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This New Moon cycle is bound to live up to the high drama Leo is known for. It plugs into the key planetary dynamic of 2021, as the Moon opposite status quo Saturn in Aquarius and squares radical change agent Uranus in deep earth Taurus. This New Moon is a remarkable indicator of people coming together, community initiatives, organizations being formed to address issues of current import— as we continue to explore and innovate ways of moving forward into a “New Earth”.

New Moon @ 16 LEO 14
August 8, 2021 @9:50am EDT; 6:50am PDT; 2:50pm BST; 11:50pm AEST

Image: Sun Goddess, collage by author. She beats the sun’s disk like a drum,
an ancient rhythm erupts in roses and celestial harmonies
we channel through our own creative life force.

The New Moon Sabian Symbol @ 17 Leo echoes the Aquarius-Leo theme:
Volunteer Church Choir Makes Social Event of Rehearsal
Leo likes parties, celebrations and creative expression. Aquarius is very much about social gatherings, community and communion. Let’s do it all. Who makes your heart sing? Who are your like-hearted people who you like to be with, sing with, have fun with, celebrate life with, co-create with? True spiritual communion is especially uplifting.

Lion’s Gate Portal
A special extra celestial date line of this New Moon is its calendrical alignment with the Lion’s Gate, an annual portal of incoming galactic light, aligned with the star Sirius. It is said that our Sun moves in relation to Sirius, that we may orbit Sirius or that we are a double or triple star system with Sirius. The brightest star we see, Sirius is only 8 light years away. Eight is the number of abundance, in the shape of a lemniscate, a ribbon like form that mirrors eternity. That gives us a Triple 8 Lion’s Gate on 8-8, the 8th day of the 8th month. The New Moon strikes with a gong-like resonance on this special gateway date, reverberating through the entire Moon cycle. Let’s invite in and feel the flow abundance.

Though August 8 is its peak, the Lion’s Gate is a longer portal that can open with the Mayan New Year on July 26 and extends past the 8-8 a few days or even a week, some say. This annual wave of light overlaps the ongoing photonic waves that have been coming in at least since 2012. These waves all open and heighten our awareness in a transfiguring, life-altering way. This is already an intense time. What is being revealed that was previously concealed? or that we were not yet prepared to receive?

Aquarian Double Dose
This primarily internal turning point is often mirrored in our outer lives—naturally as the Moon waxes to full. This Leonine New Moon culminates on the August 22 Full Moon, the second Full Moon in Aquarius this year, giving us a double dose of Leo-Aquarius thematics:

Co-creativity, individual role in group/community,
Resonance of Self in larger social context of our lives,
Heart & higher mind alignment and radiance,
Electro-magnetic fields channeled through Personal Essence.

We are each the star of our lives in a galaxy of stars that includes everyone else.

The last Full Moon was closer to Saturn; during the upcoming Full Moon Jupiter will be the dominant planetary player. Opportunities open up. As we each continue to explore our finest role in the expansive awakening and trail-blaze a creative pathway forward in this new global era, we find those with whom we share vision and direction. We naturally enjoy associate with those with whom we share harmonious frequency, and allow the life force to unfold its blessings.

Venus, as the Goddess of Love & Abundance, holds a special place on this New Moon, as she anchors an earth sign triangle with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, two major agenda drivers of the collective consciousness. Step by step, developments unfold, as we reach a new plateau, with a new vista, in our collective awakening. Virgo has an excellent sense of timing. The higher mind awareness of Uranus is being enhanced by the subtle, subliminal nuances of the true Black Moon Lilith, still circling between Taurus and Gemini.

Venus can be sublimely and particularly aesthetic in Virgo (or stressfully perfectionistic—let’s not go there). She points out the delicate, detailed wisdom and amazing variety and adaptability details of Nature and urges us to appreciate and listen to the inherent intelligence in every cell in our bodies, intimately connected to Mother Nature. Let’s take advantage of this harmonious alignment of Venus with Pluto to set priorities that line up with our emotional delight and well-being. Let me remind you that Venus was opposite Pluto around June Solstice, and will be conjunct Pluto close to December Solstice as Venus turns retrograde. We are recalibrating on all Venusian levels.

Venus is opposite Neptune, feeling its wash of grace and graciousness. Yet with the potential anxiety levels associated with Neptune, Venus signals us to listen even more closely to our bodies and find ways—whether through diet, dreams, water, body work, walks in nature, relaxing music, prayer or meditation— to smooth the ruffled feathers in our auras. Another reminder to hold on to our spiritual anchor. It is so uplifting to bring more beauty and artistry into our lives. Angels are all around us.

Mars, also in Virgo, is already in a cooperative angle with Uranus for making changes more smoothly. As the Moon waxes, and Mars moves further into Virgo, the Action Planet will take over and hold down the grand trine in earth. Mars does its best to get things done appropriately in a timely manner.

Mercury moves into Virgo, its own sign, on August 11, where it exhibits its best, crafty intelligence.

Venus moves into Libra, its own sign, on August 16th, seeking fairness and harmony through dialogue, mediation and good will.

Uranus is readying to turn retrograde on August 20th, just before the Full Moon. Like a focused bolt of lightning, it has been drilling in at 14-15 degrees Taurus from July 6 – October 4. It returns to this degree as “April showers bring May flowers” (in the northern hemisphere) next year.

The Sabian Symbol for 15 Taurus tells the story:
“A Man with Silk Hat, Muffled Against the Cold, Braves a Storm.”

Whether the weather feels too hot or too cold, extreme storms, etc. are creating havoc in many places around the globe. We also experience this on an energetic, emotional level. Our Taurean persistence, patience and strength are being tested.

Take your time, keep your vision clear, sift carefully through all information and points of view on offer, listen to the intelligence of your heart, your gut, and your intuition. That Quaker advice, “Proceed as Way Opens” comes to mind. This means,

“to wait for guidance, to avoid hasty judgment or action,
to wait for future circumstances to help solve a problem.
The spiritual guidance which may come
in a time of seeking or entirely unexpectedly,
bringing suggestion for previously unforeseen action.”

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With the courage of the Lion/Lioness,
we walk through this portal of light and make it through this stormy time together.


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