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February 10 at 7:33pm EST, 4:33pm PST,
February 11, 12:33am GMT, 11:33am AEDT

FullSizeRender IMAGE: The Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier, VT  is getting ready for the VALENTINE’S DAY BANDIT, who hangs and plants hearts all through town. It will happen again this year! Does your town celebrate Valentine’s? Photo by author.

A penumbral eclipse is not dramatic, barely visibly, hardly noticeable. Whether we see it or not, we sense a change in the light, like a shade being pulled down on a cloudy day. Any eclipse is a doorway of opportunity, with shifting ripples of shadow and light. Light—what is it? A particle, almost tangible? Or a wave, that vibrates? Either or both.

LEO is a fire sign, emitting radiant light, like the Sun. Once we deal with the subtle shadow of this eclipse, we can realize revitalized beauty, illumination and fire power. This Full Moon pattern features a fire triangle, joining all the fire signs.

In fact, if we had a planet in Gemini, we would have a 6-pointed star, for extra fabulous cosmic geometry, as in     supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
If you are a June Gemini, or born between 1946-into early1949 with Uranus in the second half of Gemini, YOU are invited to make it happen.

In her esoteric work, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice Bailey described three manifestations of fire, which we can associate with the three astrological fire signs:

ELECTRIC FIRE, the Fire of Spirit, is ARIES, being highly sparked and charged now by the electric planet, URANUS—STARS IGNITE.

SOLAR FIRE, the Fire of Mind, is LEO, where we experience the mirror of life and immolate the ego “self” to solar “Self”—HEARTS RADIATE.

FIRE BY FRICTION, the Internal Fires, is SAGITTARIUS, moveable, inspirational fire—FIREWORKS FLARE. Saturn in this sign stirs up this fire—don’t we see the friction and flares. In my Vermont country cottage, I heat mainly with wood. I love to sit and watch the fire flicker and dance, stimulating dreams and imagination.

The AQUARIUS-LEO polarity invites us to examine our role in society, the relationship between self/Self & the larger world. With such a level of seeming chaos “out there,” this becomes a big question. This eclipse engages us in coming up with some kind of answer. How do we express the Self in the world? What is your predominant emotional take on global events? This is a special question for those with: Pluto in Leo (1937—1957) and Uranus in Leo (1956—1962). Give those dates a little leeway on either side.

I found myself seeking answers to this question for myself by surfing the internet. Here are some inspirational links I came across and suggest. Share with those you feel can benefit from seeing these. So many of us are wrestling with the new leadership in the U.S. and other various parts of the world. Remember the mirror. This eclipse reminds us that however we see anyone else is reflecting how we see ourselves. The heart of darkness is projected— the shadow work under this eclipse.

Gregg Braden talks about THE SINGLE EYE OF THE HEART:
Beauty replaces hurt. Bless the hurt, find the beauty. Compassion is the power matrix of universe, a network of energy that holds particles together to manifest the world. Feelings of compassion create waves that connect us with web of universe, washing us with healing currents.

SO CHIRON IN PISCES! and so is this quote:



A powerful process video with Byron Katie (of “The Work”) talks a woman through her fears, particularly of President Trump. Katie says we are all in a “mass hypnotic trance.” SO PISCES! We can all get something from this, highlighting reactive attitudes and challenging our beliefs and assumptions. Re-active in fear or pro-active from wisdom. SO SATURN in SAGITTARIUS.

You’ll laugh through parts of this. Katie facilitates a way to confront the fears and the beliefs that compel them. In part it is about projecting fears and images from the past into the future. Projections—SO NEPTUNE!

These factors—SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and NEPTUNE in PISCES—have been in a challenge with each other. Have you seen through your projections yet? Still working on it? Oh, yes! There is another level to go. This year, 2017, SATURN in SAGITTARIUS (“reality check” planet in “truth-seeker” sign) is in a challenge with CHIRON in PISCES.

Here’s another good perspective:  THE WISDOM OF ANGER

If you know how to use it, writes Melvin McLeod, the energy of anger becomes fierce and compassionate wisdom. Because even the buddhas get angry about suffering and injustice. He starts with some questions:
“Is anger an empowering and appropriate response to suffering and injustice, or does it only cause more conflict? Is it skillful or unskillful? Does it help or hurt?”
and goes on to make a distinction between anger and aggression.

With this topic, we’re talking about MARS—now in ARIES, its hottest sign. Hard to reign in anger, so how do we “skillfully” channel it? We must each answer that question for ourselves, remembering that judgment, grumpiness, resentment and even depression, are forms of anger.

Many people are angry—and sad—about what is going on in the world. Let’s look at that anger and put it in perspective, so that passion becomes compassion. Anger released from ego turns the powerful energy it holds into action supported by wisdom. “In its pure, awakened form, when it is not driven by ego, anger brings good to the world.”

When we project fear or hatred or pass judgment on some person or situation, we need to own it, this shadow we cast. This gives a powerful opportunity: to be empowered by the energy that is arising, to transform it from anger to informed action, fueled by the courage, fearlessness and truth of the heart. We are seeing more and more expression of this quality, of those who are using skillful means to bring forth better solutions in the face of challenge and conflict.

VENUS, also in ARIES, soon turns retrograde, asking us to look into the precious, personal mirror of our hearts, to seek a deeper, natural level of emotional intelligence. From Aries back into Pisces she will dip, to draw water from the universal, spiritual wellspring.

So here I started, sitting at my computer, musing about this Full Moon, casting about for ideas, feeling what is up for me. An amorphous kind of blah-ness, lack of focus, feelings of pressure to get something done, realizing I need to invite a smooth flow, delight, ease and enjoyment. Oh, yes, I say to myself, make it fun. If I don’t know what to do to “succeed,” to accomplish my goals, let me follow the way of the day, and be open to opportunities that appear. Whatever I feel I need to do, let me find a creative edge so that I can play with it and make it fun, find a way to be in an uplifted energy flow with anything that I am doing. Then my heart is in it, feeling the golden flame. What comes from there will translate best to the wider world—and to you.
Heart to Heart.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day!