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This New Moon announces Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger with a strong agenda to get things done. Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, with four planets in Capricorn, this New Moon addresses serious matters that require grounded consideration, continuing the ongoing paradigm of 2022. Almost every lunation this year, be it new or full, forwards cosmic agenda for change.                 

New Moon @12 Aquarius 20
January 31, 2022 @9:46pm PST,
February 1 @12:46am EST, 5:46am GMT, 4:46pm AEDT

“Tiger,” collage by author, 1997.

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies,
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare sieze the fire?
—first stanzas of The Tyger, by William Blake, 1794

Remember the first New Moon of the New Year? It was on 1/2/2022 at 12/20 Capricorn? The numbers were numerologically notable. Someone told me that 22 is a master number. We have a similar situation this month, which I noticed when looking at my schedule for February 2nd— 2/2/2022!  And later this month we have 2/22/2022! We are clearly being called to some level of mastery!
Spiritual messenger of the New Era of Peace, Patricia Cota-Robles calls the 20-day passage between 2/2/2022-2/22/2022 “The Aquarian Gateway,” a time of raising the frequencies, light into consciousness. See more from her below.

This New Moon conjunct Saturn suggests the same, especially with two pairs of planets in Capricorn— Mars/Venus and Mercury/Pluto—ruled by Saturn, planet of mastery. That’s a lot of concentrated focus. Practical, grounded considerations (Capricorn) that help us deal with the shifting social context (Aquarius).

Venus in Capricorn, visible in the pre-dawn sky, is now in forward motion and soon to be joined by Mars. Mercury is retrograde for a few more days, deeply engaged in an extended 2-week (Jan 29-Feb 12), behind-closed-doors investigation with Pluto, even as it prepares to turn forward (Feb 3-4). Situations are being brought to light that require a new point of view, a change of perspective. Beware of any tendency to negative thinking; it is necessary to seek new, positive solutions as we move forward.

Underlining this theme, this New Moon also shows Earth Mother Ceres conjunct the North Node, newly in Taurus. Serious Ceres attention is called for in promoting general welfare and well-being of “all our relations”.

Consulting the Sabians
New Moon @13 Aquarius— “A Barometer.”
Such a tool that measures air pressure is so appropriate for Saturn in air sign Aquarius. Wikipedia reminds us that “Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather. Many measurements of air pressure are used within surface weather analysis to help find surface troughs, pressure systems ad frontal boundaries.”

What is the pressure in your area of the world? In some places, it might feel like a bit of a pressure cooker. Perhaps you are ‘cooking’ in extreme heat; other places the air has been bitter cold, raining ice, throwing down feet of snow. The electromagnetic field is being impacted by intense inflow of plasma waves and charged up solar winds. Check out the vibes in your area, in your surface air experience. Saturn cautions vigilance and realistic objectivity. Fear can interfere with this necessary objectivity. Relieve your own air pressure by measured deep breathing, often.

Saturn @16 Aquarian—”A Big-Business Man at His Desk”
We can be most successful when we enjoy our what we are doing. The Aquarian aspect points to social interactions as being part of that pleasure we can take in our work in the world. This has been a key part of the Venus retrograde in Capricorn: to reorganize our lives about what we like doing, while eliminating or changing our approach to other, less pleasant and less effective tasks. We seek success through practical consideration of what is working best that we most enjoy doing. That’s a formula that will satisfy both Venus and Mars as they meet up twice in the next while— first on February 16 and again on March 5. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, capable with seasoned know-how, having learned from experience (sometimes the hard way).

With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, ‘big-business’ is being dissected for efficacy, intent, sustained practicality and global wellness. With much corruption being exposed over these years, Pluto is in the last phase of this transformational process of structures and systems of how we do business. This lunation looks to be a month with serious Saturnian implications of further deconstruction, reorganization and renewal. How ‘big’ does business need to be? Small businesses can be the backbone of a nation, offerring a more personal touch. On a personal level, how do you conduct your ‘business’ in the world, and who are you doing business with?

With Saturn as a key planet of this New Moon cycle, we need to pay attention and take responsibility for the social context and relevance of our dealings and as we move forward. The Saturn-Uranus square is still in gear, especially effecting lunations in fixed signs every three months. The next one, on April 30, is conjunct Uranus—and an eclipse! Whatever we encounter this Moon month, may come back around for further development then. Meanwhile, with Saturn conjunct and Uranus square the New Moon, a lot is going to change in this cycle, as we ride the Tiger!

The Year of the Tiger
Following a steady year of preparing the ground in the Year of the Ox, the energy shifts radically as the Tiger is aroused. Calm, cool and sleek, the Tiger is alert, ready to take bold and swift action at the propitious moment. Intelligent, fearless, with subtle awareness, Tiger harbors an agenda for advancement when the time is right.

[Note: In The Book of Calendars, it is written that “the Chinese calendar is the longest unbroken sequence of time measurement in history,” dating back to 2953 B.C. Considered a sacred document, falsification of the calendar was a capital crime.]

Turning of the Tide
How have you fared through the retrograde movement of Venus—a journey deep into the heart with meaningful implications for the way you live your life?

