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Image: Distant Music by Sara Cohen, linocut with pastel, from September art show in Concord, MA. Photo by author with glass reflections.

FULL MOON on December 17 is at 26 SAGITTARIUS-GEMINI, 4:28am EST, 1:28am PST, 9:28am GMT

This Full Moon opens the gates to an influx from the mysterious and powerful black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, zodiacally positioned at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. We’ll be downloading new information for the next several days that rewires neural pathways in our brains. Sagittarius is a sign of the Big Picture, of scope and vision. Gemini translates the intuitive imagination of Sagittarius into conceptual language and puts out the word. Watch what words you are using and not able to use. Some concepts no longer match our experience and create mixed messages and confusion when entertained. If your mind seems to be “other where,” it probably is switching on to the intuitive realm, rich in wisdom. Psychic perceptions are on high, so tune in. You may need to tune out other junk info (like network news?) to get to the real stuff and really listen. Our imaginations are full of genius.

Astrophysicists have recently confirmed that the black hole in the Galactic Center is sending highly accelerated charged particles in high-speed jet streams directed toward our Sun and, therefore, Earth. We are in direct alignment with these charged streams for the first time in 26,000 years, one of the indications given by the Mayan Calendar. Ineffable forces are in play, as we dance along the “royal road” of the starlit sky. Listen to this Algonquin star song (Dead Can Dance recorded it):

“We are the stars which sing.
We sing with our light…
Our light is a voice.
We are like the wind
Wrapped in luminous waves.
We make a road for the spirit to pass over.”

This Full Moon opens that road. What Buddhists call “crazy wisdom” is stopping us in our tracks to recalibrate our definitions of reality. Is this the month the Sun changes polarity? Scientists have been monitoring an imminent reversal in the Sun’s magnetic field for many months. This has strong reverberations into the farthest reaches of the solar system, well beyond Pluto. The Full Moon gives us a wide window to entertain previously improbable but now highly possible and wildly promising potentials.

The Awakener, Uranus, turns up the heat, holding apparently still in Aries as it turns to forward motion today. This revolutionary planet has been in retrograde motion since July. Now it grabs our attention, igniting, inciting and exciting new initiatives. Patience runs thin, especially in the face of increasing governmental dysfunction. We are raring to make the changes we have been planning for some months. Full stream ahead. Proceed as way opens.

MARS in LIBRA is moving into a powerful position, sparking off the world-changing Uranus-Pluto Square as both December and 2013 come to a close. Planetary patterns are pretty dicey and spicy on Christmas Day. For many, family relationships are highlighted and are changing, for a variety of reasons. Pay particular attention to circumstances in your life at this time, as Mars will come back around during an extended retrograde cycle, giving us chances to rework current circumstances in early May and June. Channel any frustration or anger into a force for positive change. On many levels we are asked what is it that we want. It’s like the genie in the bottle that gives us three wishes. Unlike in the usual fairytale, we can change our minds about what we want, as the situation develops.

SATURN in SCORPIO and JUPITER in CANCER are smoothing the way to further growth, as long as we are willing to let go of what is no longer working. It’s evidently time for major change. Some of our belief systems are being recalibrated. Have you seen astrophotos of the hexagon on Saturn’s north pole? See a movie of it at
This unique six-sided wavy jet stream spans about 20,000 miles (30,000 kilometers) across, with a massive, rotating storm at the center with 200 mph or 322 km winds. This intense ongoing hurricane tells us something important about the power of Saturn. The shape itself is extraordinary, not to mention its consistency and longevity.

Astrologer Jim Buss has an interesting perspective on the strongly positive dynamic going on this month between Saturn and Jupiter:
“Jupiter and Saturn are actually considered the social planets – they impact the whole of social activity – governments, business, religions, schools, granges, entertainment, politics, charities, everything involving more than two people. All of those endeavors are in the Void. So we release our Expectations, move toward Sustenance, spend more time in Meditation, rely on our Intuition…and put our Attention into the smallest units of Community that still function. That’s how we survive in the Void.
“PIAVA…stands for Pray-Intend-Ask-Visualize-Affirm. Each is basically similar, but some work better for some of the people some of the time. The Dynamic Masculine manifestation process runs Plan, Execute, Review. The Magnetic Feminine manifestation process runs PIAVA, Change the Subject, Pay Attention. You have to Change the Subject (or as the Buddhists put it, Lose Your Mind) because if you keep thinking about it, your Old Birdcage will constrain your Reality to be the way it’s always been. And you have to Pay Attention because whenever you PIAVA anything, the first thing that the Universe provides is information about why you haven’t had what you’re asking for all along.”
Check out his rich astroblog, which gives some excellent and timely examples of new languaging:

VENUS in CAPRICORN turns retrograde on the 21st, Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere). The Goddess is as high in the sky as she can reach, as she now turns back toward the Sun. We begin a serious reevaluation of our circumstances, economics and values that takes us into the New Year with a continuing personal and global transformation agenda. Let’s go back to the drawing board and look at our basic plan. We know things could be much better. Let’s find simple and elegant solutions that enrich our lives. Capricorn is a rather Zen sign, focusing on essentials and quality over quantity. Consult Venus about your New Year’s resolutions! With a New Moon on New Year’s Day, 2014 starts off with a fresh, insistent, no-nonsense approach.


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