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February 20-March 20, 2023
We push off into this lunar cycle with Sun/Moon in early Pisces, as if sailing into a Sea of Dreams, into uncharted waters that defy what we used to call ‘reality’. As the New Moon waxes into crescent visibility, it encounters mythic currents of the heart-lifting Neptune/Venus conjunction in later Pisces. This glorious conjunction, like a spiritual wave of Grace guiding the ship, is a beautiful augur for our journey. Foggy though the seascape may be at times, with no land in sight, and some rough ocean waves ahead, if we follow our hearts we will find the ‘Promised Land.’

Pisces Moon, by Australian artist Sue Blake, 2018. While her website is being regenerated, you can email her about her art at

Moons & Mythos #7, which amplifies implications lunar cycle, is now up on Davyd Farrell’s youtube channel.

New Moon @1Pisces22
February 19, 2023 @ 11:05pm PST
February 20, 2023 @ 2:05am EST, 7:05am GMT, 6:05pm AEDT

New Moon in Pisces: Sea Dreams

As we begin this Moon cycle, Venus, astrologically exalted in Pisces, stands on the cusp, at 29 Pisces 57 degrees, as if blessing the new Lunar cycle. Then, just moments after the New Moon clicks in, the Goddess of Love moves into Aries, to evoke one of my favorite Sabian Symbols:

@ 0+Aries: A Woman Rises from the Sea, Embraced by a Seal.

Mythic indeed. Celtic lore tells of Seal Woman, who steps from her sea skin for love of a man, and later must go through many trials to retrieve her skin and return home to the sea. [There is a beautiful retelling in Sharon Blackie’s If Women Rose Rooted.] Something about this story relates to our collective Sea Journey in this Moon cycle, as the cycle begins and ends with this image. A yearning in our souls reminds us of our origins in water and our close kinship with water creatures. Let’s see how our experience unfolds over the next month.

That last degree of Pisces is also the last degree of the zodiac, leading us across the Aries ‘zero point,’ and the annual ‘reset’ at March Equinox to be highlighted on the next New Moon @0+ Aries with that same Sabian Symbol ignited yet again. Hit the ReFresh button! From now until then, let’s remember that.

Venus, poised on the Pisces/Aries cusp, is conjunct Manwe, a new millennium planetoid in the quantum realm of the Kuiper Belt. Pluto is on the front edge of this wide river of newly discovered icy objects, most named for indigenous creator deities. Manwe is an archangelic figure in Tolkien’s pre-Middle Earth creation story, who is head of a team of high-dimension beings that comes to Earth to manifest the vision of the Creator. Manwe has been circling the Aries point for the last year or so, now at 0+Aries, also invoking the Woman Rising from the Sea. Manwe remembers the original codes of Earth designed by the Great Creator.

Mercury in Aquarius on this New Moon, especially as it is dynamically influenced by Uranus in Taurus (they are in a square) can have a logical, higher mind perspective that sees the bigger picture from above the clouds that block the Sun from below. Practical, on the ground social involvement gets into the nitty-gritty here. We need to come together to deal with problems and changes that may come up suddenly. There is a celebratory undercurrent in neighborly collaboration even through such troubled times.

Earth is Awakening” is one way to interpret Uranus in Taurus. An extraordinary influx of cosmic waves of photonic plasma light is washing through our solar system. All living beings are impacted, called to embody this light in order to harmonize with Earth and her evolution. Plants and animals, crystals and subterranean mycelium are all rising in vibration— like that Woman Rising from the Sea. The Moon will be in Taurus conjunct Uranus on February 25.

