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JUNE 12, 9:11pm PDT, JUNE 13, 12:11am EDT, 5:11am GMD
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The polarity dynamic between the SUN in open-minded GEMINI and the FULL MOON in goal-oriented SAGITTARIUS reveals options and new vistas and visions. What is your storyline? New threads and old are being woven into the plot, as we watch the movie of our lives move into a new chapter. The old threads are stitches we are picking up thanks to the Mercury retrograde cycle. Are you hearing from old friends or calling family members, reviving significant bonds?

These two flexible signs work well together when all opinions are aired, not just the noisiest, dominant, (likely to be biased) one. Still, someone needs to direct the show, hopefully not the part of you with narrow belief systems. This Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon can bring out the intuitive, visionary manager who sees where everyone on the team can make the best contribution, where each point of view fits into the puzzle. A variety of our sub-personality voices are vocal. A change-up is called for, though there might be a musical chairs shift of positions before each element is properly positioned. Various points of view inform the long-term vision. After that’s settled, no pussyfooting around. Let’s get going with faith, firm belief and enthusiasm. Are you with the program? If you can’t make a commitment, at least for the short term, you belong elsewhere, and that will be best for everybody.

This Full Moon features two important, exact alignments. The first is a Full Moon-like SATURN – VENUS opposition. This is a significant reality check in regards to financial and relationship issues, as well as a serious exercise in values clarification. Venus in Taurus looks for long-term value. Saturn agrees. Invest your energy and money well. Galactic Astrologer Philip Sedgwick foresees “a payday, pay off, or the receipt of resources and revenues that support ones fundamental, soul-enriching efforts.”
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Some relationships are coming back around to finish old business. Others are parting ways. Some meaningful relationships are being reconsidered and energetically reformulated.

This is a perfect alignment for celebrating Friday the 13th, a special goddess day. Friday is named for Frigga, the Nordic Venus, and there are thirteen Moon cycles in a year. No wonder the patriarchal powers thought it an unlucky, witchy day!
Now we turn our attention to MARS – PLUTO, a prime challenge dynamic of the year. A regular boxing match of global power punching heightens tension on the world stage. Revolutionary impulses abound to break free, to change history. Mars, naturally assertive, is already more passive-aggressive in Libra, suggesting rash, sudden or even explosive outbreaks. We need to think twice (especially with Mercury retrograde). Some folks are not able to do so, sidetracked by impatience and frustration, a need to make a statement.

Something must be done and we can’t do it the old way. There is an undercurrent in our collective memory that contains rage and grief from the millennia of suppression of women and native peoples. This undercurrent adds a larger weight of history to the public pulse. Highly original, inventive ideas erupt via social media networks, green technologies and community initiatives. The doors have opened wide over the last year for many new developments, which continue to come to fruition, some in the face of hefty opposition. Opposition continues to be high on some fronts, but much has been gained, as the tide is turns.

Take care during this erratic energy, which lasts for several days, and re-ignites along with the fireworks on the 4th of July weekend.
Maintain vigilance and inner balance. Be proactive rather than reactive. At the same time we can call on a lovely and loving flow of sensitive, caring energy that saturates our feelings, highlighted by some special moments where everything synchronizes beautifully like an uplifting symphony. The trick is a to find a way to juggle these two streams in our experience, so they work together. This may require a paradigm shift. At the end of the month, a strong creative rush of delight in alternative possibilities gives us the heart and courage to go for the gold.

This Full Moon is within range of the Galactic Center, from which a huge influx of energetic waves is coming, a tidal wave of consciousness. Let’s open our higher minds to wider, even unthinkable possibilities and take 2, as our hearts align with the Heart of the Milky Way.

There, deep in the “black whole” dwells Aditi, the Mother of the Universe, or Prajnaparamita, the Mother of all the gods, is present to pour out the potent elixir. Open your mouth like a baby bird to receive the blessings that abound. Her flowing cornucopia provides intimately, precisely and abundantly just what is needed for the soul’s growth. A deep desire to resolve the apparent contradiction between the subjective personal and the universal calls forth a rare subtle wisdom. The Full Moon shines a heightened light from Heaven to Earth, along with the galactic infusion that offers that particular gift we each need, like the fruits of Nature. For some it may taste like bitter medicine that is good for you. Drink it and may the force be with you.

In my book LIVING LILITH, this is what I wrote about Black Moon in Cancer:

“Cancer Black Moon is the image of the Dark Mother in all her sweet and awesome glory, Mother of the world, its protector and sustainer. She plants seeds of Mystery in our hearts and souls. She is the life stream. She dips into the ever-swirling matrix of potentiality to bring forth what is needed, encouraging us to drink deeply. Ever-hungry and thirsty for what only she can give us, we all depend on her support for our very lives. Thus she offers the fruit of life and is herself the fruit. And when our time is up, she swallows us holy.

“Family is important to Cancer Black Moon. Inherited patterns run deep; the spiritual ancestry is remembered. One may feel exiled from the blood family and seek to find one’s true soul family. There are a special few with whom they can truly bond. Personal demons appear in one’s life, sometimes in the form of those closest to them. Mother and mothering, or lack thereof, are key experiences. The personal mother is often overshadowed by the Great Mother. As a biological parent or not, one needs to find a way to give to others.

There is a deep capacity to nourish the soul of others, but an aversion to dependency or attachments. Heads will roll, their own included, with the swipe of the sword of the protector, cutting away bonds that offer no soul growth. Here is the mother bird that pushes her baby bird out of the nest when it’s ready to fly. The opposition of Capricorn faces Black Moon Cancer with its personal “dark night of the soul,” exaggerating its insecurities. A call to develop inner strength and emotional maturity that knows when and how to “draw the line” in co-dependent situations.”

This is enhanced by Mercury, ready to untangle knotted skeins and release attachments that no longer nourish. My respected astrology sister, Dorothy Oja, has insight on this:
Mercury in Cancer lends subjectivity as well as an acute sensitivity to the emotional energy in language. This Mercury gets along easily with people in general due to its ability to identify with basic human needs, moods, and feelings. Expect people to be more sensitive to how you say things and whether you seem to be considerate or curt in your communication. Communication will be more focused on the domestic sphere, security, cash flow, and all those whom you consider family. Mercury straddles two signs this retrograde cycle – Cancer and Gemini, which makes the cycle more complex. We have to straddle feelings and how we deal with them and how we may make light of important emotional matters. We’re asked to consider our most urgent feelings, but also to be objective, not overreacting, and knowing how much multi-tasking we can comfortably handle.
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On JUNE 19th-20th, Mercury is in the heart of the Sun, the key day in the retrograde cycle, in fact, the whole point of it. The Messenger of the Gods speaks from the Source. The somewhat tricky retrograde effects are null. The Magician aspect of Mercury emerges; magic abounds. Our attention may be on other things that distract us from affairs at hand. Not so great for regular business-as-usual, this un-usual cosmic pattern is best for spiritual applications and for making special connections. As we approach Solstice, perhaps some extraordinary celestial phenomenon will light up the skies, stirring our hearts and souls.