Our deeply personal feelings are so incredibly valuable that we should preserve them, using their energy to find the universal emotion of the universe behind them…When we see that it is the universal emotion emerging within us,
we can follow the emotion of our personal heart
into the whole, One Heart”
Living from the Heart, Puran Bair

Andrea Mathieson of Raven Essences  has created one of her extraordinary flower essence blends for this New Year 2022. Named The Tide Has Turned, this essence called to me, and I am now using it to help with the transformation processes so clearly indicated for this year. The descriptions of the twelve essence blends given by Andrea clearly resonate in relation to the astrological choreography of our collective and personal experience as we head into 2022. Many phrases deepened my awareness of the Plutonian processes connected to Venus, Mercury and Mars in this first season, addressing specific issues that may resonate for you as well.

Unifier first caught my attention, “a shape-shifter, living at the changeable heart within all matter. She embodies wholeness and becoming by moving as pure energy does, either as a particle or a wave. Loving both who she is and what she is capable of changing into…At home with paradox, the Unifier revels in shifting realities of our worlds but she is not a trickster. Her mutable nature defies definition by narrow minds and hearts, she embraces the vast cosmic order and lovingly stimulates our world with that infinite reality.”
I am reminded of Chariklo, Chiron’s consort, with her shape-shifting nature into “whatever form best serves love.”

The essence, Embracing the New World,
“supports the emergence of vital new life energies….
“invites us to become fully conscious of our lingering ties to the world that is passing away, and to gracefully surrender the patterns and energies that no longer serve us….
“encourages us to compassionately observe ourselves and others with the eyes of love. In this way, we experience a greater sense of peace, taking delight in the emergence of new life while not feeling tempted to re-invest or cling to what no longer serves us or the emergence of the New World.”

This brings to mind the Plutonian Venus retrograde that just turned around to move forward on January 29, inviting us to now apply our emotional intelligence as designing our path forward with attention to joy, pleasure, satisfaction and love. Also relevant here is the recent the shift of the nodal axis into Scorpio, a letting-go sign, and Taurus, for grounding into New Earth.

Other The Tide Has Turned themes included release, coming home to ourselves, thriving on bare essentials, resourcefulness in time of change, containment of joy and its creative originality—
and psychic rebuilding:
“By activating the frequencies of sound in our flesh,  Pink Hawthorne restores the body’s innate musicality. With our heart as conductor, the essence lets us experience the humming pulsations of our enlivened body as music, part of the beautiful symphony of life.”

This sounds like it speaks to the oncoming, rare and vibrational Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in April. As does Queen Anne’s Chariot, a combination of several essences in itself,
“supports a visionary and tuned spiritual focus, assisting us to stand consciously surrendered in the midst of Life’s mysteries. With the gentle lifting of energy through the body, Queen Anne’s Chariot transforms all substance that is ready to be released…Acting like a fountain it restores the Tree of Life by bringing earthly patterns into the light and offering them back to God.”

I share so much of this because I love the way The Tide Has Turned articulates leading edge of consciousness awakening and potentials of our current experience, while also evoking healing frequencies on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

In her recent New Era of Peace vlog, Patricia Cota-Robles echoed these same themes:
“Many of us are conscientiously striving to focus on the Truth of our New Reality which is what our I AM Presence is intuitively revealing to us now. Unfortunately, out of habit, we keep defaulting back to our old fears, beliefs and behavior patterns because that is what is most familiar to us….
During this Cosmic Moment, the Company of Heaven wants us to realize that
With the changes we have all recently experience, we are in the best position we have every been in to make the Quantum Shift from the 3rd-Dimensional illusions of separation and duality into the profound 5th-Dimensional Truth of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life.”
[find her by name on Youtube or listen to full vlog here

Haumea Birthing the New Reality
As I continue to engage with the archetypal ‘creator deities’ of the Kuiper Belt in our far-out solar system, I sense the quantum engagement of our evolving consciousness within the field of Oneness. Of note on this New Moon is Haumea, Hawai’ian Goddess of Childbirth who aids us in giving birth to the New Reality. Haumea is stationing retrograde @29 Libra 59, right on the edge of Scorpio.

In Libra since 1992/93, in this sign of relationship and balance, Haumea has been helping us to realign the balance in relationships— between people, nations, religions and humanity, with Earth and with our True Selves. This station echoes the deepening of the balance of the masculine and feminine indicated by The Tide Has Turned essence of 2022. Clearly we welcome the presence of Haumea to soothe the extreme polarization currently rampant and disruptive, as we collectively give birth to a new level of global consciousness and cooperation.

Now vibrating at the Libra/Scorpio cusp, Haumea scents the incoming tide.
Inspired by Haumea
A lovely aromatic creation of exquisite pure essential oils and absolutes
created in collaboration with Doreen DeSerres, master aromatherapist and founder of Nature’s Spirit
“Honoring Far-Out Mama ‘dwarf’ Planet Goddess, Haumea.”
With her magic wand she feeds the Soul offering sustenance through the life-giving forces of the body. She is full, seeded with rejuvenate life forces flowing, joining us with our journeys through time and space.
“With Feminine Empowerment these Plants from all around the globe intertwine their quintessential aromatic Vibrational energetics to honor the Mothering that has allowed us to be here in this time and place. Through these positive sweet life forces we may discover a depth of emotional awareness coming from our core that will gravitate both inward and outward like a plant
offering the quintessential magic we embrace for Love & Peace & Goodness.”

Haumea will transition into Scorpio starting November 2022 into fall 2023, there to remain until 2049. In this essential erotic sign she uses her magic makalei wand to stir up Niagara Falls intensity of desire and passion for revitalizing our world in the dance of life. From deep dark chaos Eros arose with Gaia to create the world.