Waxing Moon
Aries freshness energizes this Moon cycle. The Moon shortly enters Aries on the 22nd to conjunct Venus. Venus stimulates emotional expression, artistry, aesthetic, delight, comfort and joy in our experience. She will have wonderful run of emotional rendezvous on:

February 24 with Asteroid Vesta, Keeper of the Sacred Flame @5+ Aries.
I have not been mentioning the goddess asteroids much lately. As Vesta is a Light Bringer, like Salacia, and is in this Aries fire sequence she clearly deserves a mention. Vesta tends the sacred flame, inner light, calm and introspective. “Vesta brings the concept of our own inner hearth fire and our capacity for healing and wholeness – being complete in ourselves,” write Tamsin St. George and Lorraine Grayston.
[They are who are offering an upcoming series for those who want more on the four asteroid goddesses in the context of the current reawakening of the Cosmic Feminine [].

February 28 with Salacia, another quantum planetoid @7+Aries— welcoming shimmering waves of higher frequency light; Here is a song suggestion for this quantum Light Bringer: All the Diamonds in the World by Bruce Cockburn.

“All the diamonds in this world that mean anything to me
Are conjured up by wind and sunlight sparkling on the sea.”

March 1 with Jupiter @9+Aries. These two brightest planetary diamonds in the night sky will amplify love-wisdom in our hearts.

March 3-4 with Chiron @13+Aries.  A critical moment of emotional healing invites us into the Now, the Present moment, where we are most vibrantly alive. The shamanic quality of feminine healing, centered in Self-clarity, brings relational at-one-ness in spiritual/mental/emotional/physical alignment, first with Self, then with loved ones. Open-hearted Love is the healing.

This week of Venus conjunctions with Light Bringers and Wisdom Keepers is likely to be quite extraordinary as we sail further into uncharted seas and blaze new trails, led by Love. If this sounds fairy tale, it won’t feel like that ‘on the ground,’ as the seas may be quite choppy and stormy along the way, the road rough and bumpy. That is all the more reason to allow our hearts and creative intuition to lead the way. The Universe has a far more cosmic imagination than we can think of and speaks to our intuition and heart. I admit to being a (mostly) positive-minded Sagittarian. I feel that staying positive is one of the most important ways we can contribute in these chaotic, confusing and often dark times. This kind of mental strength can save the day.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo, strongly supports this fiery Venusian expression, adding another soul-sourced essence of the Cosmic Feminine.

The ‘monkey’ mind, stimulated by Mars—still in Gemini!— can be tricky, as if we are two-minded, with many voices vying to be heard. The New Moon immediately squares Mars on the 21st and then conjuncts Mars on March 2, bringing this to our attention, potentially exacerbating our nervous systems. Too much, too fast?

As this New Moon waxes, our sea journey continues and we enter a new phase: Mercury is about to enter Pisces and so is Saturn. Pluto will shortly enter Aquarius, for the first time since the 1790s. Such a major shift in the collective consciousness Are you ready? Are we ready? We are navigating this together.

Full Moon @16 Virgo/Pisces 40
March 7, 2023 @7:40am EST, 4:40am PST, 12:40pm GMT, 11:40pm AEST

Saturn into Pisces
The culmination of this lunar cycle ignites a major series of changes, starting with Saturn at 29 Aquarius 59!—the brink of Pisces. Saturn has not changed sign since its notable conjunction with Jupiter on December Solstice 2020. Our job has been to test out and shape the new social context as we open out into new post-covid interaction. What is working and what is not? is Saturn’s basic question. Personally, how are you defining your experience with social interactions? How has your life changed in that regard? What constrictions and limitations are in harmony with your sense of the larger situation? and what are you chafing against to free up and claim your individual experience?

Saturn in Pisces is an odd-sounding transit. Structured water! How does Saturn define and shape experience in the boundless ocean of all-inclusiveness, compassion and empathy? How do we make our Piscean dreams into reality? What is the difference between dream and what we call ‘reality’ in the midst of heightened awareness of subtle energetic fields and frequency shifts? We are about to move further into uncharted waters. Saturn rounds the Sun every 29-30 years. If you have Saturn in Pisces, you are having a Saturn return in the next two years. With experience of how to manage this energy tucked under your belt, how do you bring it to the next level?  With Uranus in Taurus, we are being called to ground and embody higher consciousness energy, as is Earth/Gaia herself. Saturn ups the ante in this major ‘project’: Go with the flow, navigating the rapids along the way.

