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With the Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius opposite the Sun in airy Gemini, energies are in high tide motion. Notably, Mars in its own sign Aries, is conjunct Chiron at 16 Aries. This energy is of an unusual and spontaneous nature. Chiron is ‘out-of-the-box,’ with a highly alternative that spurs consciousness into action. We might think we do not know what to do, yet expansive Jupiter at 5 near effervescent Salacia at 8 Aries add more light, delight, confidence and courage to this call to action. Neptune evokes a Dream theme, with a pronounced, fluid influence on this Full Moon. In Pisces it is squarely in-between Sun and Moon, making activating squares to both. Let your intuition and imagination stimulate your awareness; be open to what information and insights come your way.
This has the potential to be a life-changing Full Moon.

Varda, from author’s Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book, rendered by D’Aine Greene

Full Moon @ 23 Sagittarius/ Gemini
June 14, 2022 @7:15am EDT, 4:15am PDT, 12:15pm BST, 9:15pm AEST

“Some things have to be believed to be seen.”
— Madeline L’Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time

The sign of Sagittarius is directed, one-pointed, aiming its turquoise-tipped arrow toward its vision. The sign of the Truth-Seeker, Sagittarius loves mythology and the great archetypal stories of life on Earth, and elsewhere. We each have a story that is our own version of these greater stories. This Full Moon is a great time to sit around a campfire, literally or metaphorically, to share stories of our lives in these awesome, age-shifting times. Hearing someone else’s experience can amplify awareness of our own story, be it similar or starkly different, and inform our own interpretation of what is going on collectively in the midst of such global confusion and chaos. More than ever, ‘reality’ seems to be fluid and changeable, with conflicting narratives and a plethora of versions of what is happening. Especially with Neptune challenging this Full Moon, it is particularly important to come home to our personal truth, informed by inner guidance and our intuitive knowing.

What we believe to be true tends to be mirrored by our experience. If we take charge of our beliefs, rather than blindly believe whatever we are told, we engage in the exciting opportunity of our emerging new era— to create/ recreate the world. The old world is crumbling around us. Some don’t see that, and don’t want to believe it. “Seeing is believing,” and that will likely happen soon enough for many. Pluto is coming to the end of Capricorn soon, finishing its job of deconstructing old systems that are increasingly dysfunctional. We can get ahead of the game by rising to the challenge to believe in what we want to see, and thus create it. This is a month to move forward and take action on that belief.

In fact, this is a good month for any kind of movement: perhaps authentic movement or exploring new moves on your yoga mat, or just dancing around the house, or an impulsive adventure on the road. Between Gemini and Aries, two signs that banish boredom, we are off to do something new and different. Sagittarius is a moving sign, associated with long distance travel or hikes in the mountains.

Mercury picks up the pace, now in Gemini
Mercury is direct and finally back out of Taurus and its extended square with Saturn that dragged out both the retrograde effect as well as the rippling vibrations of the Total Eclipse on the last Full Moon, only a month ago. Hasn’t it been a bear of a retrograde!

Saturn, retrograde as of June 4, continues to square the Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio and Taurus—and we continue letting go on multiple levels of our lives what does not serve New Earth. Venus is in on this, in her own sign Taurus and conjunct Uranus! She is ready for a change also, thorough, meaningful longterm change. Venus is merging with the North Node on the 16th, heeding Earth’s call for our attention, our appreciation and our love. Let’s Dance with Her. Never a dull moment heading into June Solstice.

As Mercury looks over at Jupiter in Aries and winks knowingly, that pair in those signs will try anything, in either courage or foolishness, or maybe a bit of both.

In the last, dandelion-infused Cosmic News, I wrote:
“Are you feeling a hint of boredom, of having been a bit stuck or held back for a while? Gemini lightens things up, like a refreshing wind. Mercury turns direct on June 3. The magnetic field of Earth is shifting, and so is ours. New horizons beckon as we carve a new path forward. When Mercury moves back into Gemini on June 13, we take flight.”

Well, here we go!

Back to Aries, let’s pull out the Sabian symbol for that unique Chiron/Mars activation at 16 Aries:
“Brownies Dancing in the Setting Sun”
Sabian symbol specialist Blain Bovee, author of The Sabian Symbols & Astrological Analysis, identifies in this image the theme of Spirit Healing, which resonates mightily with the presence of Chiron here.

We often think of Mars as heroic/warrior action; here we are asked to look at another kind of activation, from unseen spirits at the liminal sunset time as day becomes night, When day is done, we begin our hours of rest and dreaming.  Bovee asks us to consider those Brownies,
“those spirits of other dimensional reality who do love to help out so much… dance in order to shift and balance our vibrational realities into harmony, healing and healthy function. The way to work with Brownies, or any other spirit being in accordance with your affinities and calling, is to relax and welcome their caring examination of just what is fit for you at this juncture in your life. The trick is to go with the flow, without resistance or energy blocking disbelief…
We know little of how much unseen entities and spirits help us during our time of rest. ‘What is done while we sleep?”\

Neptune enhances the dreaming theme, with a pronounced, fluid influence on this Full Moon. In Pisces it is squarely in-between Sun and Moon, making squares to both. A song suggestion is in order.

First, the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon @24 Sagittarius:
“A Bluebird, a Sign of Good Luck and Happiness, is Standing at the Door of the House”

This uplifting image is a wonderful guide as we head into June 21 Solstice and the rest of June. Keep this bluebird in mind and heart through these amazing changes we are navigating. A positive vision inspires us to find the path that leads there. “Don’t Stop Believing,” as that iconic Journey song encourages. Here’s a wonderful live version— a good one to dance to!
[I’ve been catching up on music I missed during its heyday. I’m now a big fan, born the same year as Steve Perry!]

This same 23+ Sagittarius evokes the impact of the Total Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 at that very same degree. That eclipse opened the cosmic door to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that entered Aquarius together just a week later on December Solstice. See what you can remember of that significant month.

KBO Varda was in that very same degree, riding the eclipse wave into our higher consciousness. This distant slow-moving planetoid, with an orbit of 313 years, is still in range, currently at 25+ Sagittarius, closing in on the Galactic Center degree and closely square Neptune on this Full Moon.

Tolkien’s archangelic Star Lady has a numinous frequency that could be imagined as a much higher octave of Neptune, if we want to look at her that way. Her spiritual dimension, as one of the original choir of ‘angels’ around the
throne of the Original One Source, is essential in Tolkien’s legendarium. Known as the ‘Star Kindler,’ Varda is a primordial Light Bringer, infusing special, galactic-sourced light into this Full Moon.

I just uploaded to my website an article on “Tolkien’s Twin Flames” that I wrote for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency a few months ago. There you will find more information on Varda and her celestial consort, Manwe. Closest to the intent of the Original One Source, Manwe, the “Blessed One,” is now circling the key Aries point for a new beginning, and will retrograde back to conjunct Jupiter on December 14 of this year. In the AstroMythology/ Quantum Solar System section of my website, you can also find some earlier articles— and audio— on Varda as well. Keep scrolling.

Dandelion Update
Networking and information sharing are in order, like dandelion seeds flying on the winds to spread the news.I have been mentioning dandelions lately, especially in the last Dandelion New Moon Cosmic Inspiration News-letter.  Dandelions are still happening here in Vermont and, in addition to my yard harvest, I found a huge bundle of the highly nutritious green leaves at the market today.

After that last newsletter, a longtime reader (thank you, Leslie) wrote me with this easy enough recipe for salve: “I collect dandelions and soak in olive oil for 2-3 weeks and strain, then melt bees wax – maybe 2-3 oil to one beeswax.  A GREAT healing salve!   I picked maybe a cup of dandelions and I have enuf salve for 2 years! or to give away….The polysaccharides in dandelion root are known to reduce stress on the liver and support its ability to produce bile. They also help your liver filter potentially harmful chemicals out of your food. Dandelion is also a good source of Vitamin C, one of the most helpful vitamins for the immune system.”

I just finished listening to Pam Gregory’s youtube video with Davyd Farrell, a wonderful preview of June Solstice and beyond, with lots of KBOs mentioned. Davyd works with plant consciousness. see his website here  At the end he made mention of Dandelion as “the master of the present moment” and “the synchronicity of how things flow.” I love it! That’s the way to move! to live! to Be!

Align yourself into a positive gear,
stay true to yourSelf and the Vision that beckons you.
Stay strong and don’t let anyone or anything
knock you off your rhythm or pull you down.
This is the consciousness challenge of our times.
As we keep shining the light, the way forward reveals itself.