Depth Astrology, AstroMythology & the Cosmic Feminine

MKHMorningStarThree Essential Aspects of Feminine Consciousness—
Moon, Venus, Black Moon Lilith

This material explains much about your woman experience, relationship life and mysterious inner stirrings. For those feeling
the current consciousness shift and arising of the feminine divine.
We personalize this material using our birth charts.

BACKGROUND: How I came to the Divine Feminine
Quite young growing up in the 50s, I was not particularly attracted by the political feminism of that era. As a teen I was plunged into the chaos of the 60s. I saw the Beatles in person, headed to college in the middle of the Vietnam War, and went to the Woodstock Festival. I was married, had children, and worked in higher education administration while developing a side career in astrology and mythology. In the early 1980s, I was plunged into deep, rather dark personal waters. Continued study in psychology and myth, along with creative expression through art, poetry and theater, supported me through death and divorce. My heart was highly drawn into the new wave of feminism. Women scholars and psychologists were publishing extensively about women’s psychology; some wrote about goddess images, what we can call the divine feminine. I have loved mythology since I was a child, so mythic interpretations greatly appeal to me and I read a great deal of this genre for graduate work. Continuing studies in psychology, mythology and consciousness has enriched my consultation work.

We can consider these 3 aspects in relation to the classical triple goddess—maiden, mother/mature woman in prime of life, crone. But it doesn’t quite work and this is not the whole story. Nor is what I am presenting to you. The triple goddess can related to stages of psychological development, but this is not simply sequential. We continually circle around weaving these aspects of ourselves. And there are many more facets of the feminine—like attendants of the goddesses, grace notes, nuances, subtle tones. I do feel the material I have to share with you offers insights that will clarify and take you pretty far along on your journey. It continues to do for me. I love sharing this.

Moon Matters: Mother, family patterns, lineage, self-identity, basic needs, biological rhythms, memories, subconscious influences.
The MOON Self
  refers to childhood experiences, early, basic foundational stuff. Moon is the womb and the mother that gives us birth. When we are in the womb, we are experiencing life through her and take on impressions. So Moon is Mother. It is also our DNA and the family patterns that give us our biological set up. The impact of our early caretakers and family of origin impress us with a sense of identity that becomes who we think we are. These impressions create very subconscious patterning, defenses and reactions that we take for granted because they are wired our basic operating system. These early influences shape our sense of safety and security in life, whether e we expect our basic needs to be met or not. Therefore Moon has a great impact on relationships. We are born with our shining essence. Yet inevitably influences shape our ego and our personality development and we are, in a sense, separated from our essential Self. This creates reactive patterns held in the Moon body.

Venus Heart Intelligence: Self-love, enrichment, relational style, sense of financial and emotional wellbeing, beauty, Law of Attraction.
The VENUS Self.
Mythic Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. She is the “girls just wanna have fun” quality of enjoying life, appreciating the beauty around us, and the people that we love. Venus is our emotional intelligence, our values, relational styles and personal happiness in life. It’s our sense of self-esteem. Venus wrote the Law of Attraction that we hear a lot about these days. This aspect of the feminine expresses JOY— and LOVE, and Gratitude. In the intensity of these times, we clearly need more Joy in our lives!

Lilith Black Moon Mysteries: deep soul desires, essence, authenticity and brilliance, freedom of spirit, spacious consciousness.
,  named for the primordial feminine that was the first woman in the Garden of Eden. This is a, very profound and essential aspect of our experience, the deep desire of the soul for union with the divine. I have an ancient stories to share with you. In many mystical teachings, the soul is called the bride of god. This essential self calls for authenticity and spiritual liberation. Our Lilith Self is a deeply erotic essence of the life force that invites us into an intriguing field of inquiry that lures us beyond the comfort level of the Moon Self and even the personal happiness level of our Venus Self. The Lilith Self taps into very hidden, secret personal corners of our soul, where we trip over our own stuff, where we get confounded by the dualities in life and relationships. She blows our minds to open us to the spaciousness of our true being. Is this deep, dark chocolate part of your soul calling to you?

This Feminine Path of Self-Awakening and Personal Brilliance is a dance among these three essential aspects of Being. We each have a unique expression of these elements that plays out in our lives and relationships. Our experience becomes richer, creatively charged by the aliveness of the life force moving through us. We personalize this material using our birth charts. Women explore their nuanced experiences as women. Men experience the feminine through women in their lives and their own inner goddess. Persons experimenting beyond gender-based identifications have their individual mysteries of the cosmic masculine/feminine interplay. We feel more fulfilled and whole we engage this feminine path to Self-awakening and so that we shine with our own particular quality of personal brilliance.

Listen to this audio on the three essential aspects on the Cosmic Inspiration Radio page.