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Yet another, and the closest of all 2022 Super Moons, this Full Moon in Capricorn is another ramping of the gears in this major turning point of our times. Another way to state the question asked by the above image might be ‘Where do you fit in?” or “What can you contribute?” We are not only witnessing history, we are living in it and creating it. Pluto in Capricorn challenges us to claim our power rather than give it away. Do we meet life with fear or in love? Giving voice to the Cancer Sun side of this Full Moon, another Cosmic News reader entreats the Divine Mother,

“May we all have what we need.”

Pluto Return poster at bus stop, photo by Cosmic News reader taken in NYC, spring 2022. “Which side of history will you stand on?” This is clearly an historic and tumultuous moment for the United States, a keystone country in the larger global chaos evident as we transition into a New Era. Its second peak Pluto return moment is under this Full Moon.

Super Pluto Full Moon @ 21 Cancer 21
July 13, 2022 @2:37pm EDT, 11:37am PDT, 7:37pm BST;
July 14, 4:37am AEST

Venus in Gemini closely squares Neptune in Pisces
The Divine Feminine is very present in the light of this Full Moon, evoking waves full of Grace, softening and allow Pluto’s intensity to flow with more ease and positivity. Can we relax into this state of faith and flow? Neptune is strong in its own sign and, in Esoteric Astrology, Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini. Do you feel how exquisite is this energy, this subtle frequency that pervades the cosmic field? The heartbeat of this Goddess of Grace, like compassionate, mystical, magical Quan Yin, radiates a high frequency of joy, delight, harmony, beauty and love to those whose hearts uplift into that wavelength. Some who feel disillusionment, even despair, may be soothed as they rise to the invitation that something greater than ourselves is influencing the cosmic choreography, conducting the “Harmony of the Spheres.”

Meanwhile the profound underground beat of Pluto, like a deep bass drum beat or the deep, reverberating thunder of a huge gong, pulses powerfully across the globe. Our collective conscious reshapes itself in response to the compelling call of a New Era. How many more of our systems and controlling governance need to fall apart, like a structure with an unsound foundation and weak walls inevitably tumbles to the ground? We will see more of this as the Full Moon wanes than we already have during the past two weeks of the waxing Moon. This Pluto Full Moon is the ‘full monty,’ some would say, as our whole situation gets stripped down.

What does that mean to you, personally? We must take this on and apply the necessity for change to our lives and our attitudes. The Plutonian shadow looms in front of us in challenge to look ourselves full in the eye and answer for ourselves. Where have we risen to the challenge to take and make our lives better? Where have we not? What happened in that recent encounter when you were triggered by something or someone? Are you taking responsibility for your part in it?  As we step back to an objective, yet kind stance, we can find answers and grow in our psycho-spiritual Being.

Saturn in Aquarius, cooperating with tolerant, light-hearted Venus in Gemini, can guide us in developing the ‘witness’ mind and take responsibility for how we interface with obvious changes in social interactions. Cancer cares most for those it feels closest to, while Saturn denotes a wider level of social responsibility that encompasses all encounters.

“Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

—Anais Nin (author of the famous Diaries of and other avant-garde psychological fiction) had Saturn in Aquarius and a strong Moon/ Black Moon in Capricorn.

Cancer is the most subjective sign of the Zodiac, with a tendency to take things personally. Life is a highly personal experience, yet also calls for a level of impersonal observation, as discussed in the last paragraph. The June 28-29 New Moon in Cancer ushered in this Moon cycle with the highly impersonal influence of Black Moon Lilith, a mysterious aspect of the Divine that urges embodiment and expression of illuminated, soulful living rather than ego-based reactivity. Black Moon continues close to the Sun, joined on this Full Moon by Mercury and also Ceres. Mercury in Cancer perceives close in, feeling its way into what is needed, sometimes side-stepping like the Crab into its hole of safety and security.

Black Moon Lilith can be subtle or quite blatant, depending on what it takes for you to realize that security and safety are found only within, not in any outer circumstance. If we have gotten too complacent over the years, we are clearly no longer allowed that luxury. This is a time for soul growth, to override the smaller-self tendency within ourselves to depend on someone or something else to take care of us. Our mature Self takes responsibility in a balanced giving-and-receiving, in the natural rhythm of the tides coming in and receding.

[Let us remember the incoming wave that ripples over the top of the foamy undertow. Creator dwarf planet Haumea, Hawai’ian Goddess of Childbirth, at 27 Libra 53, is closely squaring Pluto, adding her own birthing power to Pluto’s enlightenment theme of rebirth after death.]

With Mercury involved, Black Moon intelligence can pick up subtle nuances and subliminal feeling tones, so that instead of getting triggered, we perceive the potential for soul growth. The times are surely stretching us.

In the Cancer Sun-lit presence of Ceres, Earth Mother who feeds us, body and soul, we are getting what we need, whether we think so or not. In the myth, when Demeter/ Ceres lost her daughter to the underworld god, she refused to grow food. We are having warnings about food supply and supply chains of ships and trucks. Many of us are used to taking such things for granted; others have been dealing with lack of nourishment their whole lives. Many don’t know where their food comes from. Do we take this hint to take charge of our needs, learn to grow our own food, become more self-sufficient? Both Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, two earth signs, make this a major theme in these times.

Uranus, North Node, Mars conjunction
Uranus and the North Node are moving toward each other, with a kind of crashing of cymbals crescendo when Mars joins them at the end of this month, specifically on July 31-August 1. This trio is a call to action that changes the world.

Mars = Action
Uranus = Revolutionary Change\
North Node = Collective Call to Embodiment

“Which side of history will you stand on?”
“Where do you fit in?”
“How can you contribute?”

Chiron in Aries more or less squares this Full Moon, inserting its audacious spark,
emphasizing that new, unconventional ways and means are likely the answer.
Might as well give these a try. Expect incoming flashes of insight.

Suggested strategy from Dandelion
Davyd Farrell, of, honors the majesty of Dandelion as “Master of the Present moment…the synchronicity of how things flow.” Sounds rather Chironic to me, with its ‘Be-Here-Now’ holistic alignment of the spiritual-mental-emotional-physical dimensions of our experience.

Let’s find a way to go with this particularly powerful flow in the transformational intensity of this Pluto Full Moon, shaping up to shape up the collective structures and systems for longterm wellbeing, while sailing in the Divine Light of Venus/ Neptune.

Dance to Earth’s deep bass heart beat rhythm
Enjoy soprano celestial rhapsody inspirations
Listen ever more closely to every subtle nuance in between the notes.