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November 6, 5:23pm EST, 2:23pm PST, 10:23pm GMT
Lefferdo#1 Beyond the Boundaries

Image: Beyond the Boundaries, by Cosmic News reader Donna Lefferdo. View more of her art on FB at: Donna Lefferdo’s Paintings.

We now experience the Full Moon revelation of the quality vortex opened by the Venus-infused New Moon eclipse two weeks ago. As planetary ruler of the Full Moon sign, Taurus, Venus artfully choreographs a deep emotional engagement within ourselves. Where and with whom we are finding value, pleasure, beauty and love in our lives? Let’s put our full heart into what is most meaningful now!

Taurus is practical, food-loving sign, looking for tangible results. Taurus moves slowly yet surely, persistent, reliable and sometimes stubborn. Scorpio operates at hidden, subatomic levels, rearranging the energies that ultimate reconfigure material manifestation. Under this Full Moon we experience the status of energetic fields in our internal world, with outer circumstances indicating our stuck areas. Where we are resisting, holding back or holding in out of fear, when we find challenge in front of us? When we can see this and reorient ourselves, we may just find ourselves in vital field of transformational excitement. In this resonant field are infinite possibilities. This Full Moon is a crescendo of invitation.

A loving heart is the key to this Full Moon dynamic, creating a kind of magic. We continue to see ego posturing around us. Some people don’t know better. We can be amused or, if this posturing is dangerous, we make it clear that we are not amused and take appropriate action. Any judgmental attitude we hold will pull us in to distasteful dynamics, indicating that our egos are caught up in it. As we work through our stuff, we can disengage and free up the emotional energy. Discernment is a fine tool, like a surgeon’s sharp knife, cutting through toxic reactivity and negative attitudes. On the larger level, we continue to contend with the financial and emotional implications of the changes obviously (and not so obviously) in progress.

With few planetary shifts this month, the main theme is the ongoing intensity of the Scorpio influence. Saturn is rigorous in keeping us on a straight and narrow track. We contend with circumstances that test our motivation and our inner resolve. What is in the highest good for everyone concerned? This month, Venus (12th), the Sun (18th), and Mercury (25th) all meet up with Saturn. We feel the imposition of necessity in our personal circumstances. Several issues may face us with considerations about what is working and what is not. Various situations are being redefined and we must respond firmly.

To add to this rigorous agenda, Mars enters the Pluto-Uranus Square for most of the month, lining up in Capricorn with Pluto most keenly on the 9th-13th. We must change the way we are doing things. That’s all there is to it. It’s sheer necessity. A larger cycle is starting to be felt. A re-formation of large global systems, most obviously political and economic, is being implemented, slowly but surely.

Saturn, finishing up its two and a half year passage through Scorpio, is squaring off with Jupiter in Leo, an archetypal clash of conservative and liberal forces, of contracting and expanding influences. These two planets are coming to a pivotal point in their 20-year cycle (current cycle began in the year 2000), one that impacts the political-economic landscape, another indication that developments are building toward a turning point. Things may slow down at the end of the month with seeming delays that, in fact, offer us more time to orchestrate creative outcomes. We get as far as we can get for now and are left with an unfinished business that comes back around during spring-summer 2015.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 8th for several weeks of deep thinking and intense scrutiny. We are challenged to stay positive-minded through thick and thin. On the 16th, Neptune turns from retrograde to direct motion. This may or may be very obvious to most of us, but indicates something about the trends of the time that may be expressed through arts, film, advertising. Imagine an organ that plays a strong chord that reverberates and is sustained all month, resounding through our bodies. Use this extended vibrational tone as a spiritual focus. This same day, Venus enters Sagittarius. “Girls just wanna have fun!” (Guys too!)

This Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon takes place at the critical 15 degree points of each sign, infusing it with more power. Let’s get a bit of a storyline from the Sabian Symbols, with their lively images for each degree of the Zodiac:

Heading out into the storm with style! This image certainly speaks to me with winter coming on in the northeast US, in the Green Mountains of Vermont. But what about you folks in Australia and the Caribbean? We are facing altered weather patterns and a global storm of major change. This reminds me that Uranus ruffles this Full Moon with its trail-blazing initiatives that take us beyond our comfort level. If we face it with passion and creativity, and proper preparation, we can make it through—in style, but not too cocky about it. Proper respect for Nature is essential.

Lynda Hill in The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, remarks on the magical connotations of the number 5 (a number associated with Venus, by the way). She writes: “Taking things lightheartedly and enjoying the company of other people, particularly those that are creative and intelligent, can move this situation forward…Creative integration of new ideas.”

Putting the two images together, we have the playful, youthful, and magical along with a more serious, mature approach. Young and old join forces to make the world go round—
and so does Love!

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