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Creative Astrology Presentations

Astrology and the Art of Imagination

Astrology is an intuitive science. From a base of astronomical data, we give witness to human experience. The art of astrological interpretation involves our intuition and imagination, a layer of knowing beyond rational logic. Through discussion and various activities we tap into this intuitive capacity. Forget the math, put aside your ephemeris. This is a time to refresh your astrological imagination, using such creative means as storytelling, dialogue, Sabian symbols, color, collage, sound, movement and poetry applied to your own chart.

A Walk Around Your Birthchart

In a large zodiac circle we will move through our birthcharts, planet by planet, exploring the meaning of each placement with others we encounter along the way. Good for all levels of astrology knowledge. Also works well as an ice-breaker for a full workshop day or conference weekend.

Exploring Transits Through Astrodrama

Bringing transits to life through dramatizing current planetary patterns and transits to our own natal placements. For actors and audience, the dialogues and interactions are bound to be fun, revelatory and beyond rational expectations.

Planet Masks

A 3-hour mask-making workshop to express and explore personal astrological energies, a very powerful process. This can be extended into a full-day to play with the masks, further exploring their character and their relation to horoscope dynamics. Maximum of 20 participants.

Mandala Art and the Horoscope

The mandala is a sacred art form used in many cultures. A circle like the horoscope, a mandala is a focused expression of the inner journey. We will create personal mandalas, letting your inner self spontaneously intepret your chart, and then look at them in relation to our horoscopes, especially as a reflection of current transits.

Planet Dances

Experience the energy of the planets through music and movement, based on planet walks developed by the Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Descent to Pluto--Earth Mysteries Play

a half-day playshop How do we enter and find our way out of the underworld during a Pluto transit? In order to imagine transformational possibilities, we will create our own version of the classical myth of Pluto, Persephone and Demeter which was at the core of the Eleusinian mysteries. We┬╣ll recast the three major figures as well as Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, Saturn, the Wailing Shades and others.