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This Libra New Moon, closely following September 23 Equinox, turns both the season and the Moon cycle. With six retrograde planets— Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto— we redress issues not in harmony with cosmic law, as weighed by the Scales of Libra. Jupiter in Aries sparks the New Moon from across the sky with divine creative impulse to find the path less taken. We retrieve inner wisdom with promises of better outcomes as we stand in personal integrity.

Libra Moon image from Thirteen Moons 2023 Lunar Calendar, created by Cassandra Leoncini of Two Eagles Astrology. By orienting yourself to the 13 moons of the year—their waxing and waning and natural storytelling (as does Cosmic News)— you may discover meaningful new rhythms in your timekeeping, in your body, dreams and soul. Cassandra’s concise monthly summary is penned with keen insight into astromythology and the energetic dynamics of Heaven and Earth, with special respect to the Cosmic Feminine.

New Moon @2 Libra 49
September 25, 2022 @5:55pm EDT, 2:55pm PDT, 10:55pm BST,
September 26, 7:55am AEST

Moons & Mythos #2, with Quantum Plant Healer, Davyd Farrell, discusses this new lunar cycle, an excellent accompaniment to Cosmic News.
See the youtube video cycle here.

Who is your dance partner for this high frequency choreography?
It might be your Self and all of Life!


The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 3 Libra is exciting:
“The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.”
We may not see right away how things have changed, but as the Moon waxes to full, the sense of newness increases. Events and the way we are perceiving them may reveal new options or points of view that change ‘everything’. Sabian specialist Lynda Hill writes, “It may be hard to believe at first, but eventually it will dawn on you that many facets of the situation are different in the light of this ‘New Day’. Life may have been difficult, or things unsure, and you feel like there’s been a long night, or a period of darkness. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, and gradually let go of what went before.”
Perhaps the old saying, “It’s darkest before the dawn,” applies here.

The South Node in Scorpio also indicates letting go under the rebalancing of Libra. The main stars of Libra’s Scales of Justice, Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschemali, were once seen as the extended claws of the Scorpion. Those claws were said to hold a fragrant censer or lamp that sanctified the Sun or Moon or any planet passing through. Imagine that.

Or, as the Equinox cusp continues to resonate, imagine the Goddess Virgo, carrying a sheaf of harvest grain and sometimes pictured with wings. See her as the Egyptian goddess Ma’at who holds the Libran Scales of Justice on which she weighs your heart or soul to see if it balances with her Feather of Truth.

Both Mercury and Venus influence the New Moon, for a balance of head and heart. Though Mercury turned retrograde in Libra, it is back and strong in its own sign Virgo. Venus, also in Virgo, is soon to move into Libra, her sign. These two planets do a bit of a do-si-do, a back-to-back dance move.

Mercury in Virgo and retrograde, signals a change or upgrade of body/mind, especially when nudged by the spinning kaleidoscope of perspectives and activity on offer from Mars in Gemini. Tension between that busy-minded Mars with both Venus and Mercury in Virgo starts off this Moon cycle. We may be glad when Mars itself turns retrograde in late October.

Meanwhile Virgo has a natural gift of tuning in to the body’s instinctive gut instincts, holding organic wisdom in every cell. It can help to pay close attention to physical signals and fine-tune daily health, exercise and meditative practices that help de-stress and calm the mind. Outdoor time in Nature can help relax tension. Use and ground any restless energy. Rein in your worry wart, monkey mind before it undermines your nervous system and drives you crazy.

The other day, with Gemini Mars opposite my Sun, I found myself pacing around. Heading out on errands before breaking fast, I went in one direction and then changed my mind about what I was doing and went in another. Roadwork indicated a detour, and I made even more detours for myself. Clearly I had not set my priorities in a timely manner that morning, becoming increasingly distracted. It was disconcerting. I finally had to laugh at my antics, settle down, eat something, and regroup for the day.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
—Lao Tzu

Venus moves from Virgo to Libra on September 29, where she is more at ease and in harmony. Venus, as ruler of Libra, has a strong say in this Moon cycle, especially close to the Sun and influential on the October 9 Full Moon. She is ready to dialogue, exchange ideas, negotiate, seek mutual agreements, heart to heart. All through this Moon cycle, with strong opposing energy from Aries, it is equally and essentially important to stand strong in your own center if you cannot agree with or accommodate others— kindly, not stridently.

Mercury turns forward on October 2 and stays in Virgo until just after the October 9 Full Moon, when it re-enters Libra and further relieves  mental tension. Mercury moves into a cooperative trine with Mars by the end of October, when Mars pulls back. If you have used the time well to channel the energy appropriately, to sift priorities, cut back on media overwhelm and rest as needed to integrate the intensity, you will be able to respond to this Libra Moon cycle and make well-considered decisions as the lunar month winds down, and eclipse season begins.

Kuiper Belt Objects on Board
In the last newsletter, I wrote about Mercury in Libra in opposition to KBO Manwe, now circling the Aries point cusp as it moves on from a 25-year transit through Pisces into a fresh round of the zodiac. This New Moon now opposes Manwe—and also Jupiter, a resonant pair. Mythically Jupiter is the King of the Gods and planet of wisdom (as well as a myriad of other things). Manwe is Tolkien’s chief archangel, closest to the wisdom of the Creator. Manwe was one of 14 archangels who came to Earth to manifest the Creator’s vision for life on this planet.

