th, back to where it was when it plunged us into a retrograde merry-go-round at the beginning of February. Again for a week or so, our rationality goes walk-about, short-circuited by altered perceptions that question our sense of dissolving reality, already compromised in this New Moon that began March. Let’s make it through our collective encounter with the March hare without going mad, neither crazy mad nor angry mad. If we thought last month was mind-blowing, what will we make of this one (AND the next one)? We are called to experience the implications of quantum living. Isn’t this thrilling

This is a kindly Full Moon, without a lot of angst—as long as you can flow with it. With Mars and Saturn now retrograde, we are in a slowed-down, internalizing phase. RETROGRADE MARS in Libra is sitting on the Dragon Head, the North Node of the Moon. Karmic justice is being administered, altering the playing field. Let’s participate in the cycle by reconsidering what is the best way to proceed. We need to take into account what is fair to everyone, to address some of the extreme imbalances in our social structures. When it comes down to it, there are a few basics that we all need. As we examine all our relationships— the key relationship is with our own inner being— including those near and dear to us, our neighbors both close to home and globally, with animals, plants, all living creatures, with the environment and with the universe, with life itself—all the interconnected energy that vibrates between us is activated and open to input and an infusion of love.

From Astrologer Malvin Artley wrote some good stuff about this MARS Retrograde:
What is the best way forward? Well, if we don’t know now, then we will soon have to make a choice, because the other planets involved in the great cross—Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto—will either hand us an ultimatum, in a way of speaking, or show us a way forward if we can seize the opportunity. The point is, we always have a choice as to how we handle things. If we choose to focus on the negative, then we will get the ultimatum. If we choose to act according to the best and highest within us, then we will be shown a doorway into a better future.
If there is one lesson to take away from the Mars retrograde period (which began on March 2, 2014 and continues until 20 May), it is this: Do not let things fester in your consciousness. If there is something gnawing at you, get to the root of it and be done with it. Our lives are only very short in the larger scheme of things, and to let other people’s pettiness or our own shortsightedness get the better of us wastes what precious time and lets whatever opportunities we do have slip away from us…. Mars is conjunct the north node, calling us to re-examine our relationships and coaxing us forward into new ways of thinking, at the same time upsetting our sense of comfort with the world as we have known it—and this is a good thing.

RETROGRADE SATURN in Scorpio churns deep waters and deep feelings in the process of working through and letting go of psychological blocks, pushing past resistances and fears that limit our experience. Can we carry on this examination with a dispassionate and compassionate approach and without being too hard on ourselves or others? We are all in this extraordinary process of paradigm shift together.

JUPITER is offering increasing opportunities to grow into what we need to move forward in the fullest, richest way. Preparing the material on Jupiter for last week’s webinar (see, I was surprised to realize I haven’t been paying much attention to the BIG Planet. There are really good articles on Jupiter in The Mountain Astrologer magazine December-January. One of the themes that caught my attention was that Jupiter has to do with our contribution to the society. Now in Cancer, it may be bringing to our attention what it is that we have to give. In small and larger ways, we each make a contribution.

In resonant alignment with Sun and Full Moon Black Moon Lilith radiates from the subtle aethers. The invisible second center of the Moon’s orbit around the Sun (and therefore intimately connected to the Earth-Moon system, the Black Moon is often considered a negative influence. If you are coming from ego, yes, Black Moon will allow you to trip up over your own two feet. “She” points out how make our own mistakes, through blindedness caused by the veils between spirit and matter. To a large extent this is caused by our limited mental perception and embedded, limiting belief systems. With a Mona Lisa smile, Black Moon subtly suggests that we let go into a more spacious Truth of life—and death. Especially because this Full Moon is in Nature-resonant sign of Virgo, the Black Moon enhances our experience of the Earth’s innate intelligence, the Anima Mundi, Soul of the World. Perhaps Black Moon Lilith is like a Black Whole (as Haramein calls it) that invites all the light into itself. Like the 13th faerie, Black Moon Lilith, invites herself to the party because everyone else is afraid to. Black Moon is fearless, beyond judgment, as she takes us through our own fears and judgments into spacious Buddha mind.

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