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Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse@15 Gemini 05 
June 5, 2020, 3:12pm EDT, 12:12pm PDT, 8:12pm GMT, 
June 6, 7:12am AEST

The same roses shown last time for the New Moon. Here you see them in a different arrangement and photographed with a dark, dramatic background. These roses all had names and a range of scents that harmonized like a floral symphony. Thank you again, Janet Miller of Sister’s Rose Care in Louisville, Kentucky, for tending all this beauty and sharing it. 

Indeed, the bouquet has been rearranged, and the dark light has shifted the tone of our view and our experience, which is just what an eclipse does. You can look back at my last Cosmic Newsletter, to look at that first photo again. Reread about the New Moon that led to this shadowy Full Moon Eclipse; consider the  current situation, starting with your personal one. A layer of shadow is being revealed and lifted, as this Moon wanes to new again—and a stronger, solar eclipse haloed by a ring of sunfire for us to step/ dance/ fly through.

This Full Moon eclipse is part of a series of special celestial events in the first few days of June and indeed, all through this month into July, amplifying and shifting the energy in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Multiple, unusual and intriguing planetary dynamics stir things up, giving us a lot to unpack and explore with plenty of retrograde time to do so. 

First let’s get clear on the astronomy of this eclipse. 
penumbral eclipse is the most subtle of the three types of full moon eclipses. It is not as dramatic as a total eclipse, when the Moon goes dark red, or even a partial eclipse when a ‘bite’ is taken from the Moon. In this type of lunar eclipse, only the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth, the penumbra, falls on the Moon’s face. It is barely noticed, unless you are looking intently. 
[We will have another penumbral eclipse on July 5 and on November 30].

From (great site for all eclipse info from retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espenak):
“An eclipse of the Moon (or lunar eclipse) can only occur at Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of Earth’s shadow. That shadow is actually composed of two cone-shaped components, one nested inside the other. The outer of Pernumbral shadow is a zone where the Earth blocks part but not all of the Sun’s rays from reaching the Moon. In contrast, the inner or umbral shadow is a region where the Earth block all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon.”

Key Planetary Activations of this Venusian-infused Eclipse
June 2— Mars in Pisces squares Venus in Gemini as she comes into her special retrograde conjunction with the Sun. A square of Venus and Mars can stir up mixed feelings and evoke creativity as an outlet for such emotional complexities. What an interesting dance for the two mythic lovers to invite us into as Venus conjuncts the Sun and we move into a lunar eclipse.

June 3— Invisible below the horizon, Venus visits the Sun for a refreshing solar bath. This is the special day in her 584-day cycle that she is closest to Earth and aligned with the Sun from our Earthly point of view. Many astrologers consider this the ‘New Venus,’ the start of a new cycle, this time at 14 Gemini. This supremely 2020 moment, one of many during this pivotal year, is dynamically amped up by Mars at 14 Pisces. How intriguing to have Venus/Sun square Mars at this moment, spicing things up with emotional verve and strong creative expression that carries us through the whole new Venus cycle. 

(Fervent astrologers take note: 15 Gemini is the North Node of Venus herself, a potent calling forth of her sparkling qualities. The North Node of Uranus is at 13 Gemini. The planetary nodes are often overlooked, but this spectacular situation deserves attention, as it impacts this Venus retrograde in Gemini for a number of years, including its last two in 2004 and 2012, when we could actually see Venus pass in front of the Sun.)

June 5—This Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse furthers complexifies (a new word, do you like it?) the New Venus cycle. This same day Mercury, early in Cancer and preparing to turn retrograde on June 17, squares Chiron in Aries

Quantum (Chiron) shifts in our way of seeing things (Mercury) come out of this Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse. Fresh alternatives shake up our subjectively filtered interpretations of what is going on. This perfect accompaniment to an eclipse sparks new news and ideas that open a “path less taken” toward where we want to head, toward that vision that something inside us knows is true. We might need new words and new approaches to get there.

Path Less Taken
“What if we haven’t lost our way
What if we haven’t lost our minds
And chose to seize the day
What if we know just how to rise and shine
What if we see our circumstances now start at the end.

Here we go again
A past worth savin’
At last we’re pavin’
The path less taken

Why not believe in making change
Why not perceive through open minds
Why not be free to go and play
Why not adventure out to find our eyes….”
by Taproot, on their album Our Long Journey Home,
intense song from this alternative metal band

This is the first eclipse in Gemini/ Sagittarius since the Nodes of the Moon changed into these signs. The Nodes mark the places where the orbit of the Moon crosses the orbit of the Sun so that eclipses can occur. Now in these two signs for 18 months or so, new themes and questions come up. All sorts of new information is likely to surface, challenging our beliefs about the way the world and life is. Under this particular eclipse, the Venus/ Mars squares stirs up emotional eruptions in relation to these big questions. We heed the Venus/Mars call for addressing mixed feelings and the Chiron call to seek healing, first of all in our perceptions. Shadows are cast. When we perceive more clearly, stepping beyond subjective reactions, a shift can occur, mobilized by such eclipse revelations.

With the South Node of the Moon with the Full Moon in Sagittarius, it is natural to consult our native intuitive wisdom. Something in us knows and recognizes truth. Our moral compass points the way, a heart-based consciousness that can obviate mistaken beliefs and detect misinformation that our mentality may take for granted or prefer. 

With the North Node in Gemini, with Sun and Venus, we find our way forward with an open mind, shedding shady biases that have blinded us. Gemini considers ideas and information with an interested curiosity. Without dismissively short-circuiting any arising possibility, we need to take a good look, feel it out, chew on it a bit, maybe do a little research, and then pass it on to our intuitive heart to weigh its value in relation to our life purpose. Accordingly we maintain or shift our course forward as we make our way through the stormy morass of information overload. 

This Full Moon takes the solar-infused Venus-Mars square to another level, shedding some subtle layers of lunar patterns. Questions come up: What habits and daily routines no longer serve you? How can you spice up your life with verve and vivaciousness?

Speaking of vivacious verve, let’s consult true Black Moon Lilith who joins Uranus in Taurus, as they rock our world. Embodiment can feel heavy, unless we are in alignment with our soul awakening. If so, the heaviness lifts as we allow the strong incoming galactic waves to move through our consciousness to be grounded in Being here on this planet. Human beings are like acupuncture needles that connect Heaven and Earth. 

Goddesses to Consult
Asteroid Pallas and the Centauress Chariklo closely join in the last degree of Capricorn, occupying the heart of the stellium with Pluto/ Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn just over the line in Aquarius. (Heads up! Saturn returns to Capricorn in early July for a reboot.)

These goddesses offer a wealth of wisdom gathered through experience: Earth wisdom, Elder wisdom, traditional wisdom and more. The craft of the Cosmic Feminine is on display in how they shape and guide our experience into most appropriate channels, as the potter guides the clay into a shape that matches the qualities of the particular clay. We do need to heed the wisdom on offer and let these goddesses do their best to bring the best of us into shape! Let’s all shape up!

We are preparing for new developments at the year’s end, in quite a new shape. The December Solstice conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter ushers in a 20-year cycle with implications we have not experienced for many more decades than just two. I will be writing more about this beneficent, authoritative pair, when Saturn returns to Capricorn in early July. We’ll take stock of how we made it through this eclipse season and consult those goddesses for further advice.

Meanwhile let’s unwind this Moon Shadow, with a little Cat Stevens, and bring this Moon cycle to a successful close, as we get ready to jump through the hoop of the Ring of Fire Eclipse on the ext New Moon, June 21 Solstice.