As I wrote last time, “The original codes have been ‘hacked’ and undermined repeated over eons by the fallen archangel who could never create, but only cause destruction. The obsessive desire to become The Lord of the Rings, “to rule them all,” eventually caused his own destruction. Are we living this myth now?”

From where did Tolkien’s inspired imagination of the creation and the eons that led to Middle Earth come from? Is Manwe truly fictional or so far back in the pre-history of Earth that it evokes distant memories of other eras of our world, perhaps Lemuria or Atlantis, with higher levels consciousness also, perhaps, closer to the original divine vision for Earth? I find this very exciting, full of wonder— and extraordinary potential.

This Aries point visitation of Manwe has the potential to refresh and recreate the original divine codes for Earth and its inhabitants. Jupiter amplifies what it touches, thus expanding our potential engagement with this aspect of quantum consciousness. In some ways, subtly or more consciousness we retrieve what we once knew. We need this perspective to make wise choices as we move on into a new era. Oppositions help balance out the two polarized signs, which Full Moons show us every month. When we are clear and centered in our own personal ‘Aries point’, we can experience richer clarity ‘with all our relations’ in Libra.

With an orbit of 289 years, Manwe is entering Aries for a new round of the zodiac for the first time since 1733. This sign change started in late May through August 2021, and repeated in March 2022. Manwe and Jupiter both retrograde back into Pisces together in late October 2022! Jupiter reenters Aries at the end of December this year; Manwe at the end of January 2023. This in tamdem conjunction of Jupiter and Manwe is a blessing, another indication that we are moving into a rare new era.
The Sabian Symbol imagery of 0-1 degrees is one of my favorites:
A Woman Rises from the Sea, Embraced by a Seal.”
It evokes the freshness of this New Moon’s ‘Dawn of a New Day’, as well as the powerful arising of the Divine Feminine in our time. The Celtic Seal Woman story is a beautiful tale of women’s empowerment.
[Sharon Blackie offers a wonderful version in her book, If Women Rose Rooted.]

Another KBO— Ixion in Capricorn— forms an activating square to both this New Moon and to Manwe/Jupiter. Ixion indicates the potential to make wise choices or unwise ones. The fate of renegade Ixion, bound to a wheel in the underworld to repent for sins against the gods, confronts us to determine whether we have learned from past mistakes or are ‘doomed’ to repeat them. Are we destined for recycling around the wheel of karma? Or can we rise up to receive the incoming waves of light, grace and compassion? Can we let go of the past as indicated by the South Node in Scorpio, to stand strong in harmony with Earth? How do we answer the invitation choose a new path forward in love?

During this lunar cycle, we are moving closer and closer back into the thick of the last challenging square of
Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.
These two gas planets are in a waning square of their overall cycle of around 45 years, marking a key moment in our social history and development.

The last conjunction of these two gas giants was in Capricorn in 1988. We are challenged now to integrate the implications of that Capricorn conjunction, with the added intensity of Pluto’s ongoing passage through Capricorn. The better we now redesign the systems and social structures in relation to Earth energy, the more prepared we will be for the next conjunction of Saturn/Uranus in 2032 (late Gemini).

This key planetary dynamic of 2021 comes back around to be revisited for another level of awakening and freedom from outmoded social constructs. This world-shaking interaction occurs at 18+ degrees of Aquarius and Taurus between:

*the status quo and the revolutionary;
*standard worldview and quantum awakening;
*technological and organic living;
among a myriad of other themes.

How we manage these opposing forces and channel them is a question for which we need to support of Saturn. Saturn can help give form to the revolutionary discoveries of radical change-maker Uranus, even as Earth herself is evolving in the waves of incoming galactic and universal light frequencies.

If you have planets from 16-20 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio or Leo, you are ‘in the zone’, called to rise to the occasion, awaken consciousness and recalibrate your life trajectory. This includes generational impact for these folks:

Pluto in Leo, 1948-52;
Pluto in Scorpio, 1990-92;
Neptune in Scorpio, 1964-66;
Neptune in Aquarius, 2005-06;
Uranus in Taurus, 1938-39;
Uranus in Leo, 1959-60;
Uranus in Scorpio, 1979;
Uranus in Aquarius, 2000;
Chiron in Taurus, 1930-31, 1980-81;
Chiron in Leo, 1942, 1992-93;
Chiron in Scorpio, 1948, 1998;
Chiron in Aquarius, 1958, 2008-09.
[You can stretch out a year either way. Also check your Saturn placement.]

Plunge into the thrill of this opportunity!
Contribute your best. Make it real; make it exciting; make it JOY-FULL.

Both of these large planets drill down in those degrees while changing direction: Uranus from late August into mid-October (turning retrograde); Saturn all of October into the first week in November (turning direct).

The Sabian Symbol storylines tell a clear story:
19 Aquarius: “A Forest Fire Finally Quenched”
19 Taurus: “A New Continent is Rising Out of the Ocean”

Let these images speak to you
as we enter a Libran Lunar Cycle
on a ‘New Dawn’ where all is changed,
with a ‘New Continent’ arising.

Let us converse and share ideas
about possibilities, cooperation, collaboration,
the many ways to make life loving and beautiful.
On into New Earth!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *