Depth Astrology, AstroMythology & the Cosmic Feminine


Planetary News Report

A cosmic report on the times we live in and the skies we live under, with Kelley’s special blend of astronomy, astrology and myth. What is the universe asking of us ? We get to the story behind the headlines by considering current planetary cycles, both shorter and longer. We apply this overview to each sign of the zodiac as well as planetary generations.

Stories in the Stars: Astrology, Astronomy and Myth

A journey deep into and beyond our 12-sign zodiac to explore constellations and fixed stars that form the backdrop of our planetary cycles. Drawing on research from ancient and modern astrology, astronomy and myth, this introduction to whole sky astrology offers a enriched palette to inspire our astral imaginations, extend our astrological interpretations and even re-vision the signs of our times.

Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine Path of Self-Awakening

We can feel the arising of the divine feminine, invoking a qualitative, sometimes challenging, change in our values and experience. We astrologically explore the interplay of three essential factors—Moon, Venus and Black Moon Lilith— that illumine the uniquely feminine path of psycho-spiritual consciousness in both women and men. This is not a sequential path of development; rather it conveys something about your particularly personal dance with the goddess.

The foundational MOON describes our basic mother/family matrix that sets up our automatic, subconscious programming. Our VENUS emotional heart intelligence is continually evolving, enhanced by her extraordinarily aesthetic retrograde cycles. BLACK MOON LILITH is less known, but increasingly compelling for her evocation of soul mysteries and subtle nuances of dark goddess wisdom. We will explore the meaning of each of these factors, separately and together, considering their impact on the choices we make in our lives and relationships.

The Four Faces of Lilith*

(can be offered as a workshop continuation of the previous talk) Lilith, an ancient, banished goddess, returns to remind us of our origins, deep desires and the power of feminine spirituality. This offering begins with a provocative performance created from a variety of sources: Sumerian myth, the Gnostic Gospels, the Song of Solomon, modern literature and astrological research. The discussion which follows introduces the four Liliths in astrology–asteroid, Dark Moon, Black Moon and star, related to various states of consciousness and soul-felt issues that are both deeply personal and healing to our world. *See separate web section on Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine.

Pluto and the Underworld Mysteries

The underworld journey, at the heart of ancient mystery schools and shamanic journeying, is one of the deep soul tasks of our time, especially since Pluto was discovered in 1930.  Drawing on perspectives from astronomy, social history, psychology, myth and astrology, we look at the meaning this remote and mysterious planet of the 20th century from a variety of perspectives— through astronomy and astrology, mythic psychology and social history .Where are we in this journey today?

Planetary Generations

The three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, spend a number of years in a sign, defining generational tasks and indicating changes in human consciousness–as outmoded ideas to be radically altered (Uranus), dysfunctional areas needing clarity and refinement (Neptune) and repressed issues needing to be brought to the surface and transformed (Pluto). We will discuss the current transits of the outer planets and their impact on planetary generations, touching on the involvement of these planets in major life transitions, especially mid-life, as well as their effect on inter-generational relationships.

Understanding Teenagers Using Astrology

A discussion of astrological cycles that correspond with important developmental stages during the teen years. These cycles impact our life experience again around ages 30 and 45. Case studies of daughters and mothers show how patterns follow down the generations and urge both parent and child into self-growth.

Our Expanding Solar System

In this new millennium, astronomers have been discovering dozens of new planetoids in the far reaches of the solar system, and even closer. Many are being named for creator gods and goddesses  from global mythologies, beyond the Greco-Roman pantheon of classical astronomy. This slide show tour introduces us to new astronomical neighborhoods and cross-cultural mythologies, reflecting arising potentials of consciousness indicated by TransNeptunian Objects, Kuiper Belt Objects, Centaur Objects and Asteroids

Astronomy for Astrologers

Seeking to reunite astrology and astronomy, we’ll discuss basic principles of astronomy that are useful for astrologers to know. Using astro-drama, slides and illustrations, we’ll get an overview of the precession of the equinoxes, eclipse cycles, planetary cycles, new discoveries from astronomical technology, and some juicy tidbits from the history of astronomy and astrology.