A good strategy with a Full Moon in Virgo is to consult your body in terms of what it needs to function at its best. With Mars— still in Gemini!— squaring both Full Moon and Sun, health concerns may center around the nervous system, as mentioned above. Calm ruffled nerves by turning off media, spending more time in Nature listening to the wind and waves, the birds and bees, the language of trees and animals. Let your pets offer their wisdom. All living beings are being uplifted in frequency, amplifying levels of communication, through subtle wave lengths, through heart communion and spiritual guidance. We realize more and more deeply how intimately all life is interwoven with the Universe. How awesome! how glorious! Appreciate the Beauty of Life and melt into it.

Quantum planetoid Orcus conjuncts this Full Moon in Virgo. An Etruscan underworld deity, rather like Pluto, Orcus is concerned with oaths and agreements, whether we are honoring those agreements or not, how such agreements can bind us on some level, be it from past lives, family ancestry or the collective consciousness. Physical discomfort and symptomology can be a result. This theme is pronounced through this year and next, as Saturn confronts Orcus.  We are entering a new era; many of these oaths are no longer viable, relevant or sustainable. We need to make new agreements in alignment with the larger ‘signs of the times.”

How do we do this? There are many healing protocols that address this. Consider The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz; the ‘Wholeness Alignment’ protocol of Sue Cimino [], or other guides to help disentangle these threads.
Your body will be relieved, as will your nervous system and your soul.

A potent sequence of planetary dynamics offers a perfect opportunity to further this work:
On March 11-12—a fairly rare conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron @14+Aries has deep healing potential. Being Here Now, we have increasing demonstrations of this interwoven tapestry of life. Delight in synchronicities. Here is one in the Sabian Symbol for 15 Aries:
“An Indian is Silently but Deftly Weaving a Basket in the Light of the Setting Sun”
Small differences seem petty in front of this deeper ground of being.

March 14-15-16-17-18— the famous (or infamous) Ides of March likely become momentous in multiple ways. What a week! A big square dance keeps things moving and shifting: keep up or get off the merry-go-round.
The Sagittarius Moon in Sagittarius seeking the larger universal stories behind rapid fire news, opposing Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini. Mars squares the annual conjunction of Sun/Neptune. Mercury conjuncts Sun in Pisces.
It’s all a little overwhelming and likely confusing. What to believe? Don’t let your mind drive you crazy. That’s where your heart comes in. Find another angle, another approach. Find your resonance. Fine tune your channel to eliminate the static and find a playlist that stirs your soul. Are you receiving downloads from the Cosmos through day dreams or night dreams? Ground, ground, ground.

We can certainly anticipate that Venus, no lazybones in Aries, will get in on the action:

March 12— Venus square KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) Eris, the contentious sister of Mars, who does what it takes to clear the air, no matter who she offends.

March 16— Venus at the far edge of Aries opposite Pluto at the far edge of Capricorn.
(What’s up with all these edgy, cuspy planets this month?! So much change afoot!)
This is a major financial indicator. We surely know ‘something’s gotta give’.
Keep your own values clear and shore up your resources. Losses may be regained for some. A new abundance may start to flow in the near future.

Et Voila! The waning Moon brings us to the March Equinox gateway.
March 19— Mercury enters 0+Aries
March 20— Sun enters 0+Aries
March 21— New Moon at 0+Aries
There she is again and again and again! Remember the Sabian Symbol for 0+Aries:
A Woman Rises from the Sea Embraced by a Seal.
The re-arising of the Cosmic Feminine, a Sea Change for our world in ways we can hardly imagine.

And right away:
March 22— Moon conjuncts Jupiter/Chiron (see above)
March 23— Pluto enters Aquarius!!!!  (not since the 1790s!)
March 25— Mars enters Cancer, finally leaving Gemini.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in human evolution.
In fact, no sitting back; we are here to c-create it!
Get on the wavelength!
Are you in?