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FULL MOON, 26 AQUARIUS-LEO 13, 6:53pm EST, 3:53pm PST, 11:53pm GMT
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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY on a FULL MOON! Live and Love with all your heart! The Full Moon stands next to the star Regulus, the Heart star of Leo, the Lion. Mercury is retrograding into the heart of the Sun, conjunct the Sun on the 15th. Perception melds with experience and being, as the intellect takes a back seat to the heart. Love radiates all around. We turn lead into gold, the magic of the Alchemists.

Structured SATURN and Energetic MARS both interface strongly with this Full Moon. Saturn in Scorpio focuses on revealing the deep forces at play, so that we can give witness to and let go of any subconscious resistances that interfere with love—of ourselves and others. In some situations ulterior motives or reactive behaviors don’t jive well, grating against cooperative interests and effective outcomes. Many of us get caught up in pushing our agendas and reacting when others do the same. Are you ready for the next level of accomplishment? What do you have to let go of in order to do so? Saturn puts us right up in front of this issue. It may take several months to see through this process.

This Full Moon shines out a turning point pattern that clarifies certain issues on the world stage as well as your personal one. How can we each promote good relations in order to work well together to promote best solutions? What is your responsibility? What is your role in any group, organization or community that you are part of? In some cases, you may want to change that role or leave the group. New associations with people of like mind may be on offer and feel more compatible. Some situation is calling to be settled or resolved, as we take next steps and channel our attention into some new project.

However, no need to be hasty. Mars in Libra, in excellent position to contribute to the discussion, suggests talking things out. Take care to calibrate the vibration with which you are communicating, as we are increasingly tuning in on a feeling level. Many issues can be smoothed out with understanding. Use effectively the insights and special energy available. Pause to dance under the Full Moonlight, moving with the creative rhythms of life.

Importantly, the Nodes of the Moon, change sign toward the end of this month and into March, shifting the thrust of collective destiny. This only happens every eighteen months. The North Node moving into Libra urges harmony and understanding. With a few punctuated reality checks from Saturn, the month is full of questions and visions, a field of dreams (remember that movie: “If you build it, they will come”). In part, it’s a question of faith. Strengthen yours and use your god/dess-given gift of Imagination. We often underestimate the power of imagination. Though we all have it, we don’t all use it consciously. Whatever we can imagine is possible to manifest. Paracelsus, Renaissance physician and astrologer, wrote, “He who is born in imagination discovers the latent forces of Nature…Besides the stars that are established, there is yet another—Imagination—that begets a new star and a new heaven.” Imagine—the Star of Imagination! Let’s call it the Heart.

LEO rules the heart. Contemporary research is opening up a radical new awareness of how the heart works. This research is part of the growing perception of the energetic, electromagnetic fields, impacting cosmology and physics to brain research, physiology and biology.
The Institute of HearthMath (
has shown that the heart is a most intelligent organ, both a physical and energetic center. In early fetal growth, the heart starts beating before the brain begins to develop. The heart has a complex system of sensory neurons with Intuition and Imagination that sends information to the brain. Heart rhythms affect the way the brain processes information. The heart is the seat of our emotional intelligence that directly influences our wellbeing and quality of life experience, emitting an electromagnetic field that changes according to our emotional state of being. This field is communicated to others and has an effect on the surrounding subatomic energy field from which our life experience is pulled into manifestation.

The geometrical anatomy of the heart has been investigated in fascinating ways. Dr. Torrent-Guasp has unwrapped the heart to reveal its helical architecture. See www.helicalheart.coM.
Thanks to Dr. Vinikas’ newsletter for this information.

Dr. Frank Chester has analyzed the heart’s multidimensional activity to reveal its energetic geometry unfolded from a tetrahedron. He shows how the heart is a spinning bell-shape emerging from a stellated geometry (I love that starry-sounding word) and creates a vortex which moves the blood rather like the creation of the auroras over the poles of the Earth. This goes way beyond the old mechanistic concept of the heart as a pump. See the looping 7-sided heptahedron that clarifies yet another amazing aspect of the heart’s intelligence:
If you are interested you can also look for his lectures on youtube. Thanks to my friend Dr. Sandy Reider for this information.

I wrote something last time, and in COSMIC DAILY WEATHER 2014, about this Mercury retrograde opening up some mind-blowing stuff. You’ll feel your heart with heightened cosmic awareness after checking out this material.

As the Moon wanes through the second half of February, Venus moves into a spicy tango with Mars, squaring off for some heightened emotional tension and some interesting love talk or arguments. This can be challenging for all types of relationships, as we discuss how to proceed, talk out options and potential game plans. Certainly while Mercury is retrograde, no firm decisions are made. Even into March, we need to take our time and let our desires be informed by changing realities—as well as changing realities be informed by our desires.

Mars and Venus are the two planets most associated with relationship dynamics, giving us information beyond simplistic Sun sign compatibility. Other factors, especially the Moon, influence relational experience. Black Moon connections between people add subtle, often inscrutable and compelling dynamics.

In honor of this Valentine’s Day Full Moon, my upcoming WEBINAR SERIES for February starts Thursday, exploring these various dynamics that create different types of relationships. Moon-strong relationships are about personal bonding and family ties. Venus-Mars relationships are about the emotional dance of male-female. Black Moon relationships are soul-to-soul contracts to wake each other up, beyond personal happiness.
We would love to have you join the webinar series, during which we address our own chart locations of these factors for insight into our relationship experiences. What you are really looking for in reflections from your chosen partners?

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