20:20:20 New Moon

New Moon @ 28Cancer27
July 20, 2020 @ 1:33pm EDT, 10:33am PDT, 6:33pm BST, 
July 21, 5:33am AEST

Webinar slide of this New Moon’s dynamic face-off between two new Dwarf Planets—Haumea and Eris. May they inspire you to stretch your own creative limits into some new form. Images from my Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book. [Haumea was colored by Katherine Pemberthy Veilleux of Aloha-Works.com. Eris was colored during presentation at Jaquith Public Library in Marshfield, Vermont.]

This second New Moon in Cancer is not eclipse, but it will likely feel like one! with yet another reminder of the importance of this 2020 year. Opposite Saturn (exactly!) and the other power players in Capricorn, Jupiter and Pluto, this is a rigorous, stay-on-point Moon cycle requiring responsibility in relation to both Self and Other. Wise Pallas Athena and caregiving Chariklo remain on Capricorn’s executive board. This team can get a lot accomplished, especially now that Saturn has returned from a first foray into Aquarius to regroup for improved results at the end of this year.  

Pallas Athena inserted herself directly into my consciousness recently, alerting me to pay more attention to her strategic positioning, always quite shrewd. To best navigate changing situations in the outer world we need her inner counsel. Comet Neowise is, no doubt, in on this as well.

Asteroid Pallas Athena:
Strategic, crafty; unbiased observation; clear-sighted, long-sighted;
practical wisdom; useful guidance; effective situational response;
ally on heroic quests.

Centaur Chariklo was on the verge of Aquarius when she went retrograde, continuing her capable contribution of fluidity and riverbanks to the current Capricornian reshaping of the terrain. “Whatever best serves love,” is her song. She does enter Aquarius in 2022. You will find the story of Chariklo’s love affair with Chiron here

Centaur Chariklo:
Becoming whatever form best serves love; reshaping; tending, caregiving; transcending limitations; fluidity between realms.

Last weekend’s conjunction of Mars in Aries with Chiron (and Mermaid Salacia with her delightful ‘bling’ factor) gave Mars a boost to ‘warp drive’ level. Mars, a fiery warrior in his own sign, will continue to ramp up the action. As this New Moon waxes to full on August 3, Mars will have started into its multiple activations of the complex dance going on in Capricorn. By the time Mars goes retrograde at the end of Aries many potentially amazing new developments may have our heads spinning. To prepare for that ‘spinning,’ we can take advantage of this New Moon’s Mercury now squaring Chiron, inviting us to open our thought processes. 

Mercury in Cancer is listening to Chiron in Aries for some news flashes and innovative ideas. Mercury not only squares Chiron for the third time, but also Mars again before finishing up its retrograde circle on July 26. Personal, subjective viewpoints continue to be upended by alternative perspectives and new information that change the playing field. This could be good! Beware of any tendency toward argument. Venus in Gemini continues to remind us to be open-minded and consider a variety of perspectives. Time to grow beyond the old paradigm!

On September 9, Mars turns retrograde, retracing his steps, to consolidate initiatives and give us some time to reposition ourselves as needed. This doesn’t mean things get easier, but the redesign of current circumstances and situations in progress will be evident. When Mars turns direct again in mid-November, more is done to move ‘things’ along that couldn’t have happened before then. We can apply these statements to the world situation, but, more importantly, we need to apply them to our lives—especially under this personal Cancer New Moon cycle.  

Eris in late Aries, mythic sister of Mars (Ares in Greek)is a relentless warrior herself. Far out in the solar system, her orbit of 557 years make her slow and thorough in whatever she takes on.  Eris has been stirring up all kinds of trouble for several years, but this might be her biggest year yet. Eris in Aries stands strong in her center and challenges us—dares us—to do so. Stand your ground; say your piece. She is looking over at those planets in Capricorn and doing her bit to shake up the status quo with some truth bombs. 

Eris, Goddess of Discord:
exposes hypocrisy; sows conflict and mayhem;
shakes up status quo; rebel, outlaw; truth warrior.

Haumea in late Librais an unforeseen power player entering the chaotic fray to gestate new potentials with her wildly creative generative power. Like Eris, Haumea is one of the new dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt, a farther out version of the Asteroid Belt with millions of little icy bodies. Most are being named for indigenous creator gods and goddesses from around the world. 

Haumea, Goddess of Childbirth:
Mother Nature; prolific creativity; cycles of birth and self-renewal;
Mistress of the 5 elements/ brings aetheric into physical.

Haumea is the Hawai’ian Goddess of Childbirth, who gestates and births from various parts of her body all life forms— flora, fauna, humans and other, including new land. Her daughters are Hi’iaka of the Hula Dance, Namaka, Spirit of Water, and volcanic Pele. Do you remember the fairly recent eruptions of Mauna Kea when Pele poured fiery lava down the mountain and out to the sea. Namaka meets and tames the fire with her waters, creating new land mass. 

In Libra Haumea offers us choice of what we need (Cancer), but within parameters that are appropriate, necessary and timely according to Capricorn’s requirements. Who do we partner with for a walk on the wild side in the spicy, anything-can-happen face-off between Haumea and Eris? Eris won’t compromise, but moves from her truth. Not everyone likes that. But Haumea finds her creative stride by bringing people together in harmony to generate more activity and produce more results than any one person alone. She uses her magic wand to stir up inventive affiliations and fresh, inspiring collaborations.  

Here is an example. Take a listen to this extraordinary version of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark. Jazz singer and Cosmic News reader Barb Jungr articulates the lyrics in a way to make you hear the song in a brand new way. She collaborates with producer/musician Simon Wallace across continents, with the unique addition of Nihon Buyo, a classical Japanese performance art combining dance with pantomime, that resonates beautifully with the song and very in tune with our times.

I encourage you to listen to this week’s Cosmic Inspiration Radio show on Goddard College Community Radio, live streamed at 4pm ET on Thursdays and archived for 2 weeks. The July 16 show, repeated on July 23, discusses this New Moon, with more amplification of Eris and Haumea, with discussion of the Kuiper Belt as a new (aetheric?) dimension of consciousness. I talk more about the power of this Cancer New Moon, and the dynamic cardinal grand cross it makes with the multiple planets in Capricorn and the dwarf planets Eris and Haumea. I talk more about how the new dimensions of consciousness offered by these far out (!) objects in the Kuiper Belt. In an hour I can talk about more than I can write in these newsletters!

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