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Image: Neptune & Salacia from Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book.



There is a new mermaid in the sky, sweet and salty and strong. She is Salacia, Neptune’s Queen. She is the goddess of the calm, sunlit sea, sparkling as if reflecting the stars in the sky. You see her in the shafts of sunlight that penetrate down into the water, rippling and shimmering. Salacia laughs and sings her sweet, seductive song as she plays with dolphins. Not simply sweet, she is a little salty, too. She feels things deeply, questioning emotional interplay from a place of steady self-honoring. You prove yourself with her. She knows her worth and keeps her council. These qualities inform her astrological signature.

When Neptune was courting her, she thought the King of the Sea was not serious, so she went away. Neptune sent a dolphin to convince her that his love was in earnest, and she returned. Neptune is the furthest classical planet, discovered in 1846. Salacia, discovered in 2004, is one of the many newly discovered objects in the remote solar system, most likely a dwarf planet. It orbits farther out than Neptune, but comes back closer periodically. It’s orbit is 271 years, contrasted to Neptune’s 165 years. Salacia has one moon, Actaea, named for a sea nymph. Apparently Neptune and Salacia had a baby mermaid!

Salacia entered the fire sign of Aries in 2016, welcoming Chiron in 2018, and will shimmer in this fire sign into 2041. Let your mermaid or merman find your wavelength and go with it. Be adventurous. Feel how fluid the energy can be when you tune in. Follow the sparkles, like a path of silver, on Salacia’s sunlit sea.

Listen to a brief discussion about Salacia with myself and astrologer Lalita Karoli: