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Thursday, October 23
October 23, 5:56pm EDT, 2:56pm PDT, 10:56pm GMT
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Image: Kali by Hrana Junto on banner, photo by author taken at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors ( Hrana Junto illustrated The Goddess Oracle cards & book by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, one of my two favorite goddess decks.

The energy changes dramatically today, as the Sun AND the Moon AND Venus ALL enter Scorpio to join at the very front edge of the sign in the dark of the New Moon. AND, by the way, it’s a SOLAR ECLIPSE! Most of North America, and Mexico, will be able to see this partial eclipse. We might just as well celebrate Halloween on this witchy and alchemical day, one that veritably drips with esoteric arts and mystical symbols. This is a mouth-watering, triple dark chocolate truffle to some, or bitter dose of emotional medicine to others. Examine the depths of your heart to tap into your truest desire and draw it to you over the next two weeks. Be careful what you wish for. Several multiple astrological genius aspects are activated. Magic is clearly afoot.

This New Moon just over the Libra line into Scorpio fuses the energy of both signs. On conscious and unconscious levels, there are decisions that we have been weighing and considering, during the span from the last Full Moon’s Eclipse to this one, stirred by Mercury’s retrograde cycle punctuating the two eclipses that may evoke a strong undercurrent of moodiness and some dissatisfaction. As we resolve this, in the Heart’s favor, this eclipse tips the Scales of Libra in the direction of our deep desires. Neptune’s benevolent influence invites us to feel our way into the unified field, a dark center rather like an eclipse, a resonant pool of all possibility. Dream your dearest dream, pray, meditate and surround yourself with loveliness.

Remember what I wrote last time about Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of wisdom and divine order. She holds the old-fashioned Scales with the two pans. From her headdress, she draws out the Feather of Truth and places it on one side of the Scales, on the other, your heart or soul. Is your heart as light and true as the Feather?

And the other image worth repeating at this Scorpio end of October— that the two stars that once marked the claws of the Scorpion were redrawn into the Scales of Libra during the recalibration of the calendar by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. The Scorpion’s claws were once pictured holding an Aladdin’s oil lamp or an incense burner that purified planets, Sun and Moon as they passed between the claws. This is an intriguing way to imagine Scorpio’s regenerative capacity. Those stars still carry the Arabic names that refer to their origin as the southern and northern claws. Here’s introducing my favorite star names: Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali! In another culture, those two claw stars were seen as a measuring rod, an essential tool for designing sacred space.

Take all this into account as you pop a truffle in your mouth, enjoy deep delights in the dark of the eclipse, or otherwise enjoy the emotional intensity of this life-altering New Moon joined with Venus in the heart of the Sun. Make it sweet to your taste, with satiny, sensual, erotic undertones. Eros was the powerful god of creative desire who came forth from Chaos with Gaia, the Earth. This power of desire give birth to new worlds. Erotic is not just about sex. More essentially refers to the chemistry and charge that compel fusion, invite union.

Stephanie Austin gives a great take on this New Moon Eclipse in the current October-November issue of THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER (page 97):
“Light encodes information. Every second, our Earth receives three billion megawatts of electromagnetic energy from the Sun. During an eclipse, these photon currents are disrupted, and gravitational pulls are increased; old matrices dissolve and new pathways open. Even a partial eclipse of the Sun, such as this one, alters and reboots our consciousness. Solar eclipses are thus extra-powerful New Moons, which signal a major ending and beginning in at least one area of our life.”

She reminds us that eclipses repeat every 19 years, so look back to the Total Solar Eclipse of October 23, 1995 and see if you can remember what was going on for you, and what changed after that. It could be quite revealing.

It’s almost as if we hold our breath at a still point during the eclipse. Maybe it’s an awe-filled-in-breath, from a perception of sheer beauty, with VENUS is in its heart. Isn’t that what we want? Clearly we are asked to tune our emotional energy to resonate with our own hearts, seat of our life force.

The genius aspects of this New Moon reverberate with potentially extraordinary results as time unfolds. This New Moon eclipse, though not total, was such an unusual phenomenon, that we will feel its life-altering ripple effects for a while. Tidal waves of its energy will remain very strong as Mercury turns direct on the 25th and returns to its original retrograde station point at 2 SCORPIO—SO close to the solar eclipse degree—on November 11—that’s 11-11. I still see those “magic” numbers on my clock quite often, pointing to something mysterious and meaningful.

Clearly the tone is shifting, along with the general mood, intensifying beyond the recent peace-loving balance of Libra. Let’s find that first, then the Scales can tip in the right direction. Remember that not making a choice is actually another way of making one.

Transformational situations alter the landscape of life, demanding a response we may not, at first, be ready to make on a practical level. First, we need to take a deep plunge into our psychological reserves and reset our emotional response, supported by our spirituality. We are experiencing death and renewal on some level in this emerging Moon cycle. Venus remains in the heart of the Sun. We usually think of Venus as the goddess of love, but this is a Scorpionic Venus directing this show, like Hindu Kali who wields her sharp sword to cut away all that is no longer life giving and vital. Awesome or gruesome as she may appear, Kali is one of the most beloved of Hindu goddesses.

Let’s remember that the SCORPION has the largest heart, even larger than the heart of the Lion. Surprised? Oh yes! The red supergiant star, Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, is one of the largest stars we see (look up Before too long, Antares will burst into a supernova and seed new worlds with star dust. We may get an inkling, a small personal example of this kind of power from this SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE.
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