FULL MOON at 22 Capricorn-CANCER 27
January 12, 6:34am EST, 3:34am PST, 11:34am GMT, 10:34pm AEDT

Fidd.nook copyImage: Breakfast corner on the porch at Fiddlewood Cottage in St John, Vi, overlooking a salt pond with ducks. Photo by author from December visit. When a little get-away is in order, I can tell  you how to get to this lovely quiet corner of the world.

Have you made your New Year’s attitude adjustment? As indicated by the recent Mercury retrograde—the news, and current daily conversions—collective negative thinking is rampant. With Pluto’s coercion, we have been plunged down some dark hole or other, to resurface with a lighter spirit. Are you back? There could be a little in and out. We have until the end of January to shape up and create our personal plans with positive, pragmatic initiatives. The process to arrive at such a place is a meaningful contribution to the whole, as well as a good personal place to be yourself in your life. Mercury came out of retrograde on January 8, after pulling back to tap the deep black hole of the Galactic Center, the Heart of the Milky Way galaxy, the source of life force in our home galaxy. May the Force be with you!

Scientists identify the power source at the heart of a galaxy as a “black hole.” Once it was thought that all light and everything pulled in to a black hole would disappear, never to resurface again in any energetic shape. There is now a perception that at its edges, the “event horizon, a lot can be happening. Energy is exchanged between the inner and outer, as through a permeable cellular membrane. Sometimes the energy is transformed. More energy goes into the “whole” than comes out, spiraling in toward the center, where it funnels into and through a “wormhole,” which can connect to any and every other centerpoint. If you are looking for such a connection, now is the time. Take the initiative and invite the best connections possible. The Force IS with you!

Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory of physics explains this and takes it further. A new film, The Connected Universe, explains his theory and its implications. Watch for a screening in your area or look for his talks on youtube. Godo, exciting stuff!

We’ve got many new creator gods and goddesses available to aid us, with the expanding roster of planetoids being discovered as astronomers delve further into the solar system. This is what my new Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book is about. These new neighbors mirror the globalization of our world, taking us mythically beyond the classical, Greco-Roman planets and introducing us to lesser-known myths and deities, many from indigenous peoples. We are invited to tap into new archetypal dimensions and stretch our consciousness, much needed in today’s chaotic world.

Let’s remember the solution to chaos theory—at the heart of chaos is the seed of the new potential that is seeking to unfold, like a seed pushes up through dark layers of earth to unfurl and flower into something never before experienced.

With the Full Moon, old patterns and memories that carry subjective storylines may come up to haunt us and taunt us. The storylines are clearly changing in this 3rd millennium. We each need to refresh our storyline for “the times, they are a’changin.” Don’t be left behind along in the empty sandbox of the past.The healing currents are strong, ready to wash them through. Let the waters flow along under the bridge, as you cross, step by step, with careful footfalls forward.

Let us be aware that we are detaching from rusty moorings in our once-safe harbor. No harbor is “safe” in these days of “sturm und drang”, storm and surge. This Full Moon will be clear evidence of the level of change we are up in front of. Your true safe place is an inner sanctum. What homing device do you use to take you there?

With Mercury now direct, ALL of the planets are in forward motion. Use this time well! First it’s about tuning your instrument so there are no sour notes. The strong emotional flavor of this Full Moon in Cancer evokes a subjective tone. I couldn’t believe the crazy emotional black hole fantasy I went into just as Mercury was turning forward! Gosh and geez…..If you have gone there, too, call someone to talk you down—or up!—as the case may be. It could be a good time for an astrology consultation!


If you gamble or play the lottery, you might want to bet on number 22 under this Full Moon, with 20, 21 and 23 as additional or backup choices. The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are all at 22-23 degrees of their signs. Chiron is at 21 and Uranus is at 20. There is numerological magic at play, and these tight astrological alignments indicate strong patterns and activity under the light of this Full Moon. Whatever you may have in these degrees in any sign is being highly impacted. I’ve given you some clues above. One more: don’t take things too personally.

That said, Cancer is an emotional, highly personal Moon-ruled sign. Your life is about growing, maturing and fulfilling your particular expression and soul path. We each unfold a unique and personal individuality, connected to something impersonal and greater than “me”. Learn from what the mirror of life is reflecting back to you. If you need more clues, a cosmic mirror, an astrology reading could be very useful. Don’t be taken by surprise! Tune into what you essentially need. Align with the field.