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9:45pm EDT, 6:45pm PDT on August 20; 2:45am GDT on August 21

Leo reminds us that we are each a star, Aquarius that we are each a star in a galaxy of stars. There is a lot of starry luminescence shimmering in this Full Moonlight. The Sun is conjunct the star Regulus, the Heart star of Leo the Lion, the star of kings and queens, of leaders, of fame and success. Regulus is one of the four royal stars of the Persians, the Watcher of the North. Who is coming forth as an inspirational leader? Do you have a capacity for leadership, for creative vision, for inspiring and being a role model to others? What is your role in any group or organization or community you belong to?

Jupiter, the largest planet, is a “wannabe” star. It even generates some of its own brilliance. Jupiter and its 67 moons are now in exact square to Uranus, the Cosmic Change Agent, planet of Lightning/ Enlightening, charging up and enhancing the Aquarian energy. Jupiter revels in the sign Cancer, pouring down blessings and opening up opportunities—just what we need. In dynamic relationship to Uranus, it opens wide the revolutionary excitement. This is a great day to give full expression to your cherished visions, for big public statements, for serving the greater good, and for true leaders to come forth. We all have this capacity among friends or groups large or small. This square occurs again on February 26 and again April 19, 2014. Let the window of opportunity open wide. Indulge your wildest dreams, just for fun. This Full Moon polarity highlights the relationship between the individual and community. What ideals do you serve?

Immediately following the Full Moon, the SUN and MERCURY move into VIRGO one day apart, August 22 & 23, with dwarf planet and “Mother of the Asteroids,” Ceres, following on the 28th—a significant change of tone. Known as a worker bee, Virgo is ready to roll up its sleeves and get down to work. Virgo is known for excellent skills, knack for fine-tuning and exquisite timing, yet little is said of its organic wisdom and earthy sensuality. That’s what makes Virgo so good at what it does. Mercury, as ruler of Virgo, can bring out the best in us. Of course, right away, both Mercury and the Sun will be opposite Neptune, at home in the seas of Pisces. Let’s use that Virgo to cross some “t”s and dot some “i”s, as we lay groundwork for our Neptunian dreams to come through and true. Let’s live the dreams from our hearts. It almost seems like the Virgoan goddess is holding Regulus, the Lion’s Heart, gently in her care.

In relation to Neptune, the presence of Ceres, Goddess of grain and Earth Mysteries, evokes the Dream of the Earth. One wonders, are we involved in a greater dream? Is the living Earth dreaming us? Are we all part of a larger body, enveloped in Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World? Let’s use our goddess-given gift of Imagination. We often underestimate the power of imagination. Though we all have it, we don’t all use it consciously. Whatever we can imagine is possible to manifest. Paracelsus wrote, “He who is born in imagination discovers the latent forces of Nature….Besides the stars that are established, there is yet another—Imagination—that begets a new star and a new heaven.” Imagine—the Star of Imagination!

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