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July 12, 7:24am EDT, 4:24am PDT, 12:24pm GMDJupiterSpotcloseVoyager1 copy

Image: Close up of Jupiter’s Red Spot, a great storm that has been subsiding in recent years.

July is a fast-paced month with an energetic tidal shift. This Full Moon brings us to the brink of smaller and larger changes, including the biggest mood swing of the year. Most significantly, both Jupiter and Mars change sign for the first time in many moons. With the Sun next to Jupiter, this Full Moon is a celebration of Jupiter’s last hurrah in Cancer for 12 years, as the Moon reflects the Jupiterian sunlight. We don’t see Jupiter now, but we feel it.

The tidal push-pull of this Full Moon leads to the grand finale of the dynamic and challenging 4-cornered pattern that has characterized this year so far. This is the last month in which Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra lend their impact to the overarching transformational pattern. Before Jupiter changes signs on the 16th and Mars finally changes sign on the 26th, Let’s review the essentials and not jump the gun. The dynamic of this Full Moon indicates we still have some issues to consider to reach the best case scenarios in response to the agenda of 2014 thus far:

URANUS in ARIES— forging bold, pioneering, radical, revolutionary ideas and ways of living our lives. Impulsive excitement has opened possibilities and fresh neural pathways. This phase continues until 2018.

PLUTO in CAPRICORN— facing the urgency of climate change, responding pragmatically to the necessity for sustainable solutions, we are called to address basic needs in an earth-honoring way. Ongoing until 2024.

JUPITER in CANCER— opening to the inherent joy of life that nurtures growth, circling our wagons to find a level of mutual benefit in community, cherishing family and close bonds. In effect June 26. 2013 – July 16, 2014.

MARS in LIBRA— acting with respect in relation to others, implementing the philosophy of right relationship as we make choices and listen to understand each other. In effect December 7, 2013 – July 26, 2014, unusually lengthy sign visit, extended by retrograde motion.

What have we learned from our experience personally and as global citizens? Have we made significant changes in how we live to serve the wellbeing of the Earth and all who live on it? asks Pluto. What benefits have we gained? asks Jupiter. Is justice being served? Are you in balance? asks Mars in Libra. How many minds and hearts have awakened to the Earth’s agenda? asks Uranus. There has been a battle of epic proportions on many levels. The next few days help tip the balance into the next phase.

Jupiter is about expansion and opportunity. Sweet as it has been in Cancer in many ways, we can now expect more fire and drama in Leo, a sign of generosity, of grand gestures and of heart. When the Sun joins Jupiter in the last week of July, it’s party time! Summer 2014 to summer 2015 will generally be a good phase for Leos. One caviat: with Black Moon Lilith also in Leo, watch your ego. Tame that wild beast with heart-centered intelligence. This dark Goddess sees through you.

Take note: Several generational groups have the outer planets in Leo. What does this phase mean for these groups?
For the Pluto in Leo natives, 1936-1956, it is a call to live up to the generational mottos: “Follow your heart” and “Be all you can be.” You are called to demonstrate true heart and leadership.
The Uranus in Leo group, 1956-1962, demonstrates co-creativity, expressing their revolutionary fervor with original creative flair in the arts and innovative organizations.
We have much to learn from the few remaining Neptune in Leos, 1914-1928. They have amazing stories to tell from the many decades and changes they have witnessed.

Cosmic intelligence continues to shower down through the electromagnetic field and rise up from inside the Earth itself. The electricity is so strong it almost makes our hair stand on end. The information flow is on a high frequency that puts us on a similar high. A heightened emotional harmony enhances our happiness quotient. As we become clear within ourselves, relationships flow more smoothly. If there is something you need to talk about, this may be a good time. There are decisions to be made, as we sort out what is best.

Mars soon moves into its power sign Scorpio, imposing instant assertive declarations as the month comes to a close. We have had ample time to weigh our options and make decisions. We now put our passion behind them and go for it.

In another significant pair of turnings, Serious Saturn is ever so slowly is changing to direct motion, officially facing front on the 20th, while radical Uranus turns retrograde on the 21st. A deep inner process has been stirring up undesirable shadow reactions like fear anxiety, regret, grief, and squeezing out every possible drop of these muddy waters that we can. As a result we are more able to guide revitalizing manifestations to unfold with a qualitative difference. We churn raw milk into sweet butter, turn lemons into lemonade. If we have done the work required, with the necessary discipline, Saturn rewards us. We may realize we need to take a step back from some of the initiatives we had considered or even jumped into. Thus we consolidate our gains with new awareness and a core sense of rightness and integrity. This is on the individual level.

The collective manifestation may not all be pretty, as messy stuff runs rampant. Let’s steer clear of what does not concern our range of affairs, standing firm on our own recently-weeded turf. Personally, we can only take on so much. Saturn is about acknowledging our limits in order to more effectively deal with what we handle. On the larger level, as well as in Nature, rotting compost and manure eventually make for healthy new growth.

In the next few days, fast-moving Mercury and Venus change sign, both shifting from gregarious Gemini to cozy Cancer, bringing a personal and subjective tone to our emotions. Mercury, now moving forward (albeit with a retrograde hangover many of us have experienced!), changes sign on the 13th, soon followed by Venus on the 18th. Less social than in Gemini, these planets suggest we will likely want to spend more time at home and with close friends and family. The theme of family and relationships carries through the month. Are you one of the many planning some family event?

Deep in our hearts and with those close to us, we ask questions about home—what it means, where it is, and what we need for comfort and a feeling of safety. What is best for everyone? Change is a constant, and we clearly need it! Let’s have a good time making it happen!! Offer a gesture to honor Earth, signaling your good intentions.

Invite all happy hearts to your